As We Fall Amongst The Stars

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Submitted: February 11, 2017

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Submitted: February 11, 2017



At last, she rose from

the darkness

covered in sapphires and stars.

The air filled with silver shadows

as she walked along

the midnight moon.


she says

"Only after you've looked into

someone's eyes and can see

your own soul dancing will

you know what the sun is."

the moon replied.

"Then I shall walk with you until

I find the sun."

She answered.

She takes the stars from her

dress and gently blows them into

the endless sky.

The universe lights up in such away

that even infinity can be found

dazzling with such brilliance

that letters drip like raindrops

in a storm and words splash like puddles

on the ocean floor.

Unspeakable Beauty

She smiles and steps along

the Amethyst path,

searching for the enchantment

of the sun.

The seasons change

with each of her steps

intertwined with an unseen hourglass.

Seconds, minutes,days

Winter, Spring, Summer

collapse together like

a broken puzzle.

She sees a silhouette

fall from the stars

wrapped in a cerulean light


The silhouette moves toward her,

and she is paralyzed

Frozen throughout centuries


Her heart beating wildly

like a thousand butterflies

trying to escape a mirror.

The silhouette, now a figure,

touches her face and she

immediately feels a warmth that

awakens every inch of her body.

She is alive in such a way

that lightening escapes from her

fingertips and clouds spiral around

her holding hands in a

celestial celebration.

She is so intoxicated with this feeling,

this fantastically blissful feeling

so very unfamiliar to her,

yet something she secretly had always

known to be there.

She stumbles around Mars and Jupiter,

before falling into a twilight sleep

so intensely deep that nothing wakes

her but the sound of angles singing a

song so sweet that flowers melt away like

a rainbow in a hurricane


The figure lifts her up and

pulls her close.

"Look into my eyes."

says the figure.

"I'm afraid," says the girl.

"But why? Why are you afraid?"

"I'm afraid my heart will break

like penrose stairs."

she replied.

"The penrose stairs are infinite,

as is the sun.

Look into my eyes."

says the figure.

Terrified, she looks up into the figures eyes

and gasps at what she sees.

She is dancing,

free, wild, uninhibited

ecstasy consumes her body

like a wildfire.

"You should not fear your destiny

my beauty,

or something you desire so greatly.

Fate has brought us together

and love will bind our souls."

says the figure.

They embrace,

melting into each other

like sand into a diamond.

The crescent moon smiles and

fades away into the darkness.

The sun illuminates the heavens so bright,

so beautiful, so full of complete joy,

that the galaxies gleam with happiness

and the planets spin in delight.

"I want to listen to your heartbeat."

?she says.

"Then lay your head on my chest and listen,

for we are together,

here, now and forever.


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