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Submitted: February 11, 2017

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Submitted: February 11, 2017



I grab my keys and throw them in my purse as I struggle to put my coat on. I woke up late once again after a long night of overthinking and now my boss is literally going to strangle me. I slip on my foolish, impractical, leather pumps and open the door of the vestibule. I place one foot, and then the other onto the hard cement as I turn around and attempt to locate the house key out of my twenty something keys. Finally finding it, I lock the door and turn back around. I begin the walk to my car as I feel something wet fall on my face.

Immediately I freeze and slowly creep my eyes up until I am looking at the clouds that are producing the years of false hope from my childhood, watching outside the dirty windows for hours as I wept. I must have been standing outside for quite some time now as my nose is icy and my clothes damp. My face soaked with a mixture of snow and tears.

I recall winters of my childhood when my brother and I flushed ice cubes down the toilet and placed every spoon we quietly stole from the kitchen drawer under our pillows and slept with our Goodwill pajamas inside out. We woke the next morning only to be drowned in a sea of sorrow as we waited for the school bus to transport us to our very own Hell.

But these aren't tears of despair, these are tears of complete and utter gaiety I now weep. More than two decades I've lived and I have never experienced such a beautiful act of Nature. I might as well quit my job now for I have been standing outside for who knows how long, but I don't seem to care about anything else, this has been my only wish for my entire life, and it's come true.

I drowned out the sound of screaming and fighting from my parents and locked the door to my room, sitting on the end of my crooked bed looking at the sun out of my window. Imagining it swiftly being covered by clouds and snow falling soon after. It was really my solution to everything. I imagined this as I was being teased at school for having a bruise the size of a pear under my jaw. During my grandmother's funeral because I knew she would be so happy to be in the midst of snow before being cruely placed six feet under. After my first heartbreak, my first college rejction letter, and so on.

Night is already beginning to fall while I am standing still in the same spot I was this morning. The snow is still falling, and I am becoming more consumed by the second. I feel reborn, and my depression completely healed, and the resentment I've held against every person that has walked in and out of my life has vanished. I am healed and renewed. Before I discern what is happening I fall to my knees and my mind draws a blank, and all my senses fail soon after.



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