Knome: The Forbidden Zone

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 31 (v.1) - Chapter Thirty

Submitted: March 30, 2017

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Submitted: March 30, 2017



UKAV Sorgon (Galalian Passage) 


On its maiden voyage through the Galalian Passage, the UKAV Sorgon, with its elite crew, were engaged in maneuvers to evaluate Akadia’s prototype Raider-Class Battlecruiser.  The Sorgon was the Akadian military’s first battlecruiser in a decade, and its first in a new class of Cruisers.  Heavily armed and armored, the Sorgon was equipped with the latest in technological advancements.  Its crew was made up of the best officers and crewmen from the Akadian Fleet. A dozen support ships hovered about the massive cruiser, monitoring and evaluating the various systems on the battlecruiser.

Admiral Malak Hubris, Akadia’s famed military genius, had come out of retirement to command the Sorgon’s maiden mission.  He was old, leathery and tanned, but, he was alert and deliberately fierce in his thinking and manners. He commanded respect and admiration without any appearance of haughtiness or egotism. Tall and chiseled, even at his age, he was the model of a military leader.

Admiral Hubris had gathered his command staff to the Sorgon’s principal war room for an unscheduled briefing.The Admiral was seated at the head of the conference table and standing to his right was his S.I.C (second-in-command), Commander Luffa Wade who had originally been given command of the Sorgon, but was demoted in deference to Admiral Hubris.

“Gentlemen, our mission has been preempted,” Commander Wade began. He paused allowing the restrained rumble of conversation in the room to rise and fall as all eyes darted to Admiral Hubris’ unreadable stalwart face.

“It seems,” Commander Wade continued, “that the Sorgon is the closest battleship we have nearest the planet Knome.  We are ordered to proceed there, immediately, battle ready,” Commander Wade stressed, which, elicited concerned looks from most in the room, which Commander Wade noticed.

“Now, this is the Sorgon’s maiden voyage, its Eval mission.  But no one in this room is inexperienced, you are all harden, combat experienced officers and the crew under your command are likewise very experienced.  The Sorgon’s new course has been set and we have twelve standard hours to get this ship battle ready. Do you understand the task before you gentlemen?”

There was a collective ‘Yes sir,” in response to Commander Wade’s question, “Make it happen, gentlemen,” he continued.  No one rose as Commander Wade turned toward Admiral Hubris.

“Anything else sir, Wade asked.

Admiral Hubris rose from his chair, prompting everyone in the room to rise.

“Ready three scouts, commander,” Admiral Hubris replied as he tapped one boney finger against his temple, “I will give you the coordinates shortly, that will be all,” He said as he left the room.

“Dismiss, gentlemen,” Wade directed to the conference room occupants. 

Wade paused while everyone exited the room.  He had been very resentful about losing his commission, but now, with the prospect of combat in the Sorgon's immediate future and with a crew, untested as a unit, Wade felt a sense of calm knowing that Admiral Hubris, his idol, was at the helm. Leaving the conference room, he walked through the glass doorway into the war room's adjacent control center.


Maessa (Knome)

Maessa State Port


A procession of vehicles and a massive entourage of security personnel escorted Yuri, Mura and Korah, to the family's private airfield at Maessa State Port.  Yuri, Mura and Korah exited their vehicle and were directed under a heavy security presence to the Kata Minn, the State Executive shuttle.  As they entered the hangar that housed the Kata Minn, they were greeted by a number of officials and Ministers set to accompany the Yemen’s to the Myan Delegation reception at Thaingor Military Base.  Present among the throng waiting to board the Kata Minn, the Myan Ambassador flanked by his envoys stepped up and greeted Yuri with a handshake.

“I am told you wished to meet with me,” Etian stated still shaking Yuri’s hand.

“Yes, please, would you enter with me,” Yuri asked gesturing toward the shuttle’s entry ramp.

“Yes, thank you,” Etian replied as Yuri led him into the shuttle.

The two men quietly walked through the shuttle toward the rear to Yuri’s private room.  With every step, however, Yuri’s anger rose as he remembered the devastation to Thaingor forest and as he considered the reports of massacre to Udin’s population and, with every other step he tried hard to calm himself, to temper his rage.  Once in his private quarters he quickly closed the door.

“Mr. Ambassador, what the hells is going on,” Yuri almost screamed.

Etian was taken aback by Yuri’s uncharacteristic manner.  He stiffened as he absorbed the sting of Yuri’s emotion.  He didn’t answer immediately but paused, trying to still his own emotions and to consider a response. He had an idea what Yuri may have been referring to and it distressed him.  He had not authorized the offensive at Thaingor forest.

“If I knew what you were referring to, I might be able to formulate a response,” Etian replied as calmly as he could.

“I'm getting reports Mr. Ambassador, that your task force has massacred my people,” Yuri screamed without restraint.

Again, Etian was shocked by Yuri's uncontrolled reply and he didn’t appreciate being yelled at. But he took a deep breath, trying to focus on Yuri’s words and not on his emotions.  Still he felt like storming out of the room.

“I don’t know what you mean,” Etian lied, “what massacre.”

“The task force that you offered me, to assist us in tracking down some unknowns, has practically wiped out the village of Udin, men, women and children.”

Etian paused, he had not known the full extent of the task's force operation nor had he any control over their tactics once enacted.  When he learned of the extent to which the task force had ventured, he was just as upset as Yuri appeared to be. 

“Believe me, I am unaware of the incident that you are referring to.”

“Mr. Ambassador, I want you to recall your task force immediately, and I want to know who exactly initiated the attack on Udin, do you understand."

Etian started to speak but was interrupted.

I authorized a recovery and assessment team to the area and I don't want them molested by the remnants of any forces you still have stationed in the area.

Again, Etian started to speak but was again interrupted.

 I will take this up with your superiors."

“I will look into this for you,” Etian offered after hesitating for a moment.

Yuri approached Etian drawing so close to him that he sensed his uncomfortableness.

“Mr. Ambassador, I don’t want you to look into it, I want you to make it happen.”

Etian was finished with Yuri’s antics, and he quickly turned to leave without a word.  Yuri grabbed his arm almost spinning him around.

“Make it happen,” Yuri repeated.

Etian nodded reluctantly, opened the door and paused momentarily when he saw Mura and Korah standing just outside of the doorway.  Mura and Korah quickly looked down to avoid eye contact with the ambassador, who rushed past them and escaped down the shuttle's hallway.


Mount Thaingor (Knome)
The clank and grinding of gears jarred Teric from his unexpected slumber.  Jason and Kore were also awakened from the unbearable noise and vibrations from the gate as it began to open.  Teric was already on his feet assisting Jason and then Kore to stand.  They walked and climbed between the beams reaching a maintenance deck which they climb onto and off of the retreating gate. 
As the gateway opened completely, several transport ships began to descend to the base deck below.  From their vantage point Teric, Jason and Kore watched while black cladded troops began to disembark from the three transport ships.  The interior of the base was a technological marvel. It was large enough to house a troop division with enough deck space to accommodate a strike group.  Teric, Jason and Kore watched as additional ships descended unloading more and more troops. 
“There is no way this place was constructed by the Knomen’s alone,” Kore proclaimed.
“I’m going to agree with you on that,” Jason replied.
“These troops are not Knomen,” Teric stated as he turned monitoring the maintenance deck.
“Do you have the mag viewers,” Kore asked.
Teric took the viewer from its case hanging from his side and handed them to Kore.  Kore focused the viewers on the troops below as they began to assemble in an unrecognized formation.  The troops wore a tint shielded helmet which hid there faces, but as an officer emerged from one of the transport ship, Kore focused on the officer’s face.
“They’re Myans,” Kore said as he glanced at Teric. He went back to observing the movement of troops, noting their garb, the ships and the structure of the base itself.  Several levels up he noted the base’s observation and command center.  Dozens of officers occupied the center busily carrying out their duties.
“They’re preparing for something,” Jason added as he looked around.  He stuck out his hand toward Kore, gesturing for the mag viewers.  Kore handed them to Jason. 
As they continued to survey the base, another series of three transport ships descended, unloading their cargo of troops.
Anya stood in her robe, her hair dripping water as she peered down at the beautiful silky blue colored dress laid out on her bed.  It was beautiful, what there was of it, a cowl neck with thin adjustable straps. She felt embarrassed to wear such a dress in public, and, she was a bit surprised that her father would choose such a dress for her to wear. But she knew why he wanted her to wear it.  Any man would surrender to the woman with that dress hanging from her frame.  Anya dried her hair, disrobed, and lifted the dress, noticing how light and thin it was.  She considered not wearing it at all. But in the end, she decided that it was the perfect dress for making a statement.  Anya slipped into the soft thin dress, loving how it felt against her skin.  As she adjusted the dress, she observed her reflection, and was shocked. The graceful lines of her petite body, seemed to transfer right through the fabric of the dress.  Although she absolutely loved the way it felt and looked on her, she didn’t want anyone else to see her in it.  And then she changed her mind, and she wished Wilhelm could see her in it. She fingered the delicate silk fabric as it glistened under the dimmed light from her room, imagining Wilhelm’s hands caressing her waist.  She had never worn a dress that revealed so much of her, she pulled up on the low-neck line of the dress, trying to cover her exposed chest.  No jewelry was needed with this dress, she, was the jewel.  She sat in front of a mirror and put up her hair.  Her eyes watered, giving her trouble, as she tried to enhance her facial features.  She wanted Wilhelm to see her, she wanted to see him melt for her.  She closed her eyes imagining Wilhelm's lips against hers, forcing her mouth to open as he drank from her lips.  She touched her fingers to her lips trying desperately to simulate what she desired. She enclosed her lips over her finger, gently pulling her finger into her opened mouth.  But it wasn’t enough. She moaned, trembling in her desire for Wilhelm.
“I love you Wilhelm,” she cried as she wiped her tears and stood to review her final preparations.  She wrapped her arms around her waist and looking down she tried to compose herself, drawing in a deep breath.
She reached for her satchel, retrieving the Sakat and the Ikonep bottle.  She pulled the blade from its sheath and taking the bottle she sat again before her mirror.  She bent the handle revealing a small hole.  She laid the blade on her desk and uncapped the bottle.  With one hand she lifted the blade and tilting the bottle she poured, watching the deadly liquid slide through the hole on the blade.  She stopped pouring when the liquid overflowed over the blade.  Using a towel, she wiped the excess and tossed the towel out of sight.  She then placed the cap back onto the bottle and snapped the Sakat back into place. Anya took a deep breath observing the Sakat through the mirror.  She sat mustering up her courage while suppressing the last spark of hope inside of her.  She ran her finger along the blade avoiding the sharp edge.  Grasping the blade with both hands she turned the tip of the blade toward her chest.  Her tears began to flow as her lips began to quiver.  The blade began to shake and she tried to still her hands but was unable.  She felt herself losing her nerve, so she inched the blade closer.  A small drop of the poison fell from the tip of the blade and onto her chest, but she didn’t notice as the drop descended between her breasts.
Anya closed her eyes and took a deep breath and held it as she pushed the tip of the blade into her chest. The blade was so sharp that she hadn’t even notice that the tip of the blade slipped into her chest drawing a stream of blood as it mixed with the cloudy liquid from the blade.  Anya kept pushing until she felt a sharp pain in her chest.  She quickly opened her eyes and was shock how deeply she had inserted the blade.  She pulled out the tip, crying in pain and she threw down the blade.  She sat there shocked, watching the blood oozing from her chest, staining that beautiful dress.  She had done it.  There was no turning back now.  Anya stood and walked over to her bed and drawing away the sheets she laid down as the blood poured from her chest onto the bed.  She closed her eyes as her tears escaped through them.
Wilhelm knew the face but he had never met the man.  He had seen him accompanying Anya from time to time. He debated whether he should reveal himself, but he feared the reaction of the guard.
“The Lady Anya has requested a priest,” the guard replied.
Yutiro was skeptical, he knew Anya was not very religious and that for the most part she avoided anything having to do with religion. Besides if she had any interest, it would be among the KauKau’s.  Yutiro stood in front of the priest observing him closely.
“Very well, keep a close eye on him,” Yutiro directed to the guard.
“I will, sir,” the guard replied.
Yutiro stepped to one side as the guard and Wilhelm walked past.  Yutiro continued to observe them until they were out of sight.
As they continued to walk, turning left, and then turning right, taking stairs to the next floor, Wilhelm had no idea where he was being led, his excitement, was building, as he traveled deeper into the palace.  Suddenly he bumped into the guard.  The guard had stopped in front of a beautifully decorated entryway with double doors.  Wilhelm held his breath as the guard reached out and pressed a button on the threshold.  Wilhelm heard nothing, but, he imagined Anya rising at the sound, and walking over to the door.  But no one came.  The guard reached out a second time and pressed the button. They waited, and waited, for what seemed like forever to Wilhelm.  He was finally here, on her planet, in her home, at her door, and, would he miss her?  He thought about all he went through to get here, the pain he still felt from the burns, the broken ribs, hyper sickness.  Wilhelm wanted to bang on the door.  When the guard turned toward him, Wilhelm immediately took out his pad and wrote: PLEASE TRY AGAIN.
For the third time, the exasperated guard reached out and pressed the button once more, and they waited. Wilhelm began to hyperventilate, moaning as he did.  In response to the Priest's reaction, the guard reached down and placed his hand on his weapon.  Just then, the door of Anya’s room cracked open.
Wilhelm held his breath as the door opened, but from his vantage point he could not see who opened the door.  The guard removed his hand from the vicinity of his weapon and stood at attention.  The door open just enough for the person inside to see outside while not being seen by those at the entryway.
“My lady, so sorry to disturb you,” the guard said apologetically, “I have this visitor who says that you requested his presence.  There was silence for a moment as the guard waited for a response.
Wilhelm could not hear the reply, but whatever she said it prompted the guard to repeat his statement.
“I have this visitor who says that you requested his presence,” he repeated.
Wilhelm could see the door open wider and the most beautiful face he had ever seen, protruded out and turned to look at him.  Wilhelm nearly fainted on seeing her.  His eyes began to flood over, blurring his sight.
“I think your mistaken,” Anya replied stuttering.  In her words Wilhelm sensed that something was wrong.  She barely got out the words and she sounded so weak.  Wilhelm stepped up out of concern causing the guard to push him back.
“Sorry to disturb you, my lady,” the guard said while grabbing onto Wilhelm as he again tried to step up.  The door started to close.  Wilhelm pulled out his pad and chalk and wrote: GIVE HER THE RING.
The guard began to search his person for the ring that was removed from the Priest's finger.  Wilhelm watch nervously until the guard found it.
“My lady, I’m sorry, I was told to give this to you.”
There was silence for a longer period of time and then the door opened wider as a weakened Anya, stepped out covered in a sheet, nearly stumbling over it.
“Where did you get this,” Anya insisted, “Where did you get this?
Wilhelm erased the text on his pad, glancing at the guard, then he wrote: ANYA, LET ME IN.  He showed it only to her.
Anya took Wilhelm’s arm and pulled him, but she was not strong enough to budge him.
“Thank you,” she said dismissively to the guard.  The guard promptly left.
“Come,” Anya asked her eyes wide and wild.
Wilhelm walked in the door.  Anya immediately closed the door engaging the lock.
She held up the ring.  “Where did you get it,”
Wilhelm began to take off the robe, he threw it to one side.  His eyes were full of tears as he looked into the face he thought he would never see again.  Anya nearly fell to the ground, but Wilhelm caught her, his arm holding her up.
“Wilhelm, Wilhelm, Wilhelm…
His name in her voice was too much for him, he held her close and when he felt her standing under her own power, he took his hands and caressed her face, finding her lips, he kissed her deeply. Anya returned his kiss, calling out his name, muffled by their kisses. Wilhelm held her waist, pulling her into him, kissing her, tasting her tears.  Then, suddenly, she went limp.  Wilhelm held her as she completely lost consciousness.  He picked her up in the sheet and carried her to her bed.  That’s when he saw the blood on her bed.  He laid her on the bed, noticing her bloody dress.  He saw the puncture wound in her chest that was still oozing blood.  He walked over to her vanity desk to look for a towel.  Finding one he started to go back to her but then, he noticed the dagger with its tip covered in blood.
“Oh Anya, what have you done.”


© Copyright 2020 James Washington. All rights reserved.


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