The crow, the picnic and Fred

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A crow named Tom finds a some food but a fox named Fred gets there first. Now Tom needs to use his brain to get his meal.

Submitted: February 11, 2017

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Submitted: February 11, 2017



I apologize for my bad english.


There was ones a black crow, who we will call Tom, who lived in Ottawa, Canada. Tom was an ugly bird, fat with poorly treated feathers and always covered in mud and bugs. But were Tom lacked in beauty, he made up for in brains. This morning, like all mornings, Tom wanted food (if you can't relate with that, then I am sorry to say you are a robot).


Around 12:00, the poor bird finally found some food. In the ugly empty plot of land the city decided to call a park, a man and woman had lift there picking in a hurry. Even Tom could tell the man had screwed up, but there was nothing a crow could do. Tom flew down to take those sandwiches and cupcakes and what have yous when out of the blue came a fox, who we will call Fred.


Tom flew right back up and landed himself in a tree above the unattended meal. Fred growled menacingly at Tom before going back to eat his prize. This is where most crows would give up or wait till the fox left and hope there was something lift. But most crows weren't Tom (and not just because they looked way better than him). Tom looked around to see if there was a way to get rid of Fred. And soon, he had a plan.


Tom flew off with his normal lack of grace or beauty. Fred looked up to see him leave before going back to the meal. Tom flew across the park to where a park caretaker had left his belongings before going swimming in the pound. There was a good reason why you weren't allowed to swim and he would find out why in a few hours when his skin started itching. But there was nothing a crow could do. Tom took some keys from there pocket and put it in one of the boot. He then took said boot and return to the picnic. Fred looked up and was curious of the crow new toys.


This was a problem. The plan wouldn’t work if Fred could see it coming. Not knowing what to do next, Tom just stared straight into Fred’s eyes. Fred in turn stared back. This staring contest went on until Fred found it to awkward and silly will he had a feast to eat. So Fred the fox turned his head back to the great bounty of food before him.


Tom then laid the boot down where the branch met the tree and took the keys out. Tom then let the keys fall straight down. Fred heard the keys and went to investigate. You see, like most ordinary crow (which Tom is not), most ordinary foxes (like Fred) are naturally curious of small shiny things. As fred went to the tree to see what had made that noise, Tom dropped the boot on his head.


The fox panic, scared and in pain, he rain with his tail between his legs. Tom then flew down to take his prize, 2 small sandwiches, a cookie and 4 strawberries covered in caramel. Fred had eaten the rest. Well, beggars can't be choosers, and that goes double for birds. Tom ate the small meal and flew away looking for more food to eat.

The End

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