Madness Of A New World

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Just a short story that might end up becoming a novel if it looks good to people.

Submitted: February 11, 2017

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Submitted: February 11, 2017




A young man sat in a solitary chair in the middle of vast nothingness. He bolted upright as he awoke to his senses. He had no idea what was going on but he didn't feel all that scared, because this just seemed like a dream to him. He was slowly taking stock of his surroundings, which happened to be nothing at all really. He sat in a plain wooden chair and was surrounded by a light as if he were in the spotlight of some massive stage. But the light itself seemed to have no origin. He sat near the edge of the light with nothing but vast and dark emptiness behind him. The light extend out about twenty feet in front of him, and as he blinked he realized there was something, and someone, else within the light that was not there moments ago.
Sitting in a massive silver throne was a beautiful woman, looking no more than in her mid twenties. She seemed short and a little plump, but had enchantingly beautiful golden hair and eyes. Above and slightly behind her head was a halo with eight points like that of some star. She had skin the colour of pale cream and it was smooth as glass. She sat there smiling contentedly at the young man, seeming to wait for him to speak first.
The young man, not one to ever break silence, no matter how awkward it got, sat looking at this beautiful woman with an almost sense of awe. But since this was a dream, he felt comfortable enough to talk to this mysterious woman.
"Who are you? Where are we?"
She sat for a moment looking at him, then spoke.
"I am Lilithen, and we are in what you might call Purgatory." Her voice was like water over silk. Smooth, soft and beautiful. "I am a Goddess, though I doubt you would believe that. And I have brought you here to ask something very important."
The young man was almost sad when she stopped speaking, immediatly missing her voice and wanting to here ever more of it. But he pulled himself together and forced himself to speak to this so called Goddess.
"Why am I in Purgatory, am I dead? And what do you want to ask me?"
"You are not dead," the silky voice began," I just need you to do something for me, then you will be returned to your world." She paused letting this soak in and giving him time to speak. When he did not she continued.
" I need you to save my world, for it is grave danger of being destroyed. I have chosen you because you have the will and body to resist what you will be facing." The smooth voice said gravely," There are undead who threaten all the people of my world, and their combined power has prevented me from helping my children."
This all seemed rather strange to the young man, even for a dream. He didn't know what to make of this woman's proclamation. But he figured he'd play along to see where this went.
"I assume you want me to destroy these undead, then I'll be rewarded?"
"Yes." agreed the silky voiced woman.
"How do I do that then?"
" You must destroy the three Undead Masters. The Vampire Queen, The Lich King, and The Abomination. After you do this I will return you home and you will forget this ever happened. We can't waste anymore time, the undead encroach on all directions and even through various worlds. Their power has reached levels, even I cannot control. Isaac, are you ready?" She said finally.
"I suppose I am, but how am I to defeat them, if even a so called Goddess cannot. This seems to be a death trap."
"You will find a way, I know it, you have to. Once in this world, Teutomos, I will be unable to help you until you defeat the Undead. You will awake to a city called Daemos, it is the furthest city from the reaches of the Undead, and so knows relative peace. Do not be frightened by what you will see when you first get there. It is very different from your world. But to help you along, I will give you the gift of tongues, so that you may speak and understand any language you encounter. Now go, Isaac, and free my people from this devastation." With that she stood and gave a slight bow, and with that gesture, the young man,Isaac, began to fade into nothingness.

Isaac awoke to some unfamiliar sounds. It was bright out so it took some time for his eyes to adjust. He heard speaking in a language that he did not understand, but slowly more and more pieces of the words seemed to make sense. When his eyes adjusted he seen now that he was on the edge of a street that was leading to a market square of some sort. But then he saw something else that caught his attention.
Across the street in a small market stall, sat a man. Well he was more fox than man. He was like a bipedal fox about the same size as Isaac, who himself stood at about 6'3 and weighed almost one-sixty. The fox man was so intriguing to Isaac that he was caught staring at him, so Isaac quickly looked away. How could he dream up something in as much detail of something that has never existed. He felt his head reel with sensation as he looked around.
All around him were demi-humans of all descriptions, elves, dwarves, gnomes, faeries, and anthropomorphic people of all varieties. He began to feel like he wasn't dreaming this. It felt all too real and surreal at the same time. He dropped to his knees as he considered the implications behind this. That woman really was a Goddess, and all these people are real he thought.
Then he thought to himself, holy shit, it as if he were playing one of his favourite rpgs. He could do anything he wanted, and he was on a real quest. In his other life he had been no more than a basement dwelling no-life loser who played too many games. But here, he doesn't have to play anymore, he can live it.
He quickly stood back up, understanding that he has the power to control his own life here. And he played enough games to know that in an rpg, you start by getting a small quest from someone or a guild. With new found confidence that he never had before he strutted up to the nearest human he could find.
"Sir?" he said and jumped at the word that came out of his mouth. Whatever it was it wasn't english, but it seemed so natural all the same.
"Yes?" replied the man warily eyeing Isaacs outfit.
"Might you know where I could find a guild around here? You know, like a fighter's guild or mage's guild. Something like that perhaps?" He said confedently.
"Sure?", the man began slowly, " There are many Guilds in the city, but the biggest are Orres' Adventuring Guild and The Violet Eyes, who are a mages guild."
"Oh man, this place is awesome!", Isaac shouted to the man, "Where can I find the Adventuring Guild?"
Taken back by the sudden shouting, the man took a step back and continued, "Its actually not far from here, just travel into the market square, take the third road on the left, and head straight. It will be at the end of the road."
"Thanks!" Shouted Isaac and he immediatly headed off in the direction of the market square.
"Oh man, oh man, oh man, this is so fucking cool." He nearly shouted. As he was walking he took in his surroundings a bit. The buildings seemed to be of a European middle ages style, with some fantasy flair added. The roads he was on were cobblestone and seemingly well maintained. There were puddles about so it probably recently rained. Above the smell of various exotic foods and animal dung was the scent of sea water, so he assumed this to be some sort of coastal town. There was also a slight chill in the air that he didnt like but it was tolerable. And ever present were the various demi-humans and humans selling and buying goods. As he was walking he noticed several people look at him wierdly, but he just assumed it was what he was wearing, which was all black pants and long sleeve shirt. This was in contrast to the very fantasy-esque style of clothing he was seeing, which were usually bright and impractical looking. Finally he made it to a great building at the end of a road.
This building looked very Guild hall like, and was also very, very large. It was mostly timber and plaster, but some other sections seemed to be made of planked wood. There were large colourful banners emblazoned with a hammer over a shield, and these banners were flanking a very large set of double doors. These doors were open and people of various races and clothing were coming and going through these large doors. He seen men and women who looked like fantasy knights, mages, thieves, and general adventurers.
He was so excited he nearly pissed himself with joy, that and his bladder was quite full. He walked in quite nervously and looked around. Inside seemed to be warm though he was standing right next to the open doors. All around were tables and chairs of various shapes and sizes. He could see people hanging around in the rafters talking to each other, as well as the great many people sitting at the tables. There were at least three hundred people in here.
"So this is what a real guild is like." He said loudly. And someone took notice of what he said and strode over nonchalantly.
"Haila, are you new here? You look it judging by your clothes." said a bright pink elvish woman. Like, really pink. Her hair, her skin, her eyes were all some shade of pink.
"Haila?" Isaac said as it was just dawning on him how nervous he really is,"Yeah, I'm new here, but I'm looking to become an adventurer. Could you help me out?"
"It's my job to help newbies out. First you have to register to the Guild, then to become an official member you have to complete one quest. This is all fairly simple, you just walk over to that desk and ask for registration, and the man will set you up from there. Good luck newbie." She finshed by pointing out a huge man sitting behind a desk.
And by huge, this man was bigger than any human had a right to be, but he still looked quite human. His muscles were like rippling waves in a stormy ocean, and sitting down he was still taller than Isaac by a good foot. In short he looked like some sort of war god rather than a clerk. Even more nervous than before, Isaac walked over to the huge musclely man and coughed politely to get his attention.
"If you have something to say then just say it, don't just cough at me." His voice was as deep as thunder and nearly as powerful.
Isaac's voice was a bare whisper," I'd like to register with the Guild."
"Alright. Here are the documents and registration papers, please fill them out fully and quickly."The thunderer said.
The papers looked quite official and had many things to fill out, like occupation, race, expected time available for questing and so forth. So Isaac filled them out as best he could, which also happened to be in a language both foriegn and known to him. It looked like old nordic runes to be honest. After filling out the papers, he handed them back to the huge clerk, who then grabbed Isaac's hand very quickly and stabbed it with a needle. Withdrawing his hand quickly Isaac began to protest," What the hell was that for?"
The huge man simply touched the bloody needle to a small card which became all red for a second then faded back to to the creamy brown colour. " This is your killcard. With it you can register any kills you and you alone make. It's better than having to bring in ten stinking goblin heads, or massive leopuni bodies. This will count the kills you make, when you give the final blow to anything. Alright, you're all set, you'll find the quest boards to the right and left of the hall. Good luck Newbie."
Alright, now time for a quest Isaac thought. But maybe he should get some equipment first. If only he had whatever money this world used.

After working up the nerve, he asked someone if he could have a knife. They actually said yes too. Isaac has played plenty enough games he can make himself some wooden javelins and spear using just this knife. They probably wont be the best thing, but its better than nothing. So he headed to the nearest wooded area after asking for directions. He found the area in no time, but it was still getting dark and a little cold. After cutting some saplings he sharpened the thickest one into about a six foot spear, and the other three saplings into makeshift javelins. With one look at his shoddy handiwork he got excited and thought that he might be ready.
He headed back to the Guild, and went immediatly to one of the quest boards.
"Wow! So many quests to choose from!", Isaac nearly shouted, "Here looks an easy one,says here' Kill a barghul that haunts the Minos Graveyard', now i just wonder what a barghul is, perhaps some sort of ghoul by the sound of its name."
"You'll need magic to kill a barghul." Said a distinctly feminine voice behind him, "Those sticks won't do you too much good you know."
Isaac turned and looked at who was speaking to him. And he was rather surprised. She seemed to be a girl of no more than sixteen, and was dressed in distinct mages clothing. She even had a silly wide brimmed floppy hat with designed eyes and smiling, toothy mouth on it. She was wearing a rather short purple and black tunic with a short cloak. Her legs were bound in white linen wrappings and knee high black and purple leather boots. And she had a black and purple staff that was at least two foot taller than her five-four height and it was topped with a large crescent shape. She was also quite skinny but very attractive for her seeming age. Her short white hair was about three inches past the brim of her hat with two longer six inch bits on either side of her cute face. And easily noticable on her face was two large purple eyes with cat like pupils. She was smiling rather smugly at Isaac which just made her look even more adorable.   
"And do you think your stick will do any better?" Isaac jested.
"I'll have you know this is a very powerful magic artefact! It will be more than any ghul can handle and they will be absolutely destroyed by my magic! None can stand before the mighty Talitha!" She said without taking a breath or pause, and is now breathing heavily. She breathed in some more air then continued,"However, a ghul will get to me before I can finish a single spell so I do need some help, I'll split the reward with you if you help me."
"Hmm, I don't know, I suppose it couldn't hurt. Have you ever done a quest before?" Isaac questioned.
"No," she said quickly," but if we work together we can easily do this one. Barghuls are one of the lowest tier of ghul. And the bounty for this one is a little higher than normal. It's six thousand sren, so we'll split it in half to three thousand each."
"Sounds good enough to me, I suppose. Do you know the way to Minos Graveyard?" asked Isaac.
"Yes. It's the biggest graveyard in the city. And its near the Tower Of Eyes, where i'm a student." Talitha said quietly.
Talitha began to walk off, so Isaac followed. He didn't know what to think of this new party member, but she seemed to know a few things, so she might be able to help him for a while. As they walked through the huge Guild doors, Isaac realized it was completely nighttime and that there are two moons in the sky. He didn't know if hunting ghuls in the dark would be a bad idea or not though.


They walked for a while until Isaac began to smell something... rather evil. Not far ahead was a walled off section at the end of the road with a small iron gate set into it. A sign above the gate said Minos. This must be the graveyard Isaac thought. Then Talitha said something and Isaac jumped at the sudden sound.
"We are here, just hold the thing off when we find it and i'll use my magic. And try not to let it touch you or you will be paralyzed while it eats your flesh. Oh and don't get bitten, or you'll turn into one of them. Oh and don't look it in the eyes or you'll be so stricken with fear that you'll either pass out or crumple into a gibbering mess, again while it eats your flesh. Oh and.."
"Good god, I thought you said this would be easy, but it sounds like if you even get near the thing I'll be dead." Isaac interupted getting more and more nervous the more the small girl said.
"That's what I was getting to, when you get near it, it will slowly drain your life away." She said smiling at Isaac's growing fear.
"And this is the lowest tier of ghul? I don't know if I want to adventure anymore." Isaac said fearfully.
Talitha was about to say something until they heard a sound like the screech of a dying owl mixed with the howl of a wolf. They both turned to see a rotted wolf's corpse but was much bigger and thicker running towards the gate from the inside of the graveyard.
"What are you waiting for, I'll prepare a spell while you hold it off remember?" Talitha reminded him.
"Ok, I can do this, I am a hero." He whispered to himself. He heard Talitha whispering to herself while holding the staff out in front of her. Her eyes were closed and a faint shimmering in the air around the staff can be seen. It sounded like she was speaking a language familiar to him, but only slightly.
He dropped his javelins, as they would be useless against this beast and he charged with his spear. Pounding closer, and closer to each other both with a look of hatred and determination. The barghul let out another howling screech, and Isaac felt fear creep into his mind, but he shook it off. Then, they collided spear to torso.
The barghul let out a howl again, but continued to press itself down the shaft of the spear. Then Isaac glimpsed its eyes. Unspeakable and unfathomable fear erupted into his mind like a flood. His knees weakened, but he would not go down. He did not come here to die, he came to fight. Then the barghul had closed enough distance to slash at him with a massive claw. Isaac ducked back, but not quickly enough, and the claw grazed him across the forehead. This time his body became ice cold and he felt all his muscles tense and his joints stiffen.
"NO!" He yelled into the barghuls face a mere two feet away. He relinquished his grip on the spear forcing his hands open, and proceeded to quickly drive his thumbs into the hateful eyes of the creature. The creature howled as if in pain, and from the creatures cold flesh he could feel the life slowly being drained from him. The blood from his cut was stinging his eyes, but he continued shoving his thumbs in the creatures rotted eyes.
"Aga min tudos!" came a female yell from behind him.
The creature stopped moving for a moment, then screeched once more and jumped away from Isaac. No sooner than its feet hit the ground than a large magic circle appeared under it. From this circle burst a massive black spike which impaled itself into the beast, lifting the struggling creature into the air. From the same circle appeared four mottled black and purple tentacles tipped with vicious spikes, which proceeded to rend the creature's body into pieces. Gore splattered the surrounding area and landed on an enraged and bloodthirsty Isaac.
When the creature ceased to be more than a large lump gore and torn flesh the tentacles and spike receeded back into thier circle which promptly disappeared. Then Isaac heard a thump on the ground behind him. Being slightly more calm now that the battle was over, he looked back to see Talitha lying on the ground, unmoving. Becoming slightly worried, he ran over to check on her.
He flipped her over to see her open mouthed smiling with half closed eyes and a flushed face. This did nothing to ease his worry.
"What's going on, are you okay?" He asked, voice trembling from the adrenaline still in his body.
"That... was... beautiful...", she whispered softly, still smiling," I'll... be ...fine..."
He gave her a moment to catch her breath by looking at the carnage. There were pieces of barghul everywere in a twenty foot radius of where it actaully died. And right in the center was a mound of flayed flesh and organs.
"What is your name?" she said as Isaac was still looking around," I think I'm going to stick with you for a while."
Isaac looked back at her."Isaac."
"Well, Isaac, I can't move after using a spell like that, it drains me of all my energy, so could you carry me back to the Guild?"
With a sigh, he pulled her up onto his gore covered back. She was still smiling until she smelled him.
"By the Gods, you smell awful!"
"It's what you get for taking so long with that spell!" he yelled softly.
"You seemed to be able to handle yourself, I saw you look the thing in the eye as it swiped your head, and you just yelled at the things face. Not many people have resistances like that." She said softly as her head lolled onto his shoulder.


The walk back to the Guild was awful for Isaac as he had to carry a sleeping girl on his back the whole way. When they entered the Guild hall, many of the patrons and adventurers eyed the gore covered man and the sleeping mage girl on his back. Many of the closer ones moved away from the stinking duo. To the noise of the hall, Talitha opened her eyes and yawned.
"Wow, it's about time slowpoke, it's almost morning." She said sleepily.
Isaac just grunted and headed to the huge man behind the desk.
"We killed the barghul." Isaac said tiredly to the man.
"Yeah by the smell of you two I figured as much." He said seemingly unperterbed by the smell. He pulled a small jangly pouch from seemingly nowhere and handed it to Isaac.
Isaac and Talitha spent the day resting and cleaning themselves, and at about dusk they sat down at a small table, counted up the bounty and split it evenly. After all that they were strarving, so they ordered food and wine. There was little talk as they were shoving their faces full of food until finally, Isaac spoke up.
"Could you teach me some magic, I think I would like to use it next time we fight anything?"
She chewed her food slowly and took a sip of wine, which was very obvious that this was her first time drinking alcohol by the faces she made. She had already drank a little much so her face was red and flushed, and she didn't seem to hear or understand him at first. Slowly she made out what he said in her drunken mind, and she began to look very giddy.
"Yeshy, of coursh I'll teach you masgic, and my masgic ish the ultimate macgic... mosht people are shcared of my magic, but I find it the mosht butiful." She had been saying while getting a little close to his face." I'll show you shome right now! Shtay shtill!"
Isaac began looking around nervously and thought this was a bad idea," I dont think..."
"Shhhh, I did thish shpell to myshelf, it'sh harmlesh." She said to him as she slid her hand down his face very drunkenly." But firsht let'sh go shomewhere quieter." She got up from the table and staggered out the doors, seeming to already have forgotten him. So he got up and quickly followed her to the stables around the side of the Guild hall. He did not like where this may or may not be headed, besides he was a gentleman.
Once he reached the stables, he followed her inside as she stood there looking at a wall for no apparent reason. Then seeming to remember why she was here she whirled around quickly and nearly fell over. She then looked at Isaac with glazed eyes and shushed him again for no reason, then quickly looked over her shoulder at nothing. She began whispering something to no one in particular, and Isaac was getting very nervous. She looked back at him with complete, albeit drunken, joy. She gave a small clap, jumped into the air and remained there floating cross-legged on a magic circle. She closed her eyes, then opened them again looking completely sober.
" Are you ready? Once we begin, we cannot stop the ritual." All said with multiple voices coming from this little girl. The way she spoke and stressed the word "we" made Isaac actually afraid. But he could also not deny those voices, something was almost forcing him to say yes.
"Yes!" He yelled in fear of saying that very word.
Talitha began chanting with multiple voices and Isaac was frozen in place. Not even the fear nor paralysis of the barghul could match this. This was something forbidden, he knew in his heart. This was something that in all the possible multiverse could not and should not exist. And it dwelled in this small girl. He fell to his knees. These words were something nothing in the universe should ever hear, and he could feel himself losing his mind like it was burning away to nothing. A magic circle appeared underneath him. Dark purple and black runes began to claw their way onto his flesh. It was horribly cold, yet his flesh began to smolder. The world faded to shades of purple and black. Then he was in an endless expanse with nothing but black and purple colour all around him. In the lighter purple sky he saw black clouds swirling down at him, and it was shredding his very soul. A large masked face filled his veiw of the sky, completely smooth and blank except for black tears streaming from the eyes, which fell as black rain all around and on him. The rain, so cold yet filled with burning hate, his mind could not handle such raw emotion.
Then suddenly everything shattered into large fragments and fell out of veiw while he was left staring at what was the sky now just endless black. Finally, he could move his head and he looked around. All was endless black except for one thing. Talitha was sitting cross-legged in front of him with her eyes open and not speaking a word. Everything receded, the feelings of hopelessness and unimaginable horror seemed like distant memories. And the world slowly came back into veiw as if approching it through a dark tunnel. They were in the stables, and he had nearly forgotten what he just experienced, but he knows a taste of it will always be with him. She crumpled to the floor in a heap.
He had to get away from her, he had to escape this horrible little girl. He ran from the stables and was halfway to the Guild doors.
"Do not leave her." Someone whispered calmly.
He turned his head to see who said that, but he realized that he was looking out the doors of the stable, and he was standing inside. He turned back and Talitha was still crumpled on the floor in front of him. He seen the shadows begin to move. They looked like people. One of the shadows opened its mouth and said something. A moment later he heard it.
"Do not leave her." It spoke again.
What did she do to me what is going on, he thought. He walked to the doors of the stable, blinked and was staring at Talitha again.
"Do not leave her." The voice said again.
"Fine!" Isaac screamed.

After hours of waiting Talitha rolled over and yawned. She looked at Isaac strangely, then her eyes widened.
"What did you let me do!" She screamed." Why didn't you stop me? Are you okay? Speak to me!"
"What did you do?" Isaac asked coldly.
"I'm so sorry...I...I have never been drunk before, I didn't know this would happen." She was crying at this point. And Isaac felt a little bad for making her cry. But he still needed to know what happened to him.
"What did you do to me?" he asked again.
"I cursed you! I'm sorry, please forgive me! I...I... cast the most forbidden of spells. Its called soulwrack. Its mostly an illusion spell, at least in the beginning. But it also opens a small portal to another dimension in the person's mind, and over time this portal grows larger and unstable. It turns you into one of them. A Vaalmirrisc. Nothing is known about these things other than they seem to be manifestations of the collective emotion of everything in every unverse. They have told me they reside in Vaalmirr and that we will never be free from them. They aren't innately evil though, they just possess the most basic and raw of emotions. Soon you will start to see them too. I was cast out off the Tower Of Eyes because they found out what I did. They knew they couldn't kill me right off because it would unleash the rage of the Vaalmirrisc, because we are their children. Their only way of having children is through this spell. I'm so sorry, I wasnt in control. Ive been cursed for a month now and I was so hungry because I cant make any money with everyone knowing im cursed. I seen a person who looked new so they didnt know I was cursed and I tricked you. Im so sorry."
Isaac was listening with most attention he'd ever given anyone. He'd been cursed. He came to this world looking for adventure, but he found the worst trouble he could imagine.
"Not trouble, child, but salvation." Several voices chimed in.
Isaac jumped at this intrusion to his thoughts. "They can hear what I'm thinking?"
"Yes." said the small girl quietly. She was looking so sad and her face was covered in tears.
"It'll be alright, we can figure this out. We can beat it." He said as he took her hand.
"Nothing can beat us." The voices said calmly.
In  all this new information and emotion, Isaac and Talitha never noticed they had aquired other listeners to their little party. And these listeners werent in their heads.

"Die Unholy Beasts!" came a shout from behind Isaac. Isaac whirled in time to see a mace coming straight for his head. He heard nothing but wind as a small female hand came up in time to deflect the mace onto his shoulder. Pain blasted through his whole body.
"Aga jakaal!" Came a shout from behind him.
A black and purple spike erupted from the tiny hand next to his head. It struck the man square in his chest and black and purple shadow flowed from it like ink in water. The man's veins were turning purple rapidly, originating from the spike. He fell to his knees and screamed an almost inhuman scream. The other listeners, including the huge clerk who now brandished a hammer and shield instead of a quill and paper, recoiled then prepared themselves.
But more interesting and scary was what was going on in the stable itself. The tiny hand became completely consumed by black and purple liquid shadow. Isaac followed the arm to its body and found not a small girl, but a liquid shadow figure with bright glowing purple eyes shining through the shadow. And around the stables the shadows took on human-esque forms and began to walk from the walls. All the people outside looked about to die from fright except for the huge man. And he walked steadily towards the entrance to the stables. And in unison the shadow girl and shadows of the walls walked to meet him.


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