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Submitted: February 10, 2017

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Submitted: February 10, 2017



My head was shaking. My body felt cold. I had awoken in a one room house in the middle of the woods. It had no door, no windows, and no furniture. Only white walls slowly chipped and withered with age. I was tired and looked around to find my purse torn apart with all of its contents spewed over the floor. I couldn’t remember what had happened. I didn’t care.

I slowly rose. I could feel my arms and legs twisting in agony as I took each step. I plummeted to the ground quickly as I rose up. The impact felt earth shattering. I was wide awake now. My eyes started to water from painful cuts and bruises along with my initial impact on the hard cement ground. I crawled on the floor through the door towards the outside. Towards the light. Towards the beauty. I could hear the birds chirping in unison. “Ah, so peaceful,” I thought.

Finally, when I had emerged into the woods, I flipped my body onto my back and stared up at the great blue sky. The sun illuminated the world with its grand rays. Each drop of white light shined through the trees and lit my black and blue bruised body with loving warmth. I coughed a bit and started to pant heavily. Tears started to well up in my eyes. I don’t remember why. Maybe it was relief. Or maybe it was the intense beauty of the world that surprised me. The night prior had corrupted my body and soul. I don’t remember much. But I know it was actual Hell.

Right as I began closing my eyes, I heard footsteps rustling in the bushes. A man in blue appeared above me. He was wearing a badge, but the light was too bright, so I couldn’t make out what it said.

“She’s here! Oh my god, I found her! She’s over here!”

After that, my eyes closed and allowed the man to hold me and take me away. To a place, which I did not know. A place I hoped was as beautiful as the outside. 

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