Knome: The Forbidden Zone

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 4 (v.2) - Chapter Three

Submitted: February 17, 2017

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Submitted: February 17, 2017



Tannis (Kessel)

Royal Executive Offices (Fortune)


In the Royal Security Council's reception hall, Director Jak Timson and his Section Chief Kenton Sedi waited to be called before the Counsel for the Knomen briefing. Kenton used the time to go over his notes, mouthing various phrases to himself while Jak sat motionless with his eyes closed. Jak had held the post of Director longer than any other person under the ruling House of Antilla.  A Hamlin graduate, he won the King’s ring and served as an Intern on the King’s Council.  He distinguished himself, even among the permanent members during the last year of King Wilhelm II’s reign.  When the current Monarch began his reign, Jak was made a permanent advisor on the King’s council, the youngest permanent member.  After the Senate Rebellion, the AIA Director, Morad Daius, was dismissed under a cloud of suspicion of collusion with the Senate Rebellion conspirators. Jak was appointed to the position and has held the post ever since. It was a thankless job, one that received little praise for its successes and all the blame for its failures.  Jak had survived many close calls in his many years as Director. It may have been the sheer weight of his presence that garnered fear and respect. Or maybe it was because Jak, was a true believer, a patriot.

Kenton admired Jak, but he did not share his benefactor’s patriotism, he was loyal and to a fault, but he had a different point of view fed by a life of disadvantages. Patriotism, he believed was less about loyalty to the nation, it was more about loyalty to a House or to a party, to a cause, or even to an individual. Loyalty to the King was not necessarily loyalty to the nation and Kenton could see the distinction even if his fellow colleagues could not.

The Royal Security Council’s chairman, Lord Havik Poul, entered the reception hall greeting Jak as if he was a long-lost friend, and giving only a cursory acknowledgement to Kenton.  Lord Poul was as tall as Jak and half his weight, he was very regal in appearance and very direct in his manners. He carried himself like he was the most intelligent person in the room, which may have been true as the holder of three Cordova Seals. Lord Poul was as a member of one of Kessel’s elite families. The Pouls, the Highlords, the Masoris, and the Wincelus’ were among the first families to settle on Kessel after the Antillas, who were the largest landowners on the planet.  

Lord Poul gestured for Jak and Kenton to follow him.  Arriving at one of the RSC briefing rooms, he opened the door, letting them enter first.

“Please, take a seat.” He gestured.

The room was large with dozens of chairs arranged closely against every wall.  A long table was a center piece of the room with about fifteen chairs around it.  Kenton chose a chair at the center as Jak claimed the one next to him.  Lord Poul walked around the table and chose a chair opposite Jak’s.  Kenton placed his material on the table as Jak and Lord Poul engaged in some small talk. Lord Poul’s scribe entered the room, closed the door, and took a seat across the conference table from Kenton.  A notable silence prompted Lord Poul to gesture toward Jak to begin.  Kenton glanced at Jak for direction and receiving none, he started to stand but was prevented from doing so by Jak.

“Should we wait for the others before we begin?” Jak asked.

“We met briefly and discussed your dossier and the council tasked me to meet with you.”

“My request was for the full council.” Jak insisted.  “This matter requires a full hearing.”

“We discussed that Jak, however at this moment we just could not convene the full council, believe me I will relay your concerns to the council as soon as we are able to convene. Shall we begin.” Lord Poul offered.

“How long before the full council could convene?” Jak asked.

A subtle smile cracked Poul’s thin lips. “Jak, I’m all you got for now and the clock is ticking, shall we?” He gestured towards Kenton.

A long silence ensued as Jak and Lord Poul seemed to stare down each other.  Kenton sensed that there was some history between these two men, and, there was. Both men had attended Hamlin, and Havik, who had been the top student during his years at Hamlin, had in the final weeks, lost the King’s Ring to Jak. They had been rivals ever since.  While Jak served on the King’s council, Havik took an academic path acquiring three Cordova seals, an achievement obtained by fewer than a dozen persons in the school’s history. Although they were rivals, they admired each other and shared an ideological viewpoint. Jak later recommended Havik for a position on the King’s Council which was offered to him several years later.  After some time Jak became the AIA director and later Havik was appointed to the Royal Council which put Jak and the AIA under his jurisdiction, that’s when the friendly nature of their rivalry had ended.

Jak tapped Kenton’s wrist signaling him to begin. 

As Kenton stood to begin, a signal from Lord Poul, prompted his scribe, to slide a document across the table to Kenton. 

“Mister?” Lord Poul asked waiting for Kenton to respond.

“Kenton, Kenton Sedi, sir.”

“Mister Sedi, are you familiar with that document?”

Kenton picked up the document and quickly glanced through after recognizing its contents, handing it to Jak who reached for it.

“Yes, Sir, I do.” Kenton replied.

“Please, indulge me.” Lord Poul impatient asked.

“It’s an Executive Directive.”

“A Royal Executive Directive.” Lord Poul corrected.

“We are aware of that Directive, Havic,” Jak offered puzzled by the sudden direction of the briefing.

“Sir,” Kenton interjected, “Every stipulation of that directive was implemented.”

“Every stipulation, Mister Sedi,” Lord Poul asked rhetorically. “Our current situation seems to suggest that every stipulation was not implemented.

Kenton, was caught off guard by the interruption as well as the direction of the question, but gaining his composer he tried to explain.

“Sir, we lost contact with one of our coverts, and we did everything we possibly could to reestablish links, barring an actual pick up, we had restraints at the time.

“Mister Sedi, I hope you don’t mean to imply…”

“Look,” Jak interrupted. “regardless of how we got here, we are here.  We have serious developments that need attention and direction, may we move forward on those?”

Lord Poul, allowed the question to linger for a moment.  He then gestured to his scribe, who took out a document similar to the first one and slid it across the table to Kenton.

Kenton, lifted the document and began to read it.  Stunned he handed it to Jak who sat erect and read the document.

Jak broke the silence.  “I don’t understand this.”

“What is the council going to do about this, surely you intend to do something about this.” Kenton demanded.

“Mister Sedi, at this point, you no longer need to concern yourself with this matter.  The council will do what it deems necessary.  Enactment of the items in this new Directive, is what you need to concern yourself with.”

“Havik do you understand that an agent may have been killed, and we have confirmed the destruction of the Ankara COMMSAT?” Jak asked.

“Jak, your report was thorough.” Havik replied.  “Gentlemen, I cannot express to you enough the importance, and delicate nature of the negotiations that we are engaged in at the moment with the Knomen Republic.  We are talking about the admission of a planet in to the Union something that hasn’t happened in over four hundred years’ gentlemen.  There is no other contribution that we can make that will have a greater effect on the security and prosperity of our nation. 

“Is It troubling to the council that offensive military equipment has been discovered on Knome?” Jak asked.

“All I can say, Lord Poul paused considering.  “All I can say is that, you need not be concerned.  All of your concerns have been accounted for, now that is all I can say.”  We don’t want to ‘tip the cart,’ at this stage.  The King is most concerned about this.”

Lord Poul’s scribe began to put away his notes signaling and end to the meeting.

“I will leave that copy of the Directive with you, please have those materials delivered to my office within six standard hours. Lord Poul stated as he stood, dismissing his scribe who left the room.

“Thank you, gentlemen, Jak it was good seeing you.” With that Lord Poul left the room.

Kenton and Jak looked at each other in disbelief. 

“Sir, what now?” Kenton asked.

Jak stood up without a word, picked up the copy of the directive, handed it to Kenton as his answer, then he turned and left the room.


Tannis (Kessel)

Embassy Court Residence


Anya tried as best she could to go unnoticed, but it was useless.  She felt cheated as she walked through the entrance of the Knomen Embassy Residence, flanked by her security guards. Others could come and go as they pleased without being noticed by anyone. But this was not the case for Anya, no matter where she went, she had to acknowledge every greeting, had to halt for everyone who wanted to speak to her no matter how she felt. It’s no fair, she thought.  She had to hold her fragile composure as she passed by dozens of people who expected something from her. Yet she couldn’t talk or even acknowledge a smile, lest she breakdown right in front of them. Her dominant thought was to reach her room, to reach her bed and to cry for days.

Why was it taking so long, she thought, her pace quickening?  As she got closer to her apartment she passed by men carrying articles of furniture.  After passing by a number of them, she began to recognized that the items they were carrying belonged to her.  She stopped and halted one of the men who was carrying a corner table from her bedroom. 

"What are you doing" She demanded, "this belongs to me". 

Before the man could answer another man carrying another item from her room started to pass by her.  She tried to stop him too.

"Wait," she called to the second man.  Both men, pointed behind themselves towards her apartment, and continued to walk ignoring her calls for them to stop. She ordered her guards to stop the men, and as they did, she noticed more men approaching, carrying more of her belongings. Anya was now beyond stressed and she began to sob as she tried to stop them from carrying away her possessions.

No longer caring about appearances, she screamed at the next man she encountered, who was taking away her vanity chest, which contained her most personal items.

"Stop, please stop,” she pleaded, walking in front of the man as onlookers stopped to observe the disturbance. 

"What are you doing with my things? she asked through her sobs.

The man carrying her vanity chest stopped, disengaged his lifter, put down the chest, and apologized. "My, Lady, I am so sorry, we are just obeying orders, we don't mean to stress you, he added touching her shoulder, violating protocol, in an attempt to comfort her. 

"Who ordered you to do this? she asked.  "The Ambassador, my lady, his envoy is in your chambers, waiting for you. 

"Please, return this” she asked, noticing the reluctance in the man's face. “Please”, she added more sincerely.  Moved, he agreed. He engaged his lifter to raise the chest and then turned following her back into the apartment.  "Thank you, don't worry I will speak with Yutiro, she assured him. 

As she entered her residence, she stopped in stunned silence. As she looked over her empty reception room, Anya wanted to burst into tears. So much was weighing on her at the moment, she really felt she could not take another tragic event.  She just stood in shock.  Yutiro Gosem a Knomen envoy assinged to Anya personally, walked into the reception from another part of Anya's apartment.  Noticing the stunned look of her appearance, he began to order the movers to stop and clear Anya's apartment for the moment.

Yutiro was not much older than Anya, chosen by Anya, he worked tirelessly in her behalf.  He was also infatuated with her.  

When the movers were gone, Anya, with her hand to her mouth, began to survey every room, with Yutiro following close behind. She entered her bed chamber and noticing her bed, she wanted to curl up into it and cry, but she could not with Yutiro standing behind her.  She turned, facing him, "what is going on Yutiro, she demanded.

"I am sorry Anya, we didn’t expect you back so soon,” Yutiro replied.  

“What! You wanted to remove all my items while I was gone.” Anya replied, walking closer to Yutiro.

“I wanted to avoid this very scene, my lady.” 

"You are telling me nothing," Anya insisted.  "Why, are you doing this? 

"This has been ordered by your father, I have a note from him." 

"A note? Anya questioned. “From my father?”

“Yes, my lady.”  Yutiro pulled out a blue envelope his inside jacket pocket and handed it to Anya.

Anya took the envelope, opened it, removed the folded note, unfolded it, and.

"Is this a joke,’ she asked. 

“I assure you madam it is no joke.” 

The letter was blank.  My lady, slide your finger over the surface of the letter” Yutiro instructed.  “Once you do,” he continued, “you will have sixty seconds to read it.”

“What is this,” Anya asked puzzled.

“Please, my lady.”

Anya did as instructed, and as soon as she did, the text of the note was visible.  She read it.

The note written in Porsek a language Anya had not read since she was a child.  As she struggled to interpret the script, Yutiro watched her, offering to assist her, but she halted his offer with a wave of her hand.  After reading it, she dropped her hands, "I don’t understand, this tells me nothing."  she insisted as she again held up the note, now blank once again. 

“On the contrary, my lady,” Yutiro countered, "it is a summons.  You are expected to be on the next flight home.  I've been ordered to see that this is done, without any delays.  All of your possessions are being loaded, carefully I might add. 

Stunned, Anya again slid her finger over the note, but this time the note remained blank. "I want to speak with my father, Anya demanded as she started to walk to her desk, one of the last remaining item in her room. 

"He will not speak to you,” Yutiro called out.

“What do you mean he won’t speak to me, he will speak to me," Anya replied as she sat at her desk, as the monitor in front of her came on.  She pressed a button which was a direct line to her father and only a splash screen of the official seal of the Knomen republic appeared on the monitor. 

"My Lady, I'm sorry, Yutiro added. “I have been strictly ordered to complete this task.” 

"I am a task for you," Anya asked. 

"Please don't take this the wrong way, my lady, it hurts me to see you like this.  What can I do?” Yutiro asked. 

"I know this is not your fault, I don't mean to pour out my frustrations on you." 

“I know you don't and I know all of this, is a shock,” Yutiro added walking to her and placing his hand upon her shoulder and removing it quickly.

"Yutiro, I can't leave, I have a teaching assignment at the Academy.  Anya pleaded.

Yutiro sighed, "Your resignation has been submitted, all of your obligations and appointments have been canceled. 

The look on Anya’s face and the tears welling up in her eyes was too much for Yutiro, looking away he repeated, "My lady, you are expected to be on the next fight home, your personal shuttle is being prepped, we have secured passage on the Corbellis, I am sorry.” 

There was silence for a moment as Anya thought about leaving, she thought about Wilhelm, she wondered if she would ever see him again.  She felt helpless and she could no longer hold in her emotions as she started to cry openly. 

Tears welled up in Yutiro's eyes as her watched her, wanting to hold her, knowing he could not.  No longer able to stay and not wanting witness her breakdown he started to leave.  Anya called out "Where's May, she asked. 

Yutiro stopped, "She is attending to some of your personal matters, I will send for her."

"Thank You,” Anya barely uttered.  She walked over to her bed, lay upon it and began to cry.


Tannis (Kessel)

Royal Administration Complex


Wilhelm was stopped from entering the Conference Hall by Jeanu Hetmond, his father's personal secretary.  King Wilhelm was in an important meeting with his Security Council, and it was Jeanu's task to prevent any interruptions, major or minor.  Prince Wilhelm, was determined to see his father. He was on a mission, and he was determined to make it right.  He was blind to Anya's feelings, indifferent to her fears. He remembered the hurt, the pain in her eyes as she explained to him the incident regarding her false friends.  And now he too, was a false friend, a false lover.  He hurt her more, than those so-called friends could ever have.  She had exposed her wounded heart to him, and he crushed it.  He knew her vulnerabilities and he played with them.  He had never seen someone so broken as she was. Thinking about Anya’s pain, infused him with a rabid determination to make it right.  He, had to make it right, and Jeanu was in his way. 

"Please Wilhelm, this is a very important meeting, can it wait one hour, Jeanu pleaded. 

"I really need to see him now, it can't wait, not one hour, not one minute, Wilhelm countered.

"Please,” Jeanu begged as he watched Wilhelm's personal guards surround him, “I will see to it that you are the first to see him, after this meeting.” 

"Don't worry, the blame will be mine's alone,” Wilhelm explained as he nodded to his guards.

One of his guards apprehended Jeanu and moved him away from the entrance.  Wilhelm looked back at Jeanu, “I am sincerely sorry.

Wilhelm opened the door and entered the reception hall encountering the King’s Guards.  His own guards, after closing the door, stationed themselves outside the reception hall. The King's Guards did nothing as Wilhelm walked through the foyer to the conference rooms doorway.  One of the Guards, opened the door as Wilhelm approached.  As Wilhelm entered the hall, he had second thoughts regarding his intrusion. The room was filled with men and women from all branches of Government and the military.  He recognized some of his father's ministers, but most he did not know.  He was surprised by the amount of military personnel in the room. They made up by far the majority.  There was a huge holographic landscape hovering just above the conference table while a General, whom Wilhelm did not recognize, was speaking and pointing to various sections on the holographic map. Wilhelm then saw his father, King Wilhelm Antilla the 2nd.  King Wilhelm was an older version of his son, a little taller and a little heavier.  His father stood up to see who had entered the hall, and he wasn’t alone in his curiosity, everyone turned to face Wilhelm.  He walked passed various attendees, maneuvering around chairs to get close to his father.

Ignoring the look of consternation on his father’s face, he whispered to him, “Father, I need to talk with you, right now, it’s important!” 

“Son,” King Wilhelm uttered in clear exasperation, “This is important,” he stated, gesturing to all those in the room.

“I’m sorry father, but you will understand as soon as I can talk with you.” Wilhelm pleaded.

Havik Poul, the Royal Security Council Chairman, who was standing next to the King, spoke up, “My Lord, we can continue here without you for a while, speak with your son, we will nibble on the boring details until you return.” 

King Wilhelm agreed, setting down his folder of top secret materials, he apologized to those he passed by as he approached young Wilhelm. 

“Shall we speak in the foyer?” He asked.  “Yes please,” Wilhelm agreed.

A guard opened the door for the pair and closed it as they walked through.  Wilhelm looked around at the royal guards in the reception room. “Privately father, he whispered. 

King Wilhelm addressed his guards, "please, leave us.”  All four of the King’s Guards left the room.  “I hope your meeting was productive,” Wilhelm nervously asked.  “It was,” the king added.  “Were you considering the Knomen Ingression proposals,” Wilhelm asked, still not ready to speak about Anya.  King Wilhelm paused for a moment, “No, we were discussing with the Hisland delegation their security needs in the wake of Cappia’s troop movements.”

“Do you think there will be a war?”

“No, the Cappians like to make noise, but that’s all they'll do. It's been seven years since the last border skirmish, and after those results I don’t think they’d want to repeat it.”

King Wilhelm, could see that is his son was not really interested in any of what he had to say.  "You know son, you’re always welcomed to join any of our meetings, but I don’t think you interrupted our Hisland conference to talk about Hisland.”

“No, father you are right, Wilhelm replied, turning his face away from his father. 

“Son, what is it, King Wilhelm asked, placing a hand on his shoulder.  There was an unusual reticence he sensed in his son, bordering on apprehension.  He gently turned Wilhelm so that he was again facing him.

"Father, I’ve met someone,” he offered.  King Wilhelm, surprised but relieved, sighed.  

"Oh,” he replied smiling. “OK, do you want to tell me about her,” he asked. 

"Yes, Wilhelm replied.  "Father, I am in love with her. “Wilhelm paused, embarrassed discussing such matters with his father. "I am really, in Love with her, he repeated, this time pouring out his emotions in his statement. 

King Wilhelm was now a bit more attentive to his son, this did not seem to be a schoolboy's crush.  Wilhelm was talking of love, and he believed him, he could see it in him.  However, he could not recall having a conversation with his son about some young woman.  He usually knows who his son is with, but he had no idea of a budding relationship involving his son.

"Do I know the young woman?" his father asked.  "Yes, I believe you know who she is,” Wilhelm answered.  "OK,” his father dropped his hands in exasperation, “I think my meeting with the Hislands was much more productive, Son when you have something to tell me, just interrupt another meeting." 

"I am sorry father, this is not easy for me,” Wilhelm replied. 

"I can see that, he chuckled.  "Now tell me, who is the young woman?” 

Wilhelm's mind searched for the best possible way to reveal her, but none seemed sufficient.  “She is the "Princess Anya Yemen," Wilhelm confessed.  The Lady Anya Yemen, princess of Knome and father, I am in love with her.” 

There was a rather long silence as King Wilhelm considered his son's confession.  He tried to ascertain, where, their paths would have crossed, how a relationship could have developed between them. Then remembered his son's tutoring sessions, the Lady Anya was his tutor. Now he could see how it happened.

"She was your tutor," his father asked. 

“Yes, she was,” Wilhelm replied. 

 "Does she feel the same for you, my son,” the King asked. 

"I believe she does, she has, told me so.” Wilhelm said unsure, thinking about their last meeting.  Another long silence invaded their conversation, which increased young Wilhelm’s anxiety with each passing second.  His father just stood there, as if in a trance.  And Although Wilhelm wanted to plead his case, he kept silent, first, wanting to hear from his father.  Did it really matter, that she was Knomen, he wondered?  King Wilhelm, turned away from his son, and began pacing the room.  Young Wilhelm watched his every step, eager for a word of approval.  He thought about running to the Knomen embassy, taking Anya in his arms, holding her and telling her that his father approved. He saw them together at social events, taking walks, holding hands, kissing in public. 

King Wilhelm's voice broke through his son's daydream.  But Wilhelm, did not hear him. 

"I'm sorry father, what did you say, Wilhelm asked. 

"Son, I said that, it’s unfortunate, his father repeated.  "What do you mean unfortunate,” Wilhelm asked still under the fog of his daydream, and not clearly understanding his father's meaning. 

"Your relationship with the Lady Anja, its unfortunate." 

“Why do you say that? Wilhelm asked. “She the most wonderful person I have ever met and I love her, how can that be unfortunate.

“What are your intensions towards her?

“I want her to be my wife.”

“That’s why I say it’s unfortunate, son, you know that’s never going to happen.”

“What do you mean,” Wilhelm asked.

“Don’t be naive, son, do I have to spell it out for you?”

“I think you should,” Wilhelm challenged his father.

“Ok, she Knomen, there, I’ve said it.” King Wilhelm offered.

Wilhelm faced his father. “Because she’s Knomen? You mean I can’t fall in love with a woman if she is Knomen.”

“That’s not what I said son, you can’t marry a woman if she is Knomen, no matter who she is.”

“And why not?

“You know why not.”

“No, I want to hear it from you, I want to hear the bigotry from your own lips.”

“It’s not bigotry, it’s just the way things are, at the moment, son.

“The way things are?  Then why change anything if we must accept the way things are.” Wilhelm pleaded.  “Why make or change laws, why the courts?”

“Son, she is ineligible.” King Wilhelm said grasping. “She is not Akadian.”

Wilhelm, leaped within himself at the prospect of laying waste to his father's objection.  "But Father, isn’t that's going to change, When the Ingression talks are completed and Knome is accepted into the union, the Antilla's will be added to the house of lords, that will make her eligible, isn't that right, Wilhelm asked. 

"That is true, however,” King Wilhelm paused, his reasons, were so clear to him, but he could not formulate the words, to explain it, without seeming, intolerant.  "it just, cannot, happen son, she is Knomen, and it will take years to complete the admission of Knome.”

“I can wait.” Wilhelm replied.

“Can you, Son?  It will be some time in the future, before something like this, can happen and never be given a second thought, I know it's not right, it’s not just, but that's the way it is right now. 

"And you are ok with injustice, Wilhelm asked. 

King Wilhelm, was now, thoroughly exasperated with his son.  "Of course, I am not ok with injustice, do not twist my words boy,” he said sternly.  “I am saying that change takes time.” 

“I don’t understand that, why does it have to take time, if something is wrong, it is wrong yesterday, today and tomorrow, it can't be tolerated, especially by you, by our government.  If you tolerate injustice, all, who follow your lead, will follow you in your intolerance.  But if you, make it clear, that such intolerance, is wrong, then those who follow, will see clearly what is right, Wilhelm pleaded.

"Father, we pride our society on being just, and fair, yet, you stand here ready to passively accept an injustice, why.  Because, she is a maggot?  You don't dare say the word, yet you treat her just the same, which is so much worse. We are nothing, if we do not stand by, the principals we promote." Wilhelm paused to compose himself. 

"Its not that simple, son.  These are hard and complicated issues."

"We make them complicated," Wilhelm interrupted. "we try to make injustice, look like justice, and it will never work."

"Not everyone feels the way you do, Wilhelm.  If you pursue this, you will risk the succession. Is that what you want to do?  King Wilhelm asked.

"No, father." Wilhelm confessed. "I just don't understand, why are we willing to accept three billion people into our union, people that we hate and despise.  Why do that? We make them citizens, but do not accept them or treat them as citizens.  Are we only after their resources?

King Wilhelm did not answer, he felt troubled by the arguments, by the idealism of his son.  He remembered making similar arguments to his own father in his youth. He had follwed his father's wishes and preserved the succession.

"Father?"  Wilhelm's call pulled his father out of his thoughts.  

"Son, we are not perfect, but we try, we have to keep trying and we can't force people to change, we have to take incremental steps, steps toward the goal for which you are advocating."

"It doesn't matter, she left m," Wilhelm dejectedly replied. "I'm a hypocrite.  I maintained a secret relationship with her, because, I was fearful of what others might say. I tolerated injustice. I had an opportunity to do the right thing, and I failed, I failed her.  I thought I was better, father, I thought I was above those xenophobic monsters, I had contempt for them.  Yet, without ever using the word, I hurt her, even more than they ever could.  

King Wilhelm came to his son's aid, trying to comfort him.  I'm sorry son, truly, maybe, it’s for the best, you’ll get over this and someone else will come along.

Wilhelm stepped back from his father, he could not believe the utter absence of sympathy from him, you just don't understand, I cannot see myself with anyone else but her.  You don't understand. 

Young Wilhelm’s words hung in the air for some time.  He felt like he would implode without Anya and He was just letting her go. He began to formulate an idea in his mind, he played it out over and over again.  Hope began to build within him, infusing him with purpose.  Wilhelm quickly turned away from his father and walked out of the foyer ignoring his father's pleas. 

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