EVP Dangers

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Submitted: February 11, 2017

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Submitted: February 11, 2017




February 9, 2017

  I haven’t written for a few days. Nothing much new to report really. The voices still bother me the most at night, especially right after I get into bed and am trying to sleep. The physical sensations are still present every night as well. But, during the day  they don’t really bother me nearly as much. It’s all become quite routine at this point. One thing, the voices have been saying repeatedly for the past few days “get our secrets off of the internet” or “get our secrets off of the internet and we’ll leave you alone.”

  I don’t believe that for one moment, I’ve been down that road before. It’s all probably just more of their mind games. They have never really given me any reason to believe anything that they say at face value. In the beginning of this situation, when I was still believing much of what they told me, they would always eventually pull the rug out from under me. I learned my lesson from those days well and I have since made it a personal policy of mine to never believe anything that these voices say to me at face value and to take anything they say with a grain of salt. So, I’m not giving any of their recent talk much consideration really.

  I was experiencing the ringing in my ears again this evening. It was quite intense for a little while. I’m still experiencing this now as I write this but it’s beginning to subside. I experienced this ringing in my ears a lot back when my situation started in 2015. It began that April when I began to hear these harassing voices at all times. This would be about a month after I quit doing EVP sessions.


February 10, 2017

  I was browsing on the internet today. Mostly out of boredom I found myself reading through a few websites that pertained to paranormal/spiritual subject matters. I really wish that I would stop doing this because I would like nothing more than to get all of this kind of stuff off of my mind as much as possible. I know that while I’m still dealing with this entity attachment situation, I probably won’t be able to get it off of my mind completely but, I would certainly like to as much as I can all the same.

  I found myself reading a few web articles about clairaudience.  All of these articles that I read cast developing clairaudience in a positive light. After experiencing what I’ve experienced, this left me scratching my head in amazement. So, these article writers apparently thought it was a good idea to develop the ability the hear the voices of unknown entities of unknown origins. Of course, they didn’t use the phrase unknown entities. These particular web articles stated that developing clairaudience was a great way for you to communicate with your spirit guide(s) or other benevolent spirits.

 Call me a party pooper I guess, but after experiencing what I did, as far as intentionally trying to hear voices goes, I think this endeavor could carry with it several dangers. Now, I only read over a few articles about this, perhaps there are others out there that I didn’t see that at least mention these dangers in some way, but one of the dangers is that if you successfully open up this clairaudience perception, you may not be able to control it.  You could basically start hearing voices all of the time and how do you know that these voices are from your spirit guides or benevolent spirits….I mean how do you really know?  Sure, you could wish to only speak to your spirit guides, but is simply asking going to guarantee this, do you want to chance that with something like hearing voices?

 When I unintentionally opened up a clairaudience perception after experimenting with EVP for two months back during the winter of 2015, that was it, I was just stuck with hearing voices. I couldn’t control it. I couldn’t control when I heard these voices, when they spoke I simply heard them and there was nothing I could do about it.  Unfortunately for me, while experimenting with EVP, I had been unknowingly communicating with malevolent entities that would later use their voices as a means of attack and abuse against me.

  After those couple of months of doing EVP sessions on a regular basis, I was literally being bombarded with intrusive and harassing voices at all times, literally every waking moment. In the beginning stages, these harassing voices were very intense and my life became a living nightmare. It took me quite a few months to reach the point where I could to a degree, block out these voices and I stress here…to a degree. To this day, two years later and two years after I quit doing EVP sessions, these voices still remain, they are always there, it’s just a matter of if I can focus on something else well enough not to hear them.

 So, in some cases, malevolent entities use voices and clairaudience as a means of abuse against a person. My own personal experimentation with EVP was rather brief, it only lasted through January and February of 2015, but in that short span of time, I had made doing EVP sessions an almost nightly routine, that was one mistake right there (one among many). Once I started recording and hearing voices during my EVP sessions, my contact with these voices of unknown origin became quite intense within a short span of time.

 My interaction with these voices was at first so benign and even benevolent in nature, that during the first few weeks of recording, I did not perceive any danger at all and I was not even aware that what eventually would befall me was even a possibility at the time. So to me it seems like some of these web articles about trying to intentionally open up a clairaudience perception were basically too full of an “everything is sunshine” mentality, when the truth is that there are very serious dangers that go along with all of this.


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