Knome: The Forbidden Zone

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Chapter 68 (v.1) - Chapter Sixty-Seven

Submitted: March 21, 2018

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Submitted: March 21, 2018



Near the Chakata Entrance (Knome)


Wilhelm followed Tukka up the steep narrow and crudely constructed stairway.  At various stages during the ascent, Wilhelm felt claustrophobic as he squeezed himself up through areas so cramped he feared that he would get stuck.  By the time they reach the top, Wilhelm was completely exhausted.  Tukka lifted the camouflaged top and they exited into the cold night air.  Wilhelm fell purposely to the ground to rest.

“It feels so good to breathe fresh air,” Wilhelm exclaimed as he lay on his back.

There was no response from Tukka, but Wilhelm sensed that something wasn’t right.  He sat up, looking around for Tukka.  Wilhelm noticed a beam of light in the sky, which Tukka was observing, he stood up walking next to Tukka.

“What is it,” Tukka asked.

“I don’t Know.”

As soon as Wilhelm finished speaking, the sky flashed brilliantly, illuminating the night sky.  Tukka and Wilhelm both cowered, covering their eyes in pain from the intense light.  Then the sound thundered causing both Tukka and Wilhelm to move from covering their eyes to covering their ears.

The blast originating from Knome’s orbit penetrated the Planet’s protective atmosphere, streaking through its protective layers de-atomizing its chemical makeup, effectively, drilling a hole through it, causing a shockwave that followed quickly on the heels on the blast’s soundwave.

The shockwave forced Wilhelm and Tukka to the ground, where they covered their heads as they were pelted by air particles.

“What is it,” yelled Tukka.

“We have to find shelter,” Wilhelm screamed.

The heat from the diffusing laser bolt completely burned every tree within the blast radius before it even hit the surface of the planet within Thaingor forest.  The powerful laser bolt’s impact penetrated deep into the planet’s crust gouging a large crevasse causing an eruption of dirt, rock, clay and other elements propelling them high into the sky.  The forest was on fire.

Wilhelm rose to his feet as his eyes sight gradually returned.  He found Tukka, still on the ground and he grabbed his hands and lifted him to his feet.

“Get up, we’ve got to find shelter,” Wilhelm yelled.

“No, I’m going back, that’s my home.  Tukka yelled pulling away from Wilhelm.

“Wait, you can’t go back there,” Wilhelm screamed as he tried to hold on to Tukka.

“My family is there, my people are there, I’m going back.”

“I can’t go back,” Wilhelm replied giving up on restraining Tukka from returning.

Tukka stopped, he pointed past Wilhelm, “Go that way, you will reach Chakata, then take one of the shafts to descend to the city.  I’m sorry I can’t go with you.”

Wilhelm was at a loss of words and felt unsure that he could make it by himself.

“Don’t forget to put on the robes, I’m sorry,” Tukka called out as he ran towards the tunnel entrance.

Wilhelm did not have the robe, he looked down and began to search for it.  He watched as Tukka entered the tunnel entrance and started to call out to him but was too late.  Wilhelm continued to look for the robe, looking up from time to time viewing the roaring fire.  Discourage he began to walk in the direction that Tukka showed him and he tripped over the robe he was looking for.  He picked it up and began walking.


The shockwave capsized the boat, Teric, Jasen and Kore had been traveling in.  Teric had reentered the boat first, followed by Jasen.  They both began calling out for Kore but heard no response.  Just as Teric prepare to jump back in the water, Kore emerged gasping for air.  Jasen and Teric rowed closer to Kore and began to lift him out of the water and into the boat.

“Something tried to pull me down, I fought it and it released me,” Kore explained, as he continued to gasp for air.  He pulled up his pant leg revealing teeth marks on his skin.

Teric was focused on the fire blazing in the forest.  He felt compelled to go back and help the Albians, to protect Shushan.  But Hoshushanna’s final words made sense.  The best way that they could assist the Albians was to get help.

Now they were all watching the fire.

"I hope Wilhelm is safe," Kore added.

Teric watched the flames, hoping in Hoshushanna's assurance that they would protect Wilhelm.

"They'll protect him, besides he's very resourceful," Teric replied with a smile.

“We need to go,” Jasen declared.

Teric grabbed a paddle, as did the others and they began to advance toward Mount Thaingor.


Udin was in chaos, hundreds were dead, hundreds were missing.  The heat and fire had reached down to the remote tunnels and caverns of Udin.  The smoke was stifling causing panic and death as it bellowed through the cavern system.
As the injured fled the disaster area flooding into the center of Udin the panic spread.

Doleg and his warriors had reached the throne room and he began calling for Shushan and Hoshushanna.

“Have you seen Hoshushanna,” Doleg asked one of the Lord’s ministers.

“They escorted the foreigners to basin lake,” the man replied.

“Was Shushan with them,” Doleg asked.

“I don’t think so,” the minister replied.  “What should we do Doleg,”

Doleg thought for a moment and then called over his warriors.

“We need to evacuate the caverns to the Forest's end, and we may need to ascend to the surface.”

Just then the whole cavern shook as it absorbed another blast.  The cavern walls and ceiling began to crack. The ground reverberated with aftershocks.

“Do it now,” Doleg yelled over the screams.  He grabbed two of his chiefs.

“We need to find Hoshushanna and Hudus, they were headed to basin lake, you take a band with you and hurry,” Doleg directed one of his chiefs.  “You come with me, we need to find Shushan," he said to the other.

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