The Corliss Chronicles: The Silver Wheel

The Corliss Chronicles: The Silver Wheel

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



The final installment of The Corliss Chronicles.
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The final installment of The Corliss Chronicles.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Beyond the Inferno

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 10, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 10, 2017




The lingering of the smoke holds its place in the sky as the thousand year old trees crumble to the forest floor as nothing more then a pile of ash, everything we fought so long and hard for, diminished. by the evil King Tarcarrius. What was left for me? What was left for Fearnan? I was alone in a strangers land with still so many questions and no one to answer them. Fionn had trusted me, I should have trusted him. If I had never gone to the King and told him about his daughter maybe none of this would have happened.

Still in the Griffin forest but just at the entrance, for fear of what may lurk in the dark reaches of the branches the king still searches for me.

"Ms. Corliss, all of your friends are gone. You have lost this war, reveal yourself and your recompense will be swift" The king delusionally calls out still halfway formed as the cockatrice.  

If the King believes I am the one to make amends to him, then his newly found power has surely corrupted his mind, I'll give him something, but it won't be amends. I had left my home in Messina to understand the dreams of the Cu Sith I was having, at 15 I traveled all over Europe until finally I made my home here in Fearnan but still for years I was lost.  Until I met Fionn and the Fianna they showed me a different way of looking at things, they showed me their is comfort even in the things that only sway in the wind. The king destroyed all of that, he has taken everything from me and now it is my turn to return the favor. I won't rebuild Fearnan, I won't seek out any surviving Fianna in hopes of a new battle. I will widen the king's eyes so he can see nice and clear his beautiful kingdom, and then just as fast as he turned Fionn to stone, I will abolish it. 

"My grace we have been searching for the girl for hours, it is starting to get dark. We should head back to the castle" the captain of the king's guard says

The king without saying a word gently takes off his crown and holds it in his hands, looks gently at it then looks at the captain

"Who's head does this crown lay upon, Captain?" the king asks.

"Well yours of course my grace" the captain timidly responds

and like the vengeful king he is the king smacks the captain across the head with the crown, slicing open his left eyebrow, blood flowing down in to his eye.

"I am the one who wears the crown"the king yells as he continues to crush the captains head in with his crown

the rest of the guards watch in astonishment as their captains lifeless body acts out his last death throes

"the captain was right about one thing, it is getting late but not for all of you. You may return to your homes once you find the girl, those who fail to do so will meet him in hell" the king sternly calls out as he stares down at the captain.

And just like that the king flies away back to the castle.

If I am to exact my revenge I must be clever about it, but I must also be swift. While it may be difficult I don't believe the king would see me returning to the castle, but that is exactly what I will do, instead this time I wont be walking through the front doors it will take some time but I will climb up the castle and enter the king's chambers and then the king will know true punishment

ever since I went to the castle the first time to warn the king about his daughter Mara I have been watching the guards who keep watch outside, once they have left their post to go to sleep that is when I will begin my climb.

four hours later I watch the last of the guards take one last look around the castle, finally my climb commences, I have no rope so I will have to rely on not only my will but the stones that have petruded outwards if I am to enter the king's chambers before sunrise. 

On the side of the king's chambers I stood looking up at nothing but a dark stain glass window. It was now or never, I begin my climb, trying to use every stone to my advantage, after what seemed like a century and hands riddles with cuts and blisters, I was finally looking through the dark stain glassed window as the king lay in a peaceful slumber, the window only opens from the inside and I can't break it for it will cause to much noise and then this entire climb would be for nothing. 

I then knock on the window of hopes of only waking up the king and to use his curious nature against him.

"Huh, what was that?" the king mutters as he rubs his eyes and proceeds to the window.

The king then opens up the window and with out a hesistation I punch the king as hard as I could in the face, knocking him backwards rendering him dazed and confused, while he staggers backwards I climb inside and begin to douse his chamber with petroleum once I finish with that I walk back over to the king and with every memory of what he not only did to the people of Fearnan but also to the people of Messina I step over to his sword in his closet and I walk back to the king and cut his arms off, before I did this the king's eyes were still halfway between tired, and confused but now with both of his arms laying on the floor his eyes were wide awake 

"You!" the king yells as he attempts to rise

and with the swiftness of the blade I set ablaze his chamber.

"A thousand years Tarcarrius, a thousand years of wisdom, erased by a fire set by you, you said to me my recompense would be swift, is this what you had in mind?"

"Ha little girl, you really think that the Furies will not grant me new arms, better arms, stronger arms? How do you think I recieved these powers, like a phoenix I will be reborn from the ashes and then your swift recompense will become a slow torture"

"Maybe so, but before all of that I have one more thing to do"

knowing the flames would soon engulf the entire room I walked back through the smoke with a peice of Fionn's broken stave, the king trying to turn me to stone but to both of our astonishment couldn't

"You will never fly again, nor will you ever see"

my hands steady, my mind clear, Fionn's broken stave powerful. 

"For everything you have built, and destoyed you dont deserve to see it again" I then stab out the king's eyes, with the strength of a thousand Fianna and I toss them in to the flame the king so dearly loved leaving out of the window leaving the king to bask in the flames



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