Knome: The Forbidden Zone

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Chapter Seven

Submitted: February 22, 2017

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Submitted: February 22, 2017



Chapter Seven



Somewhere in Tannis

Jason Naziin looked around the empty, poorly lit hallway and wondered if he was in the right place. After waiting for some time without seeing anyone, nor hearing a sound, he thought about leaving.  At that moment, a door across the hallway from him opened.  He stood straight and peered towards the opened door.  A man whom Jasen did not recognize exited into the hallway and with a wave of his hand gestured for him to come forward.  Jasen walked towards the man and quietly greeted him with a handshake. The man, Kenton Sedi, directed Jasen into the room. Inside the room were a table and several chairs, with little room to spare. Sitting at the head of the table was the AIA director, Jak Timson, he greeted Jasen and directed him to take the seat opposite of his. Jasen, sat after closing the door and securing it.

“Thank you, Jasen for meeting us like this.” Jak said. “I know this is unusual.”

Jak handed Jasen a small folder, "You'll understand once we reveal some of the details of this mission.”

Jasen took the folder and placed it upon the table unopened.  'No need to apologize' he replied.  "I' know the drill."

Kenton and Jak traded glances with each other.  "I'm afraid this mission, is not like anything you've been on in the past, Kenton told him.

"So, tell me about it," Jasen replied as he opened the folder, glancing at the images inside.

"What you are looking at is an image of a ship, one of our covert agents was able to capture on the surface of Knome. The Agent was there, because we were tasked with obtaining information regarding some restricted areas that began appearing in various locations on the planet.

That ship, Kenton gestured toward the image, was discovered in the northern Pasha Region. Kenton took a map from his folder and placed it on the table, pointing out the area he had just referenced.  Somewhere in this area the body of that agent may decomposing.  We believed he was killed shortly after transmitting his discovery.

That transmission was relayed by one of our COMSATs that we had, located just outside Knomen air space.  Our Comsat, the Ankara, was destroyed. 

“Destroyed?” Jasen asked surprised.

“Yes, it was destroyed, by whom, we don’t’ know. Kenton added.

So, the Knomens, have these restricted areas, that they are willing to keep hidden with deadly force. Now the ship in that image we know for certain is beyond the capabilities of the Knomen Government to construct. 

Jasen sat back in his chair, "So, a dead agent, a Comsat destroyed by an unknow entity, a what are your suspicions?

Jak leaned forward in his seat, "We suspect that the Myans are somehow involved in this.  We can't say for certain but, that’s where you come in.  We need more data, concrete proof.  With the ongoing Knomen Ingression talks, we have been severely restricted on what we can do as an agency, to be honest with you Jasen, we have been banned from any operation involving the Knomen Republic.

Chuckling lightly Jasen asked, "So what do you want me to do what?"

We want you to violate the Royal Security council’s directive, violate Knomen air space, land somewhere near the Pasha Region, infiltrate the restricted zone and get us proof.

“Proof of what?” Jasen asked

“Are the Knomen Republic and the Myan Empire violating our trade restrictions regarding military equipment? What are they doing in these restricted zones?  Can we recover the body of our agent?  We just need more information than we currently have.”

“So, what if we discover that a violation is occurring, what then?” Jasen asked.

“We will cross that proverbial bridge when we come to it.” Jak replied.

“Right now,” Kenton added, “we don’t even see the bridge.”

“So, we want you and your team to gather as much information as possible and to relay it to us as soon as possible.” Jak explained.

“OK,” Jasen said as he sat back deep in thought.  “What if this mission somehow gets exposed."

Kenton, started to speak, but was interrupted by Jak.  "We will disavow everything, I'm sorry, Jasen, but that's the way it has to be."

"Of course," Kenton added with a glance towards Jak, "we'll do everything we can, covertly, to support you and your team." 

Jasen leaned forward in his chair, “So your suspicions are that the Myan Government has been delivering arms and military equipment to the Knomens. Now the Knomens are currently in the middle of negotiations to become a part of the Akadian Union?

“Look Jasen,” Kenton shifted his seat closer to him, “it is the task of this agency to cast light where there is darkness, to uncover suspicions, any suspicions that presents potential risks to security of our Nation.  We don’t know what’s going on, but we certainly don’t want to be caught off guard if something nefarious is going on.  We've had plenty of discussions on this, and the deciding factor has always been, the Myans.  Can we trust the Myans?

Jasen paused for quite some time, weighing the potential outcomes, playing out scenarios in his mind. "OK, I'm in.

Timson pointed to the image on the table, "Great, now I want you to understand the risk Jasen, I mean, we have one dead agent, a crew of twelve, dead.  I just want you to understand, that, to someone or some group, this is a matter of life or death.

“I do understand,” Jasen replied, “and based on that understanding, I’d like to make my participation conditional.”

“What's your condition?” Kenton asked.

“I'd like to choose at least one member of my team.”

Kenton looked at Timson who nodded with approval.  "Who would you like," Kenton asked.

“Teric Highlord.” Jasen replied.

Teric Highlord? Kenton asked perplexed.  "No way, He was convicted of treason."

“That’s not true,” Jasen shot back, “he was tried for treason, but he was completely exonerated.

“That’s unacceptable, Jasen, I’m sorry.” Kenton replied.  Jak raised his hand to halt Kenton's argument.

“He was acquitted of the charges brought against, that's true,” Jak offered, “and that would not be the reason for my objection to him accompanying you on this mission.  Teric is a well-known public figure, his inclusion could risk exposure of the mission, or at least a greater risk of exposure.”

"I'm still uncomfortable about this, I have suspicions regarding his loyalty.” Kenton objected.

"Now that is remarkable, Teric has been nothing but loyal.  Something happened when he was a child, he was influenced by hateful people.  But since then he has been strictly loyal to the crown, he saved my life, and the lives of countless others.  It was a shame what we did to him.  But I am telling you, with the risk that you just outlined for this mission, there is no one else that I want by side other than Teric Highlord and that’s my condition, period.

Can I have a minute, Kenton asked Jak, and then he turned to Jasen.  Would you mind stepping into the hallway so we can talk for a minute?

“No.” Jak spoke up rejecting Kenton suggestion.  “I accept your condition, you may employ Teric.”

Kenton leaned back into his chair defeated.

“Thanks, Jak. When do you want to go on this?

“Right now, we have two other assets that we are recruiting, we have acquired a shuttle and secured passage on the Corbellis, it is scheduled to depart in about six standard hours.

“So you have four hours to find Teric.” Kenton added, “If you can find him.”

“Now that is true,” Jak replied, “Do you have some Idea where to find him?”

“I have a suspicion.” Jasen replied.

Jak handed Jasen a note. “You will find everything you need here, You can expect to find your two fellow crewman at that location.  We will have no further contact after this.

Jasen deposited the note in his pocket and rose, shaking hands with Jak and Kenton. He then turned and left the room.

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