Semi Perfect World

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Brothers and sisters I've seen what a perfect should look like by paying attention to the hurt, hardship, hate, crimes, and scandalous acts committed by everyone. Ask myself everyday why am I here and I have the answers. Here to break the chains that keep us on leashes in our minds.

Submitted: February 10, 2017

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Submitted: February 10, 2017



Brothers and sisters I've questioned the order and crimes of the world. Recognizing the way our people will claim to be of love, but the ads, promotions, and options after graduation produce just the opposite. Seeing people come home with grim looks after working long hours for a nickle just to get by, and support their families that continue to work for better opportunities from a system that has always been against them. The hurt in the eyes of children watching their dreams and goals become too far to even come close when it comes to survival based on how much money can one obtain. The false knowledge from those that claim to be close to God as it would seem they've clouded the minds of everyone in order to blind them from the truth of reality.

People sobb and weep as they scream for miracles from God through preachers and priests who have mentally brokendown the average man and woman by making them feel as if their nothing without paying their taxes or tithes in exchange for blessings that could've came directly to them if they had just used their own spirit to communicate with God. The lies of those who learn from books supplied by demons in school in order to keep history hidden. Our true history has been scripted in order to keep us all divided by these imaginary factors we see as "race, nationality, and religion". Why must the church preach such hate towards others of another faith that obviously is connected with theirs that preaches love as well. In the end there has always been war behind theese divisions. The lack of spiritual connections to themselves will always keep a blind man/woman hungryly chasing after  anything that may seem like help much like a mirage of water in the desert.

I noticed that with a good heart you can bring comfort and joy to almost anyone you encounter. They will look to you with eyes of joy, there you will be asked "why so happy all the time?". I simply answer with the knowledge I've aquired from using my spirit to talk to the one who claims to have given us purpose. There's no church, Jesus, money, or even acceptance from others needed. The love of those who have quite a bit of knowledge to offer is a beautiful gift. With knowledge comes wisdom that expands the hearts and minds of both men and women to love unconditionally. This sense can become prevalent to those that will work towards gaining that understanding. Nothing in today's day and age is just given to us. Lies have decieved man into murdering his own brothers and raping his own sisters. Tears filled with sorrow form oceans over the years as i watched from afar the corruptions of the demons that assumed leadership. You can pray all you, but God already knows what is happening. The question is what are you going to do about it? You're capable of doing anything the universe will make it possible. Learn to fully love yourself before you love others, Don't do this selfishly. The world can be as perfect as you would like just as long as you keep your mind and spirit cleanse of those demonizing worries that are used to opress you and me. Watch the road you walk become a beautiful pathway with benches for resting, eagles, and your family consisting of people from all over the world that you may think look different at first, but come to realize you're all the same. Great wonderful beings ready to be made into light that shines the way for not only yourself but followers along the way as well.

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