Knome: The Forbidden Zone

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Chapter 39 (v.1) - Chapter Thirty-Eight

Submitted: April 27, 2017

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Submitted: April 27, 2017



Chapter Thirty-Eight


Pogo’s Ranch (Knome)


Not long after he laid down, Wilhelm quickly fell asleep.  It had been a long and exhausting day, and he felt sick, after devouring a steaming bowl of ja-racks, and downing a cup of an alcoholic drink stronger than anything he had ever drank before.  He was happy though, to stretch out on a soft cot, instead of a bed of sand.

Teric, Jasen, Kore, Pogo and Dru had remained in the common room finishing off one of Pogo’s bottles.  Pogo had lit some candles for light.  Dru was sprawled out on the floor, almost asleep himself.

“How long have you lived out here,” Kore asked Pogo.

“About twenty years, I hated the crowded cities.  My wife, followed me out hear when this opportunity came up. We had Dru, but she couldn’t take living out here anymore, so she went back to the city.” Pogo took a long drink to drown out his rising emotions.

“So, it’s just you and your son,” Kore asked, looking at Pago’s sleeping son.”

“Just us two, and we've been making it work.”

“How do you deal with the Gaia Cloud? Surely, you don’t remain on the surface?” Kore asked.

Pogo pounded hard on the floor with his boot, almost waking up Dru.  “We have a shelter below, we hibernate there for about three months.”

“What about your ja-raks,” Jasen asked.

“Sometime before Gaia, those Surface Riders come here and they round up the remaining ja-rarks, they have a place for them. We suspend the embryos for the next season.” Pogo sat down his empty cup and rubbed his hands together. “So, I still don’t know, who you are? And what brought you here?”

Teric, Jasen and Kore, glanced at each other.

“As Teric told you,” Jasen spoke up, “we are from Akadia. Our shuttle crashed, and we’re looking for a way to get back home.”

“Pogo looked over the faces of the three and smiled.  “You must think that I am some backward uneducated dope.”  Pogo laughed.  “It’s evident to me that you guys are soldiers or military, your armed, and you have a killing machine with you,” Pogo pointed to Teric.  “And you seemed very interested in that man who turned up here some time ago.  Was he a comrade?" 

“Yes, he was one of us,” Jasen admitted after a long silence.

“After we nursed him back to health, he told us about his mission.  We told him about the strange things that we’ve been witnessing.”  Pogo said, sitting on the edge of his seat.

“What things,” Teric asked.

“Surface Riders carrying weapons.  In all my years out here, I’ve never seen one of them with a weapon, there was no need.  Now there are many more of them and they’re armed, and at times they try to intimidate us.  And we’ve seen aircrafts speeding across the sky faster than lightening.  Something’s going on, but I don’t know what. But, I guess that is what your comrade was trying to discover.”

Jasen looked at Teric, his eyebrows rose.

“Pogo, the man you helped, was on a mission, he was investigating some of the things you’re speaking about.  We believe he was killed, after transmitting a report back to our intelligence agency. We were sent here to retrieve him,” Kore explained.

“Well gentlemen I’m willing to help out as much as I can,” Pogo offered.

“We appreciate, your letting Wilhelm stay here, it’s a huge weight off of us,” Teric added.

“He didn’t seem to want to stay,” Pogo offered looking around for a reaction.

“No, but it is for his own good, that he must stay here,” Jasen replied.

“He is an important man, his life must not be risked,” Kore added, then noticing the disapproving look on Jasen’s face.  “I mean to say, he can’t join us, it is too risky,”

“OK, sure, He is welcomed to stay here with me and Dru.” Pogo noticed the different accent in Kore’s voice.  “You’re not Akadian?

“No, I am not, Kore answered quickly.  “I am Nuemidian.”

“Nue… What?” Pogo asked.

“Are you uneducated, I am from the planet Nuemidia,” an astonished Kore replied.

“Well, there are so many planets and civilizations in Moorbia, can’t know them all,” Pogo said, ignoring Kore’s slight.

“Nuemidia is the first civilization, all others descend from it,” Kore added truly appalled by Pogo's lack of basic history.

“If you say so, I can’t challenge you on that, I’m no scholar,” Pogo added throwing up his hands.

“You can’t challenge what is true,” Kore replied ready to give a needed history lesson to this ignorant man.

Jasen and Teric, glanced at each other and just sat back.

“Aspects of Nuemidian culture, language, practices can be seen in every civilization.  The word moorbia is derived from the name of the first Nuemidian King.  It was he, who seeded the planets, with life.” Kore was now lost in the glory of his culture.

Pogo, was amused and smiled widely while Kore spoke.

“This planet, the planets of Akadia, and every planet in all of Moorbia, owes its development to Nuemidian culture.” Kore continued.

“For what purpose?”  Jasen threw out the question, baiting Kore.

Kore, took the bait, “For what purpose? Dominion.  As the saying goes, “HE SOWED SEED AMONG THE STARS AND PREPARED HIS PEOPLE FOR THE DESTINY TO COME.” Dominion is the Destiny of all of Moorbia.

Pogo was now lost, but he continued to find amusement in Kore’s animated delivery.

“So, is it the destiny for the Nuemidian people to dominate, to rule Moorbia?” Jasen asked continuing to bait Kore.

“In an unbalanced state, that, will never happen. It is what I tried to explain to you earlier. Dominion, will not come until KyDune is reached. All past attempts for Dominion were unsuccessful because the prophet had not appeared.  Once he appeared, and his words were written and collected.  KyDune becomes possible.

“And the Guardians?” Jasen asked.

“It was hoped that the Guardians would be the fulfillment of KyDune, but it was not to be,” Kore admitted dejectedly. 

Pogo shook his head, “I am lost, I don’t mind telling you."

“The Guardians, If I may,” Jason asked Kore, for the chance to explain.  Kore, gestured his approval. " The Guardians tried to fulfil KyDune, but they, became the opposite of what they sought, they became corrupt.”

“I’m still lost, what is KyDune,” Pogo asked.

“It is hard to describe," Kore admitted, "it is the final condition, Disciplined, if I may, for lack of a better word. A step beyond self-mastery.”

“I read the Books of KyDune,” Teric spoke up.

“You have,” Kore replied surprised.

“Yes, in my studies of fighting styles, I researched the techniques of dojojaru. That led me to its creator Jakob Jaru, he was a Guardian, I believe. Anyway, I didn’t understand many of his references, which led me to the seven books.  I read them all, not from the viewpoint of a devotee, mind you, but, as a reference, for Jakob’s dojojaru manual. But, I read them all.

“I’m impressed,” Kore added,

“I am too,” Jasen replied.

“Why didn’t you say?” Kore asked, now very much interested, in Teric and his opinions.

“Was there a need?" Teric asked, "Jakob Jaru speaks of ‘The quiet Man,”

“Yes, I know this,” Kore replied, excited to have someone with which he could debate.

“The Quiet Man, does not divulge what he knows, for it can be used against him. His words, are a roadmap to his defeat, I guess I agree somewhat with that.” Teric added reflectively.  “However, I don’t think KyDune is possible,” He admitted.

“On what basis do you come to that conclusion, “Kore asked, ready to debate him.

“Well, you, Nuemidians, believe that Jakob was the first to reach KyDune, but, from what I read, and I’m no scholar by any means, but, it seems to me that his, was the first divergent path away from KyDune. Dojojaru, for example, it’s a style rooted in ruthless deception, that seems divergent from the principals touted in the seven books. How could one be disciplined, with such thoughts?"

Kore was surprised and very impressed with Teric, his statement was the subject of internal debate among Nuemidian scholars, most non-scholarly Nuemidians fail to even see the subtleties, that Teric just explained.

“You truly amaze me,” Kore, was at a loss for words.

Pogo took advantage of the momentary silence, he clapped his hands and reached for the second bottle on the floor, he held it up as an offer.

“No, I think we’ve had enough, we have to be up before dawn,” Jasen replied to Pogo’s offer.

“OK, I will make sure Dru prepares three ja-raks for you in the morning,” Pogo said as he sat the bottle back on the floor.


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