Knome: The Forbidden Zone

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 7 (v.1) - Chapter Six

Submitted: February 21, 2017

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Submitted: February 21, 2017



Tannis (Kessel) 

Embassy Court Residence Building


Wilhelm, trying not to draw attention to himself was having the opposite effect. Not expecting to see so many people as he entered the Knomen Embassy’s Residence Hall, he felt nervous, fearing that he would be recognized. He covered his face and held his head down from the approaching crowd, which only made him a curiosity. As others tried to avoid him, he drew the attention of Embassy security, and they began tracking the man.  Wilhelm’s fear of discovery was not enough to cause him to turn back.  His overpowering desire to see Anya, moved him forward.  He had resolved to commit to her, no matter the consequences, and he had thought them all through and he was going to fight for her.

Locating the Embassy front desk, Wilhelm walked up to one of the available receptionist.

“Excuse me, I need to speak with the Lady Anya Yemen, Wilhelm asked still trying to cover his face.

The receptionist’s forehead, wrinkled in disgust, “Excuse me?” she asked.

“The Lady Anya Yemen, I need to speak with her,” he repeated completely unaware how often such requests are made for Anya’s attention.

The receptionist nodded towards the nearest security guard, Wilhelm followed her glance, startled to see a security guard approaching.

“Is something wrong?” Wilhelm asked turning back towards the receptionist.

“Your request cannot be granted,” she said clearly peeved, hoping the man would just turn around, and walk away, knowing however, that it would not be, that easy.

“She would want to see me; can you get a message to her?” he asked.

The receptionist ignored Wilhelm and turned towards other matters as the security guard was now standing next to Wilhelm.

The guard waved his hand to get Wilhelm’s attention. “Sir, your request has been denied, you’ll have to leave now.”

“I’m telling you, Anya would want to see me, would you just ask her,” Wilhelm pleaded, “ask her.”

There were now two guards next to Wilhelm and they managed to come between him and the reception desk, gently maneuvering him away.

“Please, sir, just tell her, she will be very disappointed that you kept me from her,” Wilhelm appealed.  “Look!”  he stopped, no longer allowing them to guide him away, “I’m not leaving, until someone gives her this message,” he pulled a pristine note from his pocket, held it out, as he stood his ground.

Taking the note from Wilhelm’s hand, with no intention of acquiescing to his request, one of the guards stuffed the note, wrinkling it, into his pocket.  Then both guards, now preparing for a more forceful tactic, each grabbed one of Wilhelm’s arms. 

“What, are you doing, let go of me,” he demanded, “give me back my note.”

“Look friend, we asked you kindly, and you did not comply, do you want to escalate this even further,” one of the guards asked him.

Wilhelm struggled to loosen himself from their rough grip, “You are hurting me, let go, he struggled.

A third guard arrived, jamming something dull but painful into the small of Wilhelm’s back.  He screamed, now drawing everyone's attention to the disturbance, including that, of May Yamay, she had just entered Residence Hall, returning from Canton Space Port.

The guards were finding it difficult in their struggle with Wilhelm, he had dropped to the ground in his effort to resist them.  He yelled, appealing to the onlookers, “Please, I need to see Anya, help me, please.”  The scene was disturbing to many who watched, although such occurrences were not unusual, there was something different about this man, his manners and his speech betrayed upper class breeding. Wilhelm’s treatment elicited some protest from the crowd in disapproval of the guards’ tactics.

May diverted from her course, and turned towards the commotion. Approaching the scene, she was halted by a fourth guard who was busy keeping the crowd at bay, while the other guards continued to deal with Wilhelm.  May asked the guard, “What’s going on?  “Another one, miss,” was all the guard said as he kept his eyes on the crowd.

“Please, she would want to see me,” Wilhelm pleaded as the guards finally got him to his feet.  “Please,” Wilhelm yelled, appealing to the crowd.  The guards now gained the upper hand and were moving him towards the exit.  As they roughly shoved him forward, Wilhelm briefly saw a familiar face in the crowd. He strained to turn around, trying to get another look. He recognized that face.  It was May, Anya's personal assistant.  He shouted, “May, please, help me!”

May heard her name and was now moved to act, “Just a minute, she called to the guards, wait!  The guard controlling the crowd moved in front of her to stop her.  May pulled out her identity card.  “I am Lady Anya’s personal assistant, let me pass.” The guard reluctantly let her pass. May ran to catch up to the three guards holding Wilhelm.  “Wait,” she called, “I am the Lady Yemen’s personal assistant,” she added again displaying her credentials.  “Let me talk to this man!”

The guards stopped, now a little unsure of themselves as they quickly glanced at May’s credentials.  Wilhelm was so relieved to see May, that he reached out in an attempt to hug her, however still unsure of the identity of the man, May stepped back out of his reach as the guards quickly subdued him.  “No,” may called out, “don’t hurt him.”

As Wilhelm became free of the guards hold, held out his hand to one of the guards, “My note, he called to the guard who had stuffed the note in his pocket.  The guard pulled the note from his pocket and handed it to May. She took the note, opened it and began to read it.  She looked up from the note, eyes wide as she looked intently towards Wilhelm.  May was shocked, ‘Is this really Wilhelm,’ she wondered. She grew concerned about the regarding the uproar that would occur if it became known that Prince Wilhem was abused by Knomen security guards. “Release this man!” she demanded.  As the guards began to release him, they were not fast enough for May, “Now,” she demanded as she looked around hoping no one would recognize Wilhelm.  Nervously the guards released him and began to apologize to Wilhelm and to May.  May wanted to talk to Wilhelm, but she did not want to give away his identity since, it seemed he worked so hard to obscure it.

“Please, follow me, she requested, returning the note to Wilhelm.  She called out to the guards to escort them to a private room away from the crowds.  “Thank you,” Wilhelm started to speak, but was cut off by May, “not now, not here, please wait,” she whispered.

As they walked through the hall, and passed by the reception desk, Wilhelm glanced over to see the astonished look on the face of the receptionist, who had refused to help him.  He felt a sense of satisfaction, in her discomfort.  Walking behind the reception desk, they entered through the private door into the service hallway.  Checking each door they passed, the guard finding an empty room invited May and Wilhelm to enter.  May ordered the guards to stand outside the door as she closed it.

“What are you doing here, forgive me, but, are you crazy? May asked.  “you could have been severely dealt with.”

“That wasn’t severe? Wilhelm asked.

“No, not by a long shot, what you did is not uncommon, it happens often, we try to shield Anya from it. If I hadn’t come along you would have found yourself in some mental ward scheduled for an evaluation,” she explained.

“well, I’m glad you were there,” Wilhelm said sincerely.

After a moment of silence, May confessed, “She’s not here Wilhelm."

“Where is she,” he asked.

After pausing, looking away from Wilhelm, May confessed “I can’t tell you, I have been strictly ordered not to divulge her whereabouts to anyone, I’m sorry.

Wilhelm sat down, dejected.  He moaned.

“You read my note,” he said, holding the note out to her, “May, you know why I have to see her.”

“Forgive me for that, it was the only way to establish who you were, she replied.

“Don’t be sorry, I wanted you to read it, I want you to know how I feel about her. I want to post that note so that everyone knows, but first I need to speak with her, please, May. 

May, was moved by Wilhelm’s confession and debated whether to tell him or not.

“I'm certain that she has spoken to you about me.  May, I love her, and she loves me, May I did a foolish thing.  And I am trying to make amends and more than that I need for her to know, how much I love her.  Please May, For her happiness, and mine.”

May wanted Anya to be happy, more than anything else, and she feared for her, for her emotional state.  It crushed her to see Anya so broken.  May remained silent, not answering Wilhelm for fear that she would give way to tears.  She wanted to tell Wilhelm, but it would certainly do no good now, since her shuttle must have already launched some time ago.  Then May remembered. She abruptly turned reaching in a bag she had been carrying.  She pulled out a note.  “Anya wanted me to give this to you.” May handed the note to Wilhelm.  He jumped, almost frightening May and took the note from her hand, almost tearing it as he opened it.

Wilhelm’s heart leaped as he read her words, as he read her confessions of love for him.  Her words confirmed for him that his course was right, that what he had in mind would be welcomed by Anya, now he had to see her.

“Oh, may, Wilhelm pleaded, “She,” he paused too excited to speak.  “I need to see her.”

“Wilhelm, Anya is not here, May paused as Wilhelm lowered his head. 

“She, is on her way back to Knome. I was just returning from Canton when I saw you in the Hall.”

“She’s at Canton,” Wilhelm asked excitedly.

“That’s where I left her, but her shuttle was scheduled to leave some time ago,” she asserted. But her words had no effect on Wilhelm’s emotional lift.

Wilhelm, took May by the shoulders, and kissed her.  May was stunned, but warmed by the act, she smiled, trying to suppress the pleasure it brought her.  Wilhelm made for the door, he turned back towards May as she called out to him.

“Wilhelm, her shuttle may have left already,” she warned.

“If she’s gone, then I’ll find a way to Knome.  thank you May,” Wilhelm left the room, running down the hall.

May rose concerned regarding his stated plans, and followed him into the hall, “Wilhelm, you can’t. 


Canton Spaceport (Kessel)


Several sub-layers under Canton Spaceport, Jasen and Teric arrived at the location designated.  The hall they walked down was empty and silent, only their steps and their breathing could be heard, which was quite a contrast to the masses that occupied the port above. There was only enough light in the hall for them to see each other and a door at the far end of the hallway.  As they walked toward the only door they could see, Teric looked behind to be sure that they were not being followed. Reaching the door, Jason glance at Teric for confirmation to proceed.  Teric gave an almost unnoticeable nod. Jasen tapped a couple of times on the door, and it opened immediately, as if Kenton was just waiting at the door for their knock.  He let the pair come inside, greeting each with a handshake.  Shutting the door, and bolting it behind them, Kenton invited Jasen and Teric to take a seat.  Two other men were already seated in the dimly lit room. 

Kenton sat and took a device out of his pocket and fastened it to a halo he was wearing.  Touching it caused a light to come on.  He then opened a small book as the others waited for him to complete his tasks.

“Thank you, gentlemen, for coming, we really appreciate your willingness to help us on this mission. I have some final instructions before you depart, but before we get to that I think introductions are in order.”

Turning the page in his book Kenton continued, “Jasen Naziin.”  Jasen rose his hand after being called.  “Jasen will be your lead, all decisions go through him.  Jasen has worked with us on a number of missions, he has the Director’s confidence.  Jasen apprenticed under Sir Galen Fain for 10 years, is that right,” Kenton asked.  “Yes, that’s right,” Jasen replied.  Kenton continued, “and then you became a member of the Royal Guards, and you continue to serve in that capacity currently in leadership.” Kenton looked up from his book and paused. He added, “You may remember the Cappian incident some years ago, Jasen was our lead on that mission and it would have succeeded had he not been betrayed by one of our own,” Kenton made a quick glance in Teric’s direction, which did not escape Teric’s notice, nor Jasen’s.

Looking back down in his book, Kenton turned the page.  “Teric Highlord,” Kenton called without looking up.  He cleared his throat.  Teric was on edge, wondering what version of his life would be tossed out of the mouth of someone who knew nothing about him. People talked about him as if they knew him as if they had some special insight and could speak about his feelings, thoughts, even his intentions.  But very few really knew him, and even though he looked upon Jasen as a friend they were not that close.

“Legion Knight and Royal Guard for a period of time. A stint in the Special Corps, I believe, Teric will be handling matters dealing with security.”  Kenton paused as he turned the page.

“May I, add something,” Jasen asked.  “Please,” Kenton replied looking up from his book.

“If you don’t mind Teric, Jasen asked and proceeded without Teric’s answer.  “Teric was the youngest person to earn a Legion estate, he was the youngest to enter the Guards, he won first Knight three years in a row.  He is the bravest man I know.  He rescued me and seventeen border guards during that Cappian Incident, by himself, no doubt you heard about it.”

“Most of it untrue and exaggerated,” Teric offered clearly embarrassed.  He never really learned how to accept praise.  He just wanted Jasen to stop.  “Don’t believe it,” Jasen countered.  “How would you know,” Teric asked.  “You were unconscious.”  “Let’s just say, I trust this man with my life,” Jasen glanced at Teric, smiling, knowing Teric wanted him to stop. “Ok?” he concluded.

As Kenton started to speak, he was interrupted by Khewin Atlas, “It is an honor to be serving with you sir,” Khewin rose and shook Teric’s hand, and he added hesitantly, “I used to pretend to be you when I was a kid.”

The slightest smile pierced Teric’s lips.  He was a bit surprised by the comment.  Teric didn’t feel old, but maybe he was.  Maybe he was too old for this sort of thing and then again, maybe this kid was just too young.

“Khewin Atlas,” Kenton announced.  “He will be handling all communications and surveillance on this mission, his position is key here.  It is the whole purpose of this mission.  And Kewin is an expert in this field..” Kenton concluded.

  Khewin, knew how to accept praise, and he just soaked it in, grinning from ear to ear.  Teric wondered just how old this kid was. Khewin was young, a progeny in his field, he graduated Hamlin early and earn a Cordova Seal.  He had the build of a student, not a soldier although he was in the National Corps.  Khewin did everything early, much like Teric and had recently been recruited by the AIA.  Teric wondered if the kid knew what he was getting himself into.

“Next,” Kenton called, turning the page in his book. “Koreleon Doorsado,” Koreleon stood, bowed and then sat back down.  “Koreleon is the highest level Myan defector that we have had. He served in the Myan military, he was a design engineer and his knowledge of Myan military systems and weapons has been invaluable to us.  His knowledge will be critical on this mission.”

Koreleon was tall, thin and like Khewin, he did not have the body of a solider.  “May I,” Koreleon asked.  Kenton gestured for him to continue.  “To be clear, I am not Myan, I am Neumydian, my people are subjugated and are enduring under the yoke of the Myan Empire.”

Kenton waited, but Koreleon was finished. “You will have some time to get to know one another during your travel.”  Kenton closed his book, picked up a folder that was on the floor and he gave it to Jasen.

“Information, clear and solid, that’s priority one.  There are, other objectives we want complete, having achieved the first.  Jasen will brief you on the particulars once you are settled on the Tug.”

“Any questions?”  Kenton asked looking over the group, and then he continued.

“We acquired a ship, and booked passage on the Tug, Corbellis.”  Kenton took out passports from his briefcase and handed them out to the men.  “We stocked the ship with all you will need, excluding any personal items which I’ll leave to you. Now is there anything, else,” Kenton asked. 

Kenton rose after a short period of silence, “Well I still have a few items to complete, I will leave you now.  The others rose exchanging handshakes with Kenton.  “Thank you, Kenton added, opened the door and left.


Tannis (Kessel)

Tamden Royal Palace


Blaze was nervous, even with all the assurances from Wilhelm, he wasn’t sure if those assurances would bear out. After he was discovered, the Guards who were highly upset with the deception handled him rather roughly as they took him into custody.  His head was covered with a black bag and he was led away at a pace that was difficult for him to keep up, which didn’t matter anyway as the Guards for the most part were dragging him along.

The Guards stopped at a large golden door and Blaze was glad to finally stand on his own feet.  He heard the door open and the Guards dragged Blaze inside and literally threw him on the floor, before Rigor Lumas, Director of the Royal Guards.  Rigor stood before Blaze as the bag was taken off his head. Blaze, disoriented for a second, looked around the room, surprised, expecting to see a prison, but instead he was in the most opulent and luxuriant room he had ever seen in his life.  He looked up into Rigor’s old but chiseled face, “Where am I? He asked. 

“Questions, oh no my boy, you don’t get to ask questions, but you will answer a few.”  With just those few words and the manner in which they were stated, made Blaze ready and willing to answer any and every question put to him.  “Stand up.” Rigor ordered.  Blaze stood as quickly as he could and the Guards were quickly at his side.

Blaze was distracted by a noise across the room.  Royal Guards stationed at a large door at the far end of the room, opened it with precision and ceremony.  Blaze was surprised to see King Wilhelm walk through the door and towards him. Blaze unconsciously tried to make himself presentable.

“My Lord, this is the young man that exchanged clothes with your son, helping him escape his escorts.”  Rigor explained respectfully as he approached the King.  King Wilhelm, nodded in Rigor’s direction.

“What is your name?” Rigor asked, his voice now once again menacing and commanding.

“Blaze Marcoon, your worship,” Blaze replied directing his response to the King.

“Marcoon,” the King responded unexpectedly.  “Are you Senator Marcoon’s son?

“Yes, your worship.”

“Blaze Marcoon, Oh yes,” the King replied more to himself that to anyone else.  “I know your father, quite well.  It’s been a long time.” King Wilhelm paused, reflecting.  “Release him.” The King directed.

Rigor nodded to his Guards, a little startled by the change in tactic. The Guards released Blaze from his shackles. Blaze massaged his sore wrists, thankful that the King and his father were acquainted.

King Wilhelm walked close to Blaze, gently touched a bruise on Blaze’s jaw. “You can understand that we had to be sure of your story.”

“My Lord, I understand, I consider Wilhelm a friend and I wanted to help him, I am so sorry, my Lord.”

“Blaze,” the King interrupted, “Can you tell me where my son was going?”

“Honestly, I don’t know, but wherever the Lady Anya Yemen is that is where you will find him, he’s mad for her,” Blaze paused, “If you don’t mind me saying.”

King Wilhelm, did not answer, he turned and walked back to the far end of the room and exited the doors. The Guards closed the door after him.

Blaze felt relieved and he just wanted the whole thing to end.

“Do you know that, what you did is against the law?” came that menacing voice and it shattered Blaze’s hope that it would all end any time soon.

© Copyright 2020 James Washington. All rights reserved.


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