The Road To No-Good Is Paved...!

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The Road To Nowhere

Submitted: February 11, 2017

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Submitted: February 11, 2017



I've been told by someone that I write too many anti-Trump deals, but I feel the man is dangerous to our way of life. I've been called unpatriotic for not getting behind him, which to me, is the same as saying 'fall in line like a good little boy,' I feel I AM being patriotic, by calling him out whenever I feel he's trying to deceive the American people, or attempting something that's counter to democracy. There's a big difference between being patriotic, and being willfully blind to the man's many shortcoming, and what whoppers they are. Wishing he'll be a good president is not enough.



The Road To Not-Good Is Paved...!




I fully intended on writing something, anything, not Dump; so much for good intentions. the first and only thing that entered my mind was,


"There once was a man named Dump, who didn't know which way to jump; he f****d this up, he f****d that up, so I verbally give him a 12-gauge double-pump!


All those of you who said, "Give the guy a chance,' well, do you see any glimmer of hope-- no? What are you waiting for, that he'll miraculously sprout a brain and understand that he represents ALL the people, and not just the roughly 40% who drank the Kool-Aid, or were hypnotized by the bright shiny object he subliminally wore on top of his head? I'm surprised you didn't notice. By the way, if you look really closely, you can see he combs the beast in the shape of a pentagram. Well, maybe not, but it is plausible. How else to explain how a guy with an elementary-school-level mentality fooling enough people to become president? It's as good a theory as any other!

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