Goddess Of Rosary

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Let me humble before the supreme mother of creation as I note down these work of ultimate devotion. :)

Submitted: February 10, 2017

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Submitted: February 10, 2017



Written underlying every cause that created our universe,

One divine voice reach a time before life was born here,

Where silence of this prayer live through you all about a person in human form,

For our future unfurnished in this living soul loving days you are always near,

World crowns this contribution until you fall unknown in anything your epic narrated here,

One happiest moment God has forgotten be not be our time,

Yet for this happiness God has a great place to work be our life,

In a night where Emissary starts this journey,

Our darkness of how you feel about a shade the sky above catalyse this existence,

Make life simple in a location crounching near the writter of our fate,

Where our planner build this heritage for all creation ever given birth here,

Today we are levied a responsibility from the generation who moved a mountain in an ultimate sacrifice of our teacher,

Once again in the open responsibility we share our legistimate concerns I ask you here,

If we lose our identity being one of all who secure a future from the day we started our journey connecting destiny we make for others,

A distance await asking for all away in this walking stick life carried us always together,

Where streetlights hover from the night sky guiding our compass through every tremors life has carved this existence,

Today beyond perfection I stop by a helping hand of one goddess of this rosary,

Every recitation enchant a feeling that God is my passionate friend I see through this mirror I seek my teacher,

Giving a responsibility being what you will be,

Guiding a route being how you will be,

Here where everything born trace back where you will be one day ahead,

In this instrument of choices may your fate heal its steps one each footprint you make here,

One day I will visit the temple of faith where our goddess of Rosary lives,

I may have nothing except a sign of emptiness within to give the honor for all time I spent in this creation,

When someone writes about this darkness of my spiritual awakeness ending in a final procession back to this nothing,

I dont know may any fortune here will be the crossroad of all love this rosary of final sublimation I make before the creator,

I find some selections paved its steps for all doors opened without a way back from this time,

Where giving away nothing except true love for this creation can only hearten a grace I will be gifted,

May be in the shoulder of time I will re-enter a rest room in peace shadowing on its wall in an invisible never lost track of my soul,

Who may rise over this procession to sing a delight for a resolution I am here in this gallery behind a layout of living soul ?

If goddess of Rosary pull out three cards I offer,

Beginning that invited my journey on this backyard may owe to take birth for a resolution called on life here,

Behind that momento my jury on this blackboard may price to sell my trade for a reassurance called co-existence here,

Beneath that query my jaywalking on this broughtup may pray to seek a promise for a remaking called on responsibilities here,

When this rosary is read on each of its beads,

Life sound fulfillment seeking duty,

Truth stretch faith beyond rights,

Creation secure forms towards love,

In this crossroad I park my vehicle,

Where goddess of rosary scale all mounts in the living soul,

Where source of all scope milestone in the loving life,

Beneath any seekers choice,

If you are born to be its epic,

Let you may unearthen the rising star in us,

Shining where you are,

Living where you sleep,

Listening when you live,

Loving when you exist,

For there is a heart in this rosary,

That never complaints if you forget,

That always forgive if you pray,

That commits happiness if you humble,

For everything this goddess of rosary blessed is your lifetime of all fortunes,

This resolution is the unconditional love of the goddess of Rosary,

May you not forget this when you enjoy all love from this heart of your loved ones.

© Copyright 2019 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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