Knome: The Forbidden Zone

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Chapter 70 (v.1) - Chapter Sixty-nine

Submitted: March 28, 2018

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Submitted: March 28, 2018




Udin (Knome)

The bombardment of Thaingor forest was intense and devastating. The savage wave upon wave of targeted strikes caused massive reverberations to the caverns of Udin. The tremors, the cracking, the shattering of tunnels and caverns entombed Albians alive and dead. The complete evacuation of all Udin’s villages was under way.  In the panic and rush to safety many were trampled, fleeing the superheated flames, dense smoke and toxic fumes.  As the flames consumed the thin oxygen in the caverns and began to die out, they left little, for any oxygen breathing creature, left to suffocate.

Doleg’s warriors expended much effort in the task of finding and evacuating Udin’s citizens.  Doleg in his frantic search for Shushan, had put himself in life threatening situations several times. Every lifeless body of a woman he saw struck him cold, as he imagined the worse. He and his warriors had finally reached Hoshushanna’s compound and searched the whole complex for Shushan and her family.  Most of the compound was still intact, although some areas had collapsed.  Doleg and his warriors searched through the rubble looking for survivors.

“Doleg!” one of the natives called, “Here!”

Doleg in a panic rushed to the side of his warrior, who was busy lifting stones off of a trapped individual.  “Who is it,” Doleg asked in fear.

As Doleg began to assist, he recognized the unconscious woman. It was Kalima.

“Kalima,” he called out.  Kalima, on initial observation looked dead.  As they freed her, it was evident that her body was severely battered, bruised and broken.

“Kalima, Kalima,” Doleg shook her gently and was sickened by the way her body moved when he did.  But she did not respond.  Doleg checked anxiously for her pulse but did not find one.  She was still warm to his touch so he lifted her, feeling her body bend in an unnatural way, he slowly laid her back down. “She’s dead,” Doleg announced dejected.  He stood nearly in tears and turned away from Kalima's mangled body.

A foreshock caused the room to vibrate forcefully as stones, dust and debris fell to the ground.  Stunned, Doleg quickly directed his warriors to follow him.  As they entered the hallway, a violent quake shook the whole area causing the room out of which they barely escaped, to collapse.  The pulsations made it difficult to maintain balance as the men began to run in terror.

The screams they left behind, was disturbing to Doleg.  But there was nothing he could do, he thought, as he continued to run.


As Hoshushanna, Hudus, Shushan and their guards reached the caverns of Udin, they began to encounter more and more of their people.  Hoshushanna directed them to depart to Basin Lake. As they continued on they could smell the smoke and dust and could hear faint screams.
“Father, what’s happening?” Shushan cried.

Hoshushanna halted the group.  “Shushan, I want you to go with the others,” Hoshushanna signaled to one of his guards.  “Take her to safety.”

“No, Kalima is still there,” Shushan pleaded.

“You don’t know that, she may have made it to safety,” Hoshushanna tried to reassure Shushan.

“I don’t want to go.”

Another signal from Hoshushanna caused one of his guards to hold on to Shushan as the others left.

Shushan fought hard to free herself, kicking her captor, who for a split second doubled over in pain, releasing Shushan.  Freeing herself she ran, catching up to, and passing by, her father and brother.

“Shushan,” Hudus yelled, surprised as Shushan passed by.

“After her,” Hoshushanna called out to his warriors.

Shushan ran as fast as she could, but suddenly she was violently shaken to the ground by a great quaking.  Immediately she began to cough as her lungs filled with dust.  Shushan felt that she was going to die from the pressure she felt in her chest.  She continued to cough deeply as the dust dislodged from her lungs.  She stood up, stepping over large stones, still coughing and she turned and looked behind to see a mound of rocks and stones.  No warriors were chasing her.  Shushan began yelling.



There was no response as she continued to call out.  “Father!”

Shushan began to dig through the mound, lifting stones as she continued to call out for her father and brother.
“Shushan,” echoed a voice.

“Father!” Shushan responded to the voice, believing it to be her father.  But the voice came from behind her.  She turned unable to see anyone in the dust filled cave.

“Shushan, is that you,” called the voice.

“Yes, help me,” Shushan cried.

“Are you ok,” 

Shushan recognized Doleg’s voice.

“Doleg, I’m here, please help.  It’s Pa and Hudus, they’re trapped.

Reaching her, Doleg held her, kissing her.

“I’m glad you’re alright.” Doleg said as he continued to caress her.

“I’m not alright, Doleg,” Shushan pulled away from him, “Help me, Pa and Hudus are under there,” She pointed as she bent to lift another stone.

Doleg directed his warriors to help, as he pulled Shushan back.

“Let them do it,” Doleg held on to Shushan as they watched the men dig through the mound.

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