Have I Taken Nature For Granted?

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Submitted: February 11, 2017

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Submitted: February 11, 2017



Have I Taken Nature For Granted?


One day I pondered

Upon a rock made of granite

What if the rock would disappear?

Have I taken it for granted?


Many things in life I've ignored

As I drive down the same road each day

Have not seen the beauty of nature

I let it pass away.


From now on I'll pay attention

To the wonders that be

Hoping to see the beauty

The world's magnificence, I'll see.


I can't remember seeing the color

Of the rock by the road

It's as red as blood

Others golden as the earth's mother lode


The pine trees so tall

Stand proud as can be

Pinion nuts sit in their pine cone jackets

Birds await their opening with glee


The mountains with proud silhouettes

So beautiful they look unreal

So picture perfect

Artists want to stamp their seal


Wildlife in such abundance

Hawks are getting their fill

The rodents are in plenty

Rabbits in large numbers up on the hill.


I pray that the gifts we have on earth

Will be there to enjoy forever

I'll never again take them for granted

Their bond I'll not sever

© Copyright 2018 Mimie Durand. All rights reserved.

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