We All Face It

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This is a sad tale about a father who goes through fear and depression. Comment with thoughts and your ideas behind what you found symbolic.

Submitted: February 11, 2017

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Submitted: February 11, 2017



He was running as quickly as his legs could carry him. It was dark in this hallway. Every night he had this dream, and he knew it was just a dream at this point, but that never stopped him from trying to escape the terror that always chased him down this hall. He never seen what he was so terrified of but that never stopped him from running from it. All he had to do was listen to what it said.
"Why do you run, you know we will always find you. We will always win in the end. Just give up. Just give in. You cannot resist forever. No one can resist forever. Let it consume you, just give in. We wait for you all. You know the more you look over your shoulder the closer we get. The more you think of us the deeper this will go. "
They always said the same thing. This always ends with him waking up before he ever reaches the end of the hallway. Wait, what is that. Is that a hole in the ground. Thats not supposed to be there. And... are those voices coming from the hole. Those are voices he knows well. He stopped, those were the voices of his two sons. This was something he hadn't faced in this dream before.
"Dad, why, why didn't you help us. If you just tried, you could have saved us. If you just payed more attention. If you just listened to us, you could have saved us."
"I tried boys, I tried so hard, if I would have known..." His voice trailed off as he began to cry uncontrollably.
"You cannot run from us. We told you. It would have been easier to have given in from the start.  No one outruns us. Not even your children." The voices spoke.
"Dad, just give up, its so much easier, we did it and now we can rest."
Hands appeared at the edge of the hole.
"Please, God, no! Please, God, I'm begging you, no, no, no, no..." The man began crying harder.
The hands were those of his boys, pulling themselves up. The man just continued crying. Finally both boys stood there hugging their father. The younger boy, no more than fourteen had a huge bruise in the shape of a ring around his neck, which was bent at an impossible angle. The older looking boy, no more than seventeen was missing the back half of his head like it had exploded.
The man looked at his boys in that state and couldn't mouth a single word, but he did continue crying. He noticed that he was no longer in a hallway, but in a room that was barren except for a rope and chair to his left and a shotgun on a table to his right. When he looked back at his boys, they were whole again, but no longer hugging him. Then he watched as his youngest walked to the left and his oldest to his right.
"NO! Please boys, don't do it, I'm here for you, please..." He tried to stand but something was pushing down on his shoulders. He looked to his left shoulder and saw a man with tears in his eyes and dressed in black placing his hand on him. He looked to his right shoulder and saw a man with a terrified look on his face and a little girl's hand held in his. He too, placed a hand on his shoulder.
These men were him. And the little girl next to the terrified man was his daughter. He looked  back at his boys just as the younger boy kicked the chair out from beneath himself.
"NOOO!" He quickly looked over to the older boy, who seen his younger brother die. The older boy began to cry as he put the shotgun in his mouth and pulled the trigger.
"No, no, no, please god why are you doing this to me?" He began to cry again, and when he blinked tears away he was in a new place. This time he was at a gravestone with his boys and daughter. He looked at what he was wearing. He is now the man dressed in black with tears in his eyes. He looks at the gravestone, and on it is engraved "Beloved Wife and Mother". His kids are crying around him.
He wakes up crying softly. He sits in his bed for a few minutes crying to himself. Then he starts to hear the voices again.
"We told you it would have been easier to have given up from the start. No one can escape us, and all will face their time. Why don't you rejoin your family."
He stopped crying, and wiped the tears from his eyes. He picked up one of his pillows. He walked to the door of his room and opened it quietly. Through the open door he could see a long dark hallway. He quietly started walking down the hallway, looking down at his feet. He looked up and seen the fearful man again standing in front of a door.As the man approched the fearful man opened the door for him, and began to cry softly. He walked over to the bed in the opened room.
"Sophie. Hey, Sophie its me daddy." He whispered softly to the small figure under the blankets. They began to move. The small figure turned over, and it was a girl of no more than six.
"Daddy? What's going on?" The little girl asked in a sleepy voice.
"We are going to visit your Mom and your brothers." He said softly with a hint of sadness in his voice.
"But daddy, it makes me sad when we go to visit them." She replied innocently.
"Just one last time, I promise." He assured.
"Ok daddy." She said before the man shoved his pillow on her face.
She struggled for a few minutes, and the whole time the man was crying. Finally she stopped moving, and he lifted the pillow. It and the little girls face were soaked with her tears. The man wiped her tears away, then wiped his away. He then picked the little girl up out of the bed and went to the door. He looked out into the long, dark hallway. He began walking back to his door. He passed an open doorway and he looked into the room. His boys were in it smiling to him. He passed another open doorway and looked into the room. This one had his wife in it smiling to him. Finally he reached his door and he saw the sad man with tears in his eyes in front of it. The sad man smiled to him and opened the door for him.
He walked to his bed and layed the little girl on his bed. He then went over to his nightstand and opened the drawer. Inside was a bottle of pills. He opened the bottle and took them all. He then layed down next his little girl.
"I'll see you soon sweetie." He said to the little girl before he went to sleep forever.

© Copyright 2017 Isaac Frost. All rights reserved.

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