Knome: The Forbidden Zone

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Chapter 29 (v.1) - Chapter Twenty-Eight

Submitted: March 27, 2017

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Submitted: March 27, 2017




Chapter Twenty-Eight


Somewhere in Tannis

News about the disappearance of Prince Wilhelm began to leak to the general population.  The demand for more information was growing.  The Senate was already calling for hearings in to the circumstances leading to the disappearance of the King’s heir.  A narrative was permeating among those of the opposition in the Senate, blaming the incompetence of the King’s Administration for the Prince’s disappearance. All of this was causing intense pressure among the King’s officials.  Meeting after meeting produced only nuggets of information, each although revealing a piece of the puzzle, none revealing the location of the King’s son.

Kenton waited for Jak’s full attention. Having just returned from a Security briefing at the Palace, Jak was preoccupied regarding the conundrum he and his agency were under.  Although they did not have the answer, they knew more than they were telling.  He wondered how long it could go on. He tried to clear his mind as Kenton stood waiting. 

“What do you have?”  Jak asked.

“Sir, there was an incident on the Corbellis.”

“What Incident?” Jak asked as he sat up in his chair.

Kenton paused.  “An Incident involving our shuttle.”

Jak held his head down, muttering something Kenton did not understand.

“Go on, tell me.” Jak replied.

“According to the Incident Report filed by the Corbellis Security Office, the shuttle Volton’s systems were powered up while in hibernation, a violation of the ship's Policy.  The crew of the Volton were alerted, and Security accompanied the crew to the ship, to oversee a shutdown of all systems.  

Jak sighed, laying his head on his hands.

“However, sir,” Kenton continued, “after the jump, the Voltons systems were discovered to be powered up again.  This time, Corbellis security went to arrest the crew and a confrontation ensued.  Corbellis security claims they were fired upon.  They say the ship escaped causing a great amount of damage to the bay.”

“Great,” Jak blurted out.

“Their Report lists the undercover names of the crew men,” Kenton added.

“Kenton, can this get any worse,” Jak asked.

“I’m afraid so, sir. The King’s office, has, this report and the manifest from the Corbellis. They're going through it as we speak.

Jak sighed again. “What’s your analysis of this,”

“Two things sir, if Wilhelm boarded the Volton, then he did so without the crew’s knowledge. I believe if they had known, they would have aborted the mission, they would not, have risked the life of the King’s son.  Second, if he boarded without the crew’s knowledge, then, that would explain the two incidents of the ship’s life support systems powering on. Someone did that.”

Jak again, sat up, “You think he remained on the shuttle during a hyper jump, that’s impossible, he would be…” Jak stopped short of finishing his sentence. “My God.”

“Sir, there were two incidents of the Shuttle’s powering up, one, before the Corbellis departed, and one, sometime after the Corbellis’ Security team monitored the ship’s power down.  So, that could have been soon after the power down or just before the jump.”

“But either way, Kenton, he could not have survived a hyperjump unprotected, could he?” Jak asked unsure, hoping.”

“I don’t know, but the crew left, still not knowing that Wilhelm was onboard, if he was, onboard.”

“We have to find out if he was onboard, and soon,” Jak stated.

“We’re looping alerts to them sir, but no response, not yet.”

There was a long silence as, both men, wrestled inwardly over a solution.

“Kenton,” Jak stood up, “Do you think we should lay it all open, reveal it all,”

“I don’t know,”

“If we did, then we could marshal all our resources, send a task force, confer with Knomen officials, we’ll have options.  Right now, we have nothing, and Wilhelm could be…”  Again, Jak could not finish his sentence.

“I think I agree with you sir.” Kenton, added still unsure.  He knew that revealing what they knew about Wilhelm’s disappearance, would have grave consequences for them both.”

“Wilhelm could be dead, lying somewhere in that shuttle. We have to do something!”

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