Splash Zone

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4 kids try to solve a kidnap mystery at a newly reopened water park.

Submitted: February 11, 2017

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Submitted: February 11, 2017



Chapter 1

On June 20th the sun was shining high in the sky at noon. I was at Splash Zone with my friends. It was the newest and best water park in all of Alberta. Suddenly, a woman started screaming about her daughter disappearing. But before I get into the story too much, let me explain how it all began.

My name is Kate. I’m that pretty, popular girl from “stereotype land”. Of course at 14 there’s not much to do but hang out with friends. So, let me introduce to you thing one and thing two (aka Matti and Luke). The “things” and I have been friends since kindergarten and always do everything together.

the And now just having graduated from grade 8, we were pumped and ready for summer. We had heard of the grand reopening of Splash Zone. Apparently, 10 years ago some weird stuff happened and they had to fix up whatever bad reputation they had gotten. It was all over the news. Commercial, after commercial, about new safety features and stuff that nobody cared about. Anyway, everyone else was going so naturally we had to go too. Let me get back to that lady screaming.

When that woman screamed Matti, Luke and I knew something was up.



Chapter 2

Kids don’t just disappear. Most of the time, their either ridiculously close or they were kidnapped. We had a suspicion that this was what made the park closed down 10 years ago.

Now everyone in the park had to be interviewed, no coming no going. And of course we were almost the last people to go. Our whole day had been ruined and we were determined to find out why. But first was had to deal with detectives Flubby and Dubby, play good cop bad cop with us.

“Our names are Sheriff Rodgers and Sheriff Max” Rodgers said.

“Hello,” I replied.

“Let’s cut to the chase. Do you know anything about what happened” Max asked, “cause we really need to know”?

“We didn’t even know that this place existed till last week,” Matti replied.

I don’t think Rodgers liked the way she said it because he snapped in her face, “we don’t need your attitude missy.”

“We don’t know anything. All we know is that some woman is missing her daughter,” Luke said.

“Why are we even still here?” I asked, getting a little annoyed.

“We’re still narrowing down our suspects,” Max said.

“You honestly think three 8th graders took a kid?” Luke asked.

“We haven’t found a motive yet,” Rodgers replied.

 Suddenly my phone rang, “It’s my mom, she’s wondering where we are.”

 “Fine you can go, but we’ll keep in touch,” Max said.

I answered my phone and my mom didn’t even give me time to say hi before she started ranting about how late I was. “Do you know what time it is?” she screamed.

 “Maybe,” I replied sarcastically.

“We are worried sick!” She yelled back.

“Ok, ok we are on our way back. I’ll explain everything later.” I muttered and hung up my phone.


Chapter 3

“….and then they started asking us questions and they actually thought we did it!” I finished.

“Ok, I guess you did have an excuse for being late,” Mom said. “You think? I don’t even know if they are going to let anyone back there tomorrow,” I replied.

“Well, I guess we just have to keep checking the news,” Mom concluded, “you’ve had a long day, I think you should go to bed.”

“Ok, can Matti and Luke come over tomorrow?” I asked. “Sure,” Mom replied.


The next day, the things came over.

“I definitely want to investigate.” Matti said. “Where do we start?” Luke asked. “We start with research; we can’t investigate if we don’t have a back story.” I added.

“I’ll go get my laptop.” Luke ended.

“And I’ll get mine,” Matti said with an excited look on her face.


Chapter 4

“It says here that four people mysteriously went missing at Splash Zone,” Luke read. “Police never found the responsible party, but found trap doors in some of the slides and sealed them off. After the incident, Splash Zone’s reputation was ruined. They convinced the government to give them another chance, but had to raise the money by themselves for the new security. After ten years, the company finally had enough money and voila! Today happened.”

“Wow,” Matti and I said together.

“Do you think that is what happened today?” Matti asked.

“I don’t know, why would the same person wait this long to strike again? Why not another park? ”I wondered.

“Maybe the person has a personal connection to the company, which would give them a perfect motive to try to bring the company’s reputation down,” Luke suggested.

“What were the four people’s names?” Matti asked.

“Johnny Mathews who was 10, Jessica Roberts who was 9, Sara and Julie Williams twins, who were 8.” I read off of the screen, over Luke’s shoulder.

“Did they have anything in common?” Matti asked.

“All, but Johnny Mathews, he seems completely random,” I replied.

“It also says here that they were returned to the police station after 3 months, unharmed,” Luke read.

“How old was she?” I wondered.

“8,” Luke answered.

“Ok…. Done” Matti added. It turns out she had been creating a chart of everything we had been saying.

“Wow” I said looking at the screen, everything was colour coded and organized into past and present.

” You’re good,” Luke added.


Chapter 5

The next day, the things had ended up sleeping over, so I woke up and Matti was typing away, in front of the morning news playing on the T.V. in my room. I looked at my clock,”7:00 on a Sunday morning! How long have you been up?” I asked her very groggily.

” Since 6, the news is extra-long this morning; I’ll recount later, now shhhhhhh!” Matti replied quite speedily. Suddenly Luke came through the door.

“Good Morning Everyone!” he said cheerfully. He is a big morning person. Just as he sat down the reporter ended the news.

“So what are you guys up to this fine morning?” Luke asked brightly.

“I have been up all morning typing and charting the news story for Splash Zone. Apparently, they were really busy after they released everyone.” Matti explained, “They went all CSI on the place but, still didn’t find anything.”


We sat there for a minute thinking of what to do next. “Ok,” I said slowly, “we could just sneak in like in the movies, but if we get caught, bad things will happen.”

“I know,” Matti finished, “we have to investigate.”

“Maybe the person reopened the trap doors under the slides from before or made new ones.” Luke jumped in, “let’s go to the park and look for clues.”


Chapter 6

Later that day we went to scope out the park. Without actually going in, we could still see in if we climbed the outside fence. We found a place that was concealed by a tree. Security came around the corner, speaking in a deep voice one of them said, “I heard the investigators found the girls bathing suit in the locker room and her backpack with the rest of her clothes gone from the change room.” Matti was sitting beside me scribbling everything that they said down on a note pad, “interesting,” I heard her say under her breath.

“Let’s go, looks like we need to dig deeper,” Matti said.



“Why didn’t we think of this before?” Matti almost screamed.

“Um, because any normal person would think that the CEO would’ve checked this himself?” Luke Replied.

We had looked him up on Facebook and turns out that the CEO of Splash Zone had a brother that has lived in and out of Canada. After the first time that the park got shut down, he had lived in the U.S. for 5 years then returned to Canada. But the weird thing was that he didn’t have any family that lived there and no job opportunities had come up either, so the question was why did he leave?


Chapter 7

We decided to go back to the park the next day and were surprised at what we heard. Sitting in the same spot as before, the CSI team now came around the corner, “the police said that after talking to all the employees, that that section of the locker room was supposed to be closed that day,” One guy said.

“Well that explains the ‘how’, now we just need the ‘why’ and the ‘where’,” Matti whispered.



“How do you propose that we continue?” Luke asked sounding a little defeated.

Matti suddenly brightened up, “Addison!” she almost yelled.

“Who is that?” Luke wondered.

“Addison,” I explained, “is one of Matti and mines best friend besides you. She is really good at computer hacking.”

“What are you waiting for? Call her over!” Luke screamed.

“Already on it,” Matti Said.


“Thanks Addison you’re the best!” Matti finished.

Addison was surprisingly ok with our idea. We were going to do some more intense snooping. Google is a magical thing.

15 minutes later, after catching her up on everything, Addison was pumped and ready to go, “What do you want me to look for first?” She asked, sitting down on my floor with us.

“Let’s try financial records first,” I decided, “we need to see if he bought anything out of the ordinary.”


She typed furiously for a few minutes flashing windows opened and then disappeared all over the screen, stopping, she said, “It looks here that he bought another house in Montana” She paused the continued in a sales person voice, “a comfy 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house with a huge back yard! Just joking, but he did buy a pretty bad apartment.”

“What a coincidence,” I said, looking at the record, “just big enough for 4 kids.”

“It says here that he also hired a state tutor that comes to the house!” Luke read amazed.

“So, even though he kidnapped them he still wants them to learn. Nice,” Matti said.

“I think I know why the kids came back unharmed,” I explained, “He didn’t take them to hurt them, he took them to make a point,”

“Make a point to whom though? The Public?” Addison asked.

“No I think it was directed to the CEO,” Matti Added, “maybe this was all about money.”

“That’s why he didn’t buy a bigger house!” Luke exclaimed.

“So at the time, Splash Zone was doing very well money wise. He probably needed money but the CEO didn’t give him any, despite the fact that CEO could have spared a lot.” I said.

“His brother acted out, kidnaping 4 kids. But the CEO is so stupid that he didn’t realize his brother did it.”

“He must have returned the kids after 3 months, probably because he gave up.” Addison said.

We sat there on my floor for a long time absorbing all we had figured out.

After a while, I spoke up, “What are we going to do now? We can’t just walk up to the police station and be like,’ oh hey we kind of did your job for you and don’t worry we weren’t snooping!’ it’s not going to work out.”

“We could send an anonymous note with all the info,” Matti suggested.

“I think that we should wait and see if the police do find anything more, they might solve it soon.” Luke said. 

 “Me too” Addison agreed.

“Me three” I piped.

“Count me in” Matti concluded.


Chapter 8

After another sleepover, snooping all morning and about 3 hours of being in my room, we came out and my mom almost gave us a heart attack by saying “Man, you guys were in there for a long time. What have you been up too?”

“Nothing!” We said suspiciously, as we walked out the front door.

“Where are you taking me?” Addison asked.

“To our secret spot of spying” I replied.

“We go here to get info,” Matti added.


“So you just sit here till someone walks by?” Addison questioned.

“Yup,” Luke replied “Most of the time its security or the police, you know, someone important and in on everything.”

“Quiet! Here come some more people!” Matti whispered.

Two police men came around the corner, “Chief says he caught the CEO’s brother sneaking around with the girl, apparently he was returning her.” One says.

The other one says, “So, that means that the investigation’s over?”

“Well we still don’t know how he did it,” the first one concluded just as they went out of ear shot.

We sat there fuming; the police were going to take credit for all of our work!

“We need to send and anonymous note with all of our findings in, we can’t let them take credit for the work they didn’t do,” I said, breaking the silence.

“Let’s go back to the house,” Luke said, “we have a letter to write.”


Chapter 9

We’re back at my house and once again on the floor in my room.

“Should it be formal or just a letter of info?” Addison wondered.

“I don’t know, just start typing,” I said.


The letter ended up being a very vague but formal letter explaining what we found. We planned on dropping it off at the police station in a mission impossible way.


“So are we going to dress in black and slip it under the door at night or what?” Luke asked.

“Yes I think it’s the best way,” I replied.

“But we also want to be very non chelate about it in case we get caught,” Matti added.

“Who would catch us?” Addison asked.

“Some people like to take walks at night,” Matti answered.

 Lots of sitting, sitting and more sitting, we finally had a plan. We were going to ride our bikes there and wait for about ten minutes to make sure the coast was clear, slip the letter under the door and then ‘non-chelately’ walk our bikes about a block then ride home. Everyone will then sleep at my house one more time and in the morning watch the news on our phones streaming four different news channels, at the same time. But right now it was only 3:30pm we had six and a half hours till our plan is initiated.

“What do you want to do while we wait?” Luke asked.

“I have a classic Nintendo console in my closet with Mario , we could hook it up and try it out,” I said.

“Sweet! Let’s do it!” Addison exclaimed.


Chapter 10

“I can’t believe we beat the game! I’ve never done it before!” I screamed. We had been playing for about 5 and 1/2 hours and were having lots of fun.

“Ok we have now successfully killed some time, I say we prepare now,” Matti said.

“How?” Luke asked.

“Well, we will be doing this in the dark so we will need to track down some flash lights, we will also need a backpack or two to carry things in,” Matti finished.

“I have my backpack from last year under my bed and there are some emergency flash lights in a drawer downstairs,” I said, “you guys fish out the bag and I will go look for the flashlights.”

I ran down the stairs to the kitchen, mom was making lunch, “hey mom, do you know where the flashlights are?” I asked.

“I think they’re in a bin in the nook under the stairs,” Mom answered.

I opened the door to the nook, “Can you help? It’s such a mess in here!” I called.

“They’re right in front,” she hollered back.

“Oh” I said, showing her a silly smile, “I knew that. Thanks!”


Twenty minutes later, we had all of our stuff ready to go, “let’s head out!” I said.

“I hope we don’t get caught,” Addison said.

“Me too,” Luke added.

“We have to be quiet, my mom doesn’t know,” I whispered.

We made it to the garage and hopped on our bikes. “How far is it to the police station?” Matti asked.

“About ten minutes,” I answered.


We finally rolled around the back of the building.we all turned on our flashlights and Matti pulled out the letter, “Showtime,” Addison whispered.

“ok, Luke you sneak around front and see if anyone is still there, Matti when Luke gives the signal, you slide the letter under the door, the me and Addison will be lighting your way ready to book it in case someone comes.” I pronounced. Just before Luke was going to go around the corner, the door opened.


Chapter 11

Luckily it was just the janitor and he was listening to music. Luke slowly crept around the corner and gave the ‘ok’ signal. Matti slowly went to the door and slipped the letter under.

“Let’s get out of here!” Addison said.

We rode back to my house as fast as we could and stealthily went back to my room. “Good job everyone, now off we go to bed cause we have to be up at 6 to catch the news.” I said. “I guess I’m off to the hallway,” Luke added, “night everyone!”


In the morning, Luke comes in again, “hey friends!” he says.

“Hey. I have the T.V. Matti has her tablet and Addison has her IPod. Do you have anything?” I asked.

“No I left it at home.” He admitted.

“That’s fine you can use mine,” I said handing him my IPod, “everyone tune into different news channel websites’ live feed: Matti channel 4, Luke channel 6, Addison channel 10 and I’m on channel 20. Everyone have ear buds?” I finished.

 “Check,” they all said together.

“Begin!” I concluded.


Chapter 12

I had no luck, neither did Luke and Addison didn’t either. But, after about ten minutes, Matti came up with something, “Come over it’s the breaking news story!” she screamed.

“This morning the Splash Zone case was closed. Police arrested Thomas Higgins, he was caught with the missing child at 8pm last night. The janitor opened the station at 5am this morning. He found an anonymous note; it had all the detailed information for the investigation that the police had not yet discovered. They thank the anonymous party and ask them to come forth; no trouble will come of it.”

“Wow” Addison exclaimed.

We sat there not sure what to do next. “Should we go?” Luke asked breaking the silence.

“I think we should come clean to my mom first, then ask her.” I suggested.

“Good idea,” Matti finished.


“… that’s what we have been doing.” I concluded. We just told my mom everything we knew.

“You’re not in trouble but I want to know,” She started, “why?”

“Partly because we were bored I guess,” I said, “and we know that the police take forever to do anything and we wanted to help.”

“Ok that makes sense. I saw the news this morning and I think you guys should go. I’ll go with you, let’s do it!” she said.


Chapter 13

“Why am I not surprise that it was you?” Detective Flubby ask sarcastically.

We are sitting in the creepy metal room that we were interviewed in.

“What are you going to do next?” Matti asked with attitude.

“We did promise no trouble and you did help with the investigation, so we have no choice but to publicly award you.” Detective Dubby said sadly.

“Sweet!” Luke exclaimed.

“So when are these ‘awards’ going to happen?” I asked.

“Saturday evening at Town Hall.” Detective Flubby said.

“You can go now,” Detective Dubby finished.


Chapter 14

We’re at the award ceremony. At Town hall, in the rec room, they set up a make shift stage with lots of chairs. We are sitting at the front beside the chief and the mayor. “There are a lot of people here!” Addison whispered quietly.

The mayor stood up and said “Thank you all for coming to this ceremony of appreciation of these four individuals. They have uncovered evidence that the police had not yet discovered. They have made it so that we can again enjoy our beloved water park Splash Zone. We now present them with the Honorary Heroism award.”

Applause broke out and we couldn’t help but smile.



The day after the ceremony they re-reopened Splash Zone, and of course we went, even my mom came. It was a huge day of fun.  Once school started up again, Luke realized that he liked Addison and they started dating.

Matti and I beat Mario again 3 times over.

And we all lived Sappily Ever After.



© Copyright 2018 Raebird. All rights reserved.

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