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the dream is dead

Submitted: February 10, 2017

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Submitted: February 10, 2017



I’m hanging on to you, by my fingertips,

Hoping that I don’t slip away from you.

My eyes burn and my head throbs,

From staring at my phone, for so long.

I keep checking it, just to make sure

That I didn’t miss your message.


Our conversations affect how I’m feeling,

Notice how I feel better, the more we talk.

I get pissed off when you take,

Too long to text me back.


I wonder what you’re thinking about,

I wonder what you’re up to.

It must be pretty important,

For you to go and fucking ignore me.


And yes, I’m still bitter as fuck

About that time, that you “fell asleep”

On me, but I doubt that’s true.


I doubt that’s true.


I think you fell asleep next to another man,

Despite your insistence, that I’m the only one.

I can’t be there to verify, cause we’re 3000 miles apart,

And I don’t put it past you to lie right to my face.


I sort of get it, I can’t give you the

Physical sensations, that you’re craving.

I know you’re tired of skype sex,

But it’s all that I can do for now.

If you really love me, then you’d

Wait for me, but I doubt that you will.


I doubt that you will.


If you want it to be that way,

Then it can be that way.

If you’re gonna stay with me, but fuck other men,

Then why would you get mad, if I do the same?

You opened up pandora’s box,

And it’s not going to get closed back up.

If you didn’t want it this way,

Then you shouldn’t have started it.


You know, me, I don’t start bullshit,

But you know I’ll finish it.

If you fuck a new guy every week,

I’ll fuck a new girl every night,

Just to show you, how much I don’t need you.


Everytime we talk now, it ends with you crying.

Cause you keep starting fights with me,

And you’re the one who made this reality a possibility.


You deserve an Oscar, for how well you play the victim,

Don’t act like you’re innocent in all this.

Cause we both play these minds games,

And fuck with each others emotions,

I push your buttons because you won’t stop pushing mine.


You say you hate me, and I say I hate you back.

And then you say I’m a piece of shit,

Then I say you’re a cheating bitch,

We fight for a while, and then I say

Something that makes you cry.

My instincts kick in, and I apologize for hurting you,

And then you tell me you’re sorry too.


Later on, you say you love me, and I say I love you back.


I meant every word that I said,

I hate you, but I love you still.

Not sure where it all went wrong,

And how it got to this point.


We weren’t always like this,

Maybe the distance is getting to us both.


I’m sick of waiting for you to text me back,

Cause I pissed off when you don’t prioritize me.

I’d leave you, but there’s no one better for me.

And I know, that you’re in the same position.


Neither one of us knows the meaning of loyalty,

And everyday we say more shit to each other,

That we immediately regret and take back.

We’re not innocent, both equally at fault,

For the constant failure, that we call love.


Until the day, that one of us finds someone better,

That means, we’re stuck together.

So I’ll keep waiting for you to, text me back.

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