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This poem of mine is about the media and how it's trying to change people into what they think is 'perfect' however the truth is that you can't change a person's personality - you can influence it and make it seem like it's different but deep inside it's still the same...

Submitted: February 10, 2017

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Submitted: February 10, 2017



I'm sorry

That I can't be perfect

You think I'm worthless as I am

You think I'm weak and helpless

You always call me stupid

And that I'm timid and shy

But above everything you say

I've learned how to be strong

So thank you

For all the words you said

Because you've taught me

How to fight

How to defend myself

How to stand up

And how to grow 

I've been so dumb

I admit that

You tried to teach me

To be someone else

To change

But I didn't let that happen

I've gone through so much work

So much pain

So much misery

To teach myself that I'm okay

I needed help

Someone to help me fight

But no one came

And I tried to block out

All the mean things you said

And I tried to not cry

And let you see my suffering

Yet sometimes we can't help it

So I'm sorry

I've done so many sins

I've been a coward

A coward that listened

A coward that didn't think

So please why don't you help me

Become my usual self

Because my heart

And my soul are both broken

Please give me your hand

My spirit is dying

And I need the light

So please

Help me

Before I lose it all

I can't fight alone

I don't know how

I hate that I'm pathetic

And that I can't do it without someone

Give me one second

A second to help me see the brightness

A second

That can make me realise

All I'm asking for is a second

Are you the one

The one to give it me

So I can become myself

And who I was meant to be

I'm weak, I know

It kills me

To know that I'm the only one

The only one you hurt

The only one you crowd around

The only one you laugh at

The only one you pick on

I can't stand up

I can't see any light

And I'm sorry

Sorry that I can't be who you want me to be

And I'm sorry

For all the times I believed you

So do what you want

Hit me

Yell at me

Hurt me

Beat me

Or maybe you could just leave me

But I want you to know

That you'll never be able to

Change me




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