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I really like the premise for this story and even planned out a lot of the major plot points. I just haven't had the motivation to put it all on paper yet.

Prolog (v.1) - Prologue

Submitted: February 10, 2017

Reads: 141

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Submitted: February 10, 2017



Deep amid the mountains of the northern continent, in a pond no more than six feet deep, a young girl slowly raises her head out of the water. She has eyes as green as a summer’s meadow; of course she wouldn’t know this though because she had never been beyond the waters that were her home. Her hair is as black as the raven feather that she once found floating atop the water and fell just to the middle of her back in a sodden heap. With her fair face turned upwards, she gazed up at the sky as if she could read life’s greatest answers from the pattern of the stars or the faces of the moons. Even though she was just starting to mature, her face held expressions and thoughts that were rare even for adults.

Tonight, both the moons happened to be full and they blotted out nearly all of the night sky with their magnificence. Jynxus sighed and floated onto her back to get a better view of those beautiful moons. What is my place here, she wondered to herself? What am I meant to do? She felt that she was destined for great things but she just couldn’t fathom what in the world those things could be. For she was just starting to ask questions and wouldn’t learn what was required of her until several years later. However, on this night, as she lay on her back and watched the moons continue their journey through the sky, she made a promise to herself. Whatever the future may hold, she would rise up to meet it and stay true to herself in the process. Also, wherever she would have to go, she would make a grand adventure out of it. As the moons began their descent into the horizon, Jynxus dived back under water, splashing her tail playfully against the surface, and began making her way home to the Azure Sea.


Six years later..

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