Candle in A Sunny Day

Candle in A Sunny Day

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



what good is a candle in a sunny day?
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what good is a candle in a sunny day?


Submitted: February 11, 2017

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Submitted: February 11, 2017



He told me, “You’re my precious angel”

He told me, “I need you to guide me “

He told me, “We will last forever”

He told me, “I love you”


Lies. He told me lies.


I know; it’s such a bold accusation…. such a bold thing for me to say. He gave me all his attention, affection, compassion, and this is what I say of him?

If I were you, I’d think that I was an awful person for saying such things, but it’s the truth.


The truth is; all those things he told me were lies.


I know, it’s ironic; but I find irony quite amusing, to be honest.


How did I find out, you might ask? Well, it started on a lovely Saturday morning…

 I woke up feeling grumpy, as usual, but his text lightens up my mood…. as usual.


“Good morning, my angel”

I mumbled, reading the text out loud. With a silly grin on my face, I texted him back. The only thing I could think of whenever he said that is he’s my light and I’m his light. We were meant to be together. We save each other.


After all, we do fit together like two pieces of a broken heart; because that’s what we are; two broken hearts, trying to mend each other’s pain.


I thought I was screwed up and that is true; my heart has been broken, bruised, burned, stung…and so has his. I thought that was why we fit together so perfectly. He’s got depression, so do I. He’s got issues, and so do I. He’s broken, and so am I.


But despite all that…he’s a miracle. Ever since I was young, I thought that a happy, cheerful, careless person would save me…but I was wrong; so damn wrong.

He was not happy. He was not cheerful. He was careless, and not in a good way…but he saved me.


He told me I made him happy. He told me I saved him. I know that’s not a lie. I did change him. I did help him, and so did he for me.


That day, I showered and got ready as quickly as possible. I was excited to meet him.

When he picked me up in front of my house, I was overflowing with joy. I waved at him with a giggle, and he showed me his own happy smile.


He hugged me and picked me up, before twirled me around as if we were in a cliché romantic comedy movie…or shall I say, tragedy-romantic movie.


“How is my girl doing?”

He asked, and I couldn’t help but giggle. I pecked his cheek quickly and shrugged.

“Pretty good, now that you’re here”, I said. He chuckled and ruffled my hair. He smiled at me. I smiled back. Blah, blah, and blah.


Honestly, what’s the point of me telling you all these happy things?

He was a sweetheart, he was cute, he was cliché, he was perfect; at least I thought. That Saturday, we spent the day together. It was perfect.


But the 4th of February; that beautiful Saturday, was the start of something awful. Something heartbreaking.


Later at night when he dropped me off at home, he started to fiddle with his fingers; a nervous habit of his.

“What’s wrong, Xander?”

I asked him, concern lacing my tone.


“Nothing, my love”

He said with a sad smile.

“It’s just…well, Josie…she’s back. My ex is back and she’s apologizing to me”


When I heard those words, I was furious. His bitch-of-an-ex was the one who broke him. She screwed three guys and sent him a video of it. She self-harmed and took pictures of her wrists and thighs, and sent it to him. She told him he was worthless and a burden; and he believed her.


She was the reason why he was so insecure and sad. He thought he was worthless…and it’s all because of her.


He told me that she was sent to a mental hospital; which is great since I do believe that she needs help…so when he told me that she’s back, I was…well, shocked.


“You mean…Brooke is back?”

I asked nervously, taking a cautious step towards him.


“Yes…and she apologized. She told me that she feel guilty”

He said. It made me want to laugh. I shook my head and ran a hand trough my hair.


“I mean…might as well just forgive her”

I said. Although I hate that girl, I do believe that we have to move forward. Forgive; but not forget.


“Of course. I’ll tell her I forgive her; but I won’t let her in my life again”

He said to me, before he pulled me closer. He wrapped his arms around me, engulfing me in his warmth. I smiled to myself that day.



“I love you so much, Josie…I honestly don’t know what I’d do without you by my side”

He mumbled to me. I smiled. I believed him. Oh, how foolish.


“I love you too, Xander”


“You’re my candle, Josie. In this darkness maze…you’re the candle that lights up the way. You’re the candle that gives me warmth in the cold night”

He said to me, his eyes boring into mine. That day…that night…I felt loved. I felt like I have a purpose in life.


That Saturday…that beautiful Saturday…I thought would be one of the most meaningful days I’ve ever had in my painful, cold life.

But I was wrong.

That Saturday started this whole mess. That Saturday was what broke me again.


Yesterday, 10th of February 2017.


He came knocking at my house again. I was happy, as usual. But him…he looked guilty. He looked ashamed. But one thing I know…is that he did not look sad.



I cheered happily, leaning in for a kiss. But he backed away, which made me frown.


“We need to talk”

He muttered softly. I stepped out of the way and let him in, and the whole time… he avoided eye contact.


It felt like hours before he started talking, and when he did start…it was like he plunged a knife trough my heart.


“I love you…but I can’t let Brooke go”


I slammed my fist to the coffee table yesterday. I cracked the glass.

“She broke you, Xander. She broke you!”


“But she’s changed!”
He said loudly, raising his voice. I could hear the defence in his tone. It hurt me.


I don’t want to recall everything he said, but there’s one sentence that I can’t forget.


“You helped me. You really did, but maybe that’s why you’re in my life. You’re not my soul mate; merely just my guide”


Every time it echoes in my head, I laugh. Maybe he’s right.

He did tell me that I was his candle. I was his candle. I still am his candle.

But now he’s happy. He’s healed. He’s no longer in a dark maze; he’s under sunlight.


So what use is a candle in a sunny day?


Nothing. A candle in a sunny day is good for nothing. And so am I.


Word count: 1176


© Copyright 2017 jetblackheart. All rights reserved.

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