The Butterflies in Our Tummies

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A short account of a couple's long-awaited and much anticipated first meeting in person after having maintained a long distance relationship for two years.

Submitted: February 11, 2017

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Submitted: February 11, 2017



Two years had gone by. Two years of texting, calling, and speculating about this very moment. Two years of planning and coordinating for this very moment, and that day had finally come.

There are different species of the butterflies you get in your tummy; some of them only come out when you find yourself in your darkest moments, some of them only come when you feel like you may burst any second, and some of them show up only to remind you of the chance you might mess up whatever it is you’re about to do. Every once in a while though, when your emotions are running rampant, the butterflies coexist in your interior. They flutter, and they bounce off the walls of your stomach, and they do summersaults while dancing, all pushing you to the extent of feeling queasy. It truly is awfully beautiful, and it’s exactly what was happening inside of me as I stood by the baggage claim in the SFO airport, wearing my favourite big pink coat that was his favourite too. I curled my toes inside my boots, letting my socks uncomfortably bunch up, and I held my breath. I thought I had come prepared. I had thought about it for ages, we both had. We talked about it just before his flight took off, but in all honestly, I don’t think either of us truly ready.

I had seen him before of course, in pictures, in videos, on video chat calls, but nothing compared to seeing his body emerge from a hall, as he walked distractedly amongst the other travelers. I noticed his eyes darting around the room, they’d race up the walls and brush the ceiling before falling down again, again, and again. How much I wanted to just run in his directions and receive him with open arms, but my body had shut down, and I was frozen. My boots filled with lead and my knees locked as my shoulders sagged, my torso being dragged down by an invisible weight, forcing the air out of my lungs. Black spots clouded my vision momentarily before I was able to shake it off and erect myself, but they returned as soon as I did, for I found him standing right before me. 

I couldn’t avoid his eyes, not only because he matched my height, but because they beamed, and so they hypnotized me. My mouth fell slightly open in awe, for any words I could possibly say would ruin the purity of this glorious moment, and it was in that moment, that I felt our bond solidify. 

“Can I hug you?” he asked softly, his voice almost lost in the lull of the conveyer belts. I wouldn’t have heard it if I had not been paying attention, but I had, and I nodded weakly . My whole head was heavy, and my eyes watered. I shifted my focus to the ceiling, but it was too late, or maybe there were just too many, but there were tears pouring from my ducts, something I hated doing in public so much, I promised myself I wouldn’t do. 

It was the most exhilarating feeling I had ever experienced. His arms slid around me only to meet on the small of my back and lock. I was enveloped in every sense of the word, as I felt an aura of love surround me, and I could feel his emotions pouring into me. He need not tell me how much he loved me, for I could feel his passion in his embrace; the way he held me gently firm. He didn’t say anything, and I imagined, or at least I hoped, he had felt the same way, for I was exerting every last ounce of emotion in my soul, wringing it out and offering it to him; giving all it was I had to give. I can’t remember putting my arms around him, but there they were, my fingers grabbing and twisting into his coat, pulling him closer and closer to me. He could never be too close, he could never be close enough. I let my chin rest on his shoulder, leaning my head against his,  his facial hair scratching my face. I had never felt such intense feelings of euphoria in my life before.

I’m not sure how long we stood there for. It could have been a minute, or several, or a half hour, but I didn’t care, I could have stood there until my knees gave out, but we pulled away eventually. 

“Wow,” he whispered in a soft voice.

I opened my mouth to reply, but it hung there, silent. No words came to mind to describe what I had just felt, and I wasn’t sure if any words ever would be able to do what I just experienced justice. 

A few more minutes of silence trickled by until I robotically raised my arm, offering my hand, stuttering like a nervous wreck, “H- Hi, I- I’m, I- It’s so nice to- Finally- I- uh,” but to my relief, he accepted the awkward handshake. He smiled widely. 

“Me too,” he said. 

“Do you have a bag?” I asked suddenly, my eyes sweeping over the baggage claim station from his flight, a few suitcases still making their way around on the belt. 

He nodded, and, bashfully, asked to take my hand, to which I responded by offering it to him again. He wasted no time lacing his fingers with mine. His hands were so thick next to my own slender fingers, but it felt so natural, as if his was the only hand I was ever meant to hold. The warmth radiating from his palm warmed my naturally icy one.

After retrieving his suitcase, we headed towards the revolving door that led outside. 

“Are you comfortable driving me to my hotel, or would you rather I call a cab?” he asked while facing me, never tearing his off, even though behind him in the east the sun was panting a masterpiece in the sky.

“I love you,” I blurted out uncontrollably, instinctively covering my mouth. 
His face lit up like I had never seen before. He seemed to be glowing. “I love you too,” he said in a way with such ease that the words rolled deliciously off his tongue and drifted to my ears like the melody of a symphony, instantly putting to rest any doubts I may have ever had. 


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