regalia book one: avarice prologue

regalia book one: avarice prologue

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy



Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy




this is the prologue of the book i have been working on. i am nearly done but want to expose myself to comments and ideas of readers before i try to publish this. i appreciate anything anyone has to offer. hope you enjoy it!
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this is the prologue of the book i have been working on. i am nearly done but want to expose myself to comments and ideas of readers before i try to publish this. i appreciate anything anyone has to offer. hope you enjoy it!

Prolog (v.1) - Prologue: Divinos

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Open to all criticism. Tell me what you like/dislike. The formatting is a little messed up because I had to paste it but, the content is what's important!

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 11, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 11, 2017







Humans are the most intelligent, innovative, strong, and beautiful creations I have ever conceived. Yet, their reckless, self-absorbed, and violent natures only reveal that they simply cannot be trusted to look after themselves, Divinos thought as she sat—perched on a cloud as though it were a chair—observing the beings she had created in her image.

She looked down at her world below and studied the race of beings—called mankind—she had just saved from the obscenities of war—a human conflict over meaningless things such as land, ideals, and emotions. Several races of men and women throughout the world below were busy building the first kingdoms—vast stone places where people could live, protected from each other.

Divinos didn’t like the idea of man segregating themselves from each other. But over time, she realized that creating countries—imaginary borders symbolizing the area of one kingdom’s dominion from another—was mankind’s attempt to cope with their differences—and maintain order— without killing each other.

The Goddess turned her head and looked toward the opposite end of the world. There she saw a race of men and women dancing and singing as they celebrated some holiday that was unknown to Divinos.

They seemed so happy and carefree. The sight warmed Divinos’ heart. After all, she had created mankind to protect her world and enjoy their lives in peace and prosperity.

Divinos sighed. It was a shame that she couldn’t stay amongst mankind forever and teach them to live in peace forever. Her life was nearing its end, and soon she would find herself at the gates of Oblivion—a place where Time, the one and true all-powerful being, no longer laid claim to the lives of all things in existence.


The fear of Time—the first and most powerful being to exist—and a seemingly meaningless end to all things in existence is what drove Divinos to shape her new world. Divinos herself was born from the Light of the Universe with nothing but lifeless stars and the emptiness of space to keep her company.

It was a lonely existence.

Her own loneliness pained Divinos. She believed her life was comparable to the endless cycle of birth and the death of stars and the immeasurable, unfilled emptiness of the Universe. It was meaningless.

Such as it was, she concluded that her life was empty and without purpose.

The only constant within the Universe was Time. Time had taken—and would take—everything in the Universe for itself. Its gluttony, greed, and lust knew no bounds as it devoured stars and planets.

Time was a cruel master, whose wrath and greed was not satisfied until it destroyed and claimed everything in its path.

In an attempt to avoid Time, Divinos fled to the middle of the Universe and took shelter from within it on a planet made of nothing but darkness. As she waited within the confines of this dark, bare, and shapeless world, Divinos began creating various things to fill it. She felt as though she owed the Universe that had birthed her. In order to pay her debt, she decided she would create life so that, one day, her creations would spread throughout the Universe and fill its emptiness.

She wanted to give the Universe meaning.

In order to achieve her dream, Divinos spent thousands of years creating the Foundations of the World from the Darkness of the planet.

She created water—which formed the rivers and oceans, earth—which provided sanctuary from water, and wind—to circulate and cool the world from the intense heat that became world’s fiery core, to give the world life.

As the years passed, Divinos continued to fill the world and went on to create many things—giving them life through the various elements she had used as a foundation for the world itself.

However, the more Divinos created, the bigger the hole in her heart became. She believed all the beasts, vegetation, and aspects of the world she had created were beautiful. All things, including the trees, seas, and sky, were filled with life but they still didn’t satisfy the loneliness Divinos felt.

Divinos wanted a legacy. She wanted to leave a piece of herself in the world that she had created. However, nothing she created thus far resembled her likeness in any way. She feared there would be nothing to care for her world when she was inevitably taken by Time itself.

It was that sense of loneliness that led to the creation of mankind.


Divinos decided to create a species that would reign above all else. A species made by her—to resemble her. She drew upon the foundations of the world, which included Water, Earth, Fire, and Wind—the elements other than Light and Darkness that she, and everything else in existence, was born from—and created the first of this species. She named the being ‘Man.’

Man quickly adapted to the world around him, and, soon after, even learned to control the very foundations of the world itself, asserting his dominance over all Divinos’ other creations. He named his control over the foundations, Magic, and, over time, his offspring, the kin of Man—mankind—would learn to control the power to a higher degree. 

Divinos’ loneliness was lifted. She loved mankind since they were the first of all her creations to use the world around them to create new things.

Soon after the creation of man, Divinos left the species—placing them in charge of ruling the world in her stead— to wander the Universe and see how much had changed within the time she had spent shaping her world.

Divinos returned to her planet satisfied that Time would not be around to claim—and destroy—her creations during the foreseeable future.

Upon her return—after being gone for nothing more than a few thousand years—mankind had segregated themselves into races as a result of their different appearances, quarreled over trivial aspects of the Goddess in which they served, and waged war over resources—which Divinos had carefully made plentiful in order to sustain all of her creations.

Mankind’s actions angered Divinos, she thought of ridding the beautiful blue world she created of mankind. At least that way, the rest of her creations could be spared.

But she couldn’t do it.

In her eyes, everything she created was equally beautiful. In fact, despite their seemingly never-ending conflicts, mankind had a quality that no other species before them had. They, like Divinos, could create unimaginable things from nothing but the resources around them. That reason in and of itself, was what made mankind worth sparing in her eye.

Instead, Divinos sought another course of action. She wouldn’t leave the world solely in the hands of mankind again.

They will be protected from everything in this world, including themselves, Divinos thought. That is why I must create those who will guide the rest of my creations.

Thus, Divinos created the Seraphim.

She realized that the remnants of Darkness—which was what the world was made of before her arrival—found in each of the foundations of the world—Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire— may have been the reason mankind had such a destructive nature.

In order to make sure she didn’t repeat her error, Divinos used the Light from her own soul—giving the race fragments of her mighty power—to create the Seraphim. She gave the Seraphim bodies of pure Light and fashioned them so that they resembled men—in order for men to see them as equals. She gave the Seraphim white wings, crafted from clouds that radiated at the touch of light like her third favorite creation—the rainbow, which to the humans symbolized renewal and peace.

Divinos wanted to make sure each Seraphim was unique and led mankind through symbolizing different traits. She named these ideals virtues—ten of Divinos’ most pure traits—and molded each of the Seraphim each one. These traits—Chastity, Temperance, Charity, Diligence, Patience, Kindness, Humility, Love, Wisdom, and Power—were what Divinos believed to be the most beautiful traits one could have in life besides the ability to create.

Divinos drew upon her Chastity, and the trait that she used to create the Seraphim Luxuria who was to guide the creations of the world away from the soiled touch of Sin.

One of the glaring traits of men was greed. For one reason or another, man always wanted what he could or should not have. Divinos used her Temperance and ability to abstain from worldly desires and created the Seraphim Gula. Gula was to guide the creations of the creations of the world away from their dependency on Sin.

Divinos believed that one man shouldn’t care for himself, but should strive to care of his kin around them. Her adoration for Charity resulted in the creation of the Seraphim Avaritia. Avaritia was to comfort the weak creations of the world through the hearts and actions of the strong.

The Goddess poured every ounce of her very soul and strength into making the world she created as beautiful and peaceful as she possibly could. To embody the vital trait of Diligence, she created the Seraphim Tristitial. Tristitial was to ensure that the creations of the world never faltered in using their abilities to create a better, more peaceful home for everyone to enjoy and prosper. 

Despite her anger and lack of faith in mankind—due to their ceaseless fighting— Divinos understood mankind wasn’t perfect and would make mistakes. She drew upon her Patience and created the Seraphim Ira, who was to guide the creations of the world against Time and utilize their gifts to stray away from foolish decisions based off irrational judgments.

Divinos believed that the human’s prejudice and discontent between one another was foolish and destructive. In order to combat this, she drew upon her Kindness she created the Seraphim Invidia—who was to ensure the world never fell to the ill-conceived actions of man. 

As result of her hatred of man’s pride—one of the main traits that caused conflict—Divinos drew upon her own Humility in order to create the Seraphim Superbia. This Seraphim was to use her power as a means to remind those that were full of pride that they were to remain humble and wary of the destruction caused by Pride.

Divinos believed that the absence of fear, loneliness, and desperation was an emotion within itself that was beyond comparison. She named that emotion Love. With Love—the emotion that drove Divinos to create her world—she created the Seraphim Zadkiel. Zadkiel was to spread love throughout the entire world wherever there was fear, loneliness, or desperation— in order for man to conquer those emotions. 

Divinos despised some of the foolish beliefs of mankind. Their segregation due to beliefs, skin complexion, and many other things angered Divinos. In order to combat these foolish ideals, Divinos used her Wisdom to create the Seraphim Uriel, who was to lead the creations of the world towards enlightenment and acceptance. 

Finally, Divinos created the Seraphim Keter from her Power. Keter would be the Seraphim who would strike down all those who gave up the pursuit of righteousness and moved to harm the rest of Divinos’ creations.


Divinos believed that the Seraphim would function as the perfect guardians and advisors for mankind because they were wholly crafted from her Light and not the tainted elements that were the world’s foundation.

Divinos introduced the Seraphim to mankind and the races of men were displeased. Mankind feared the power that the Seraphim possessed and initially met the man-like, winged angels with animosity, beseeching Divinos to find a way to balance the power between man and Seraphim.

To ensure that the Seraphim would function as they were designed to, Divinos created ten Regalia—instruments symbolizing her favor— and bound each Seraphim them. The Regalia functioned as a contract between the two races and tethered Seraphim to the will of man—creating a sense of balance between them.

Divinos paired each Seraphim and Regalia with a wielder—a man or woman—whom Divinos believed most closely embodied the corresponding Seraphim’s trait.

Despite all that Divinos had done, she couldn’t help but believe that mankind would still find a way to destroy themselves. The very idea of mankind’s seemingly inevitable self-destruction saddened Divinos. She believed that despite the marvelous world she filled with all types of creatures, natural phenomena and most importantly, life that these creatures fashioned from her very own image would be the destruction of all she created.

It was clear that the Seraphim were closer to what Divinos saw as an ideal creation than any man could be. Especially since Divinos had fashioned the Seraphim from her very own personality traits and ideals.

But she loved mankind and would not destroy them.

Besides, Divinos thought as she remained seated on her cloud-chair, my time is nearly up and I cannot afford to second-guess myself now.

Divinos smiled. Besides I didn’t create the Seraphim to sit on the Throne of the World, Divinos reasoned. After all, the Seraphim are nothing more than fragments—mere pieces of my own soul. They are incomplete, reflecting one piece of who I am. Mankind on the other hand—despite their nature—is complete. They are the symbol of Life itself. I only hope they see this.

The only thing the world needed was a true and just ruler. A person from the race of mankind to rule the world as Divinos would:

The One to sit upon the Throne of the World

Divinos recalled how she had told mankind about one amongst them that would come forward at the turning point of the world—a time which light and darkness would clash and their conflict would determine the world’s future—and unite the world—bringing everlasting peace.

The Goddess prophesized that during the world’s most dire time that the Seraphim would come together and select the worthiest candidate to become The One.

Divinos sighed. This would be the final time she would lay her one eye on this world, the men she fashioned in her own image, the sky, the seas, and the animals that dwelt within each and every corner of this beautiful, blue world.

A single tear dropped from the Goddess’ face. I cannot, will not, allow mankind, the Seraphim, or anything in existence to destroy the world I have created, though Divinos.

After a few seconds of contemplation, Divinos had an idea. It would be her last attempt to make sure her creations would thrive when she was gone.

She needed a champion.

At that moment, Divinos decided to create a guardian—one whose strength could rival that of man and Seraphim alike.

Divinos stood and flew higher into the sky until she reached the edge of the world’s atmosphere. She looked around the world and saw that there was a storm brewing in the far corner of the world.

As the storm raged on, Divinos watched how the lightning streaked through the sky and struck the earth—tearing the earth it struck asunder.

Divinos smiled. Lightning was dangerous, pure, and beautiful—just like the Light with her soul. It was the element that she was going to use to eradicate mankind.

Another flash lit up the sky sending a bolt of lightning spiraling down towards the Earth below. Divinos reached towards the bolt—willing it to stop, suspended in midair just seconds before it struck the ground.

The Goddess flew down through the wispy, white clouds—toward the suspended lightning bolt and grabbed it. The amount of power emanating from the bolt surprised Divinos. She turned the bolt of lightning around in her hands, examining it closely with her one eye. She noticed that it was tamer than fire, as fluid as water, swift as the wind, and as sturdy as earth.

It was perfect. This element was exactly what she needed.

It’s ironic, Divinos thought, the power that I was to use to destroy mankind will be its salvation.

Divinos descended to the Earth and landed on the soft, brown soil—where she quickly set to work crafting her champion.

 From the Earth she created its Body, from the Water she gave it Blood, with the Wind she gave it Life, and finally, with the Lightning she gave it Power.

She marveled at her final creation, her champion, and grimaced as she realized it was looked exactly like man.

Which meant that, like a man, had the remnants of the world’s Darkness within it.

Divinos looked upon her champion and sighed. She believed it was ironic that her champion—who was to be a symbol of her undying will to maintain peace—resembled the very threat—mankind—she was creating it to combat. She realized that the only difference between mankind and her champion was the presence of the Lightning—which was very similar to Light itself.

Divinos grimaced as she felt herself fading away. She knew she would soon die and descend into Oblivion soon.

Divinos decided she would give what was left of her life for her creations—thinking it was the very least she could do.

The Goddess reached into her chest and pulled her heart out.

Rays of Light filled the environment surrounding Divinos as her essence poured from her chest. As life drained from her body, Divinos squeezed the contents of her heart over the lifeless shell of the champion.

The Light from her blood would protect it better than any armor ever would. Her blood would heal all of its wounds and keep it alive until it completed its task.

Divinos frowned. She watched in confusion as small trickles of Darkness—barely visible among the streams of light—poured from her heart.  

All I can do now, Divinos thought, is hope that my Light is enough.

After her heart was empty, Divinos waved her hand and sealed the shell of the champion in fragments of Earth, hardened the soil with Fire, and covered it in a veil of Water.

She grabbed the egg-like sphere protecting her champion.

With her final breath, Divinos soared into the sky and crafted a single nimbus cloud from her breath. She gave the cloud a soul and a small degree of intelligence so that it could understand its purpose and obey her command. Finally, she surrounded the cloud with Light to ensure it wouldn’t decay as the years passed.

Divinos spoke to the cloud. “Hear me cloud, if the time when Darkness runs rampant throughout the world, and mankind’s actions threatens to destroy my world, the Light that surrounds you will react and dissipate. If this happens you are to release the shell within you down onto the world below.”

The cloud answered—its voice booming like thunder. “It will be done, my Creator.”

Divinos smiled and turned to take a final look at her world—her jewel, her creation. Looking over this magnificent blue world, joy coursed through her body as tears flowed from her eye.

Still clutching her heart in her hand, Divinos began to fade away.

As she did, Divinos felt a warm presence grab her body. She turned and frowned.

Holding her body in massive hands was Time, an entity beyond description—and the thing she feared most. Time guided her soul toward the gates of Oblivion.

“Why are you here?” Divinos asked Time.

“Because child,” a voice answered soothingly inside Divinos’ head. “I escort all those in existence to the gates of Oblivion. After all am I not all that is, and all that ever will be? You should know, I am not with or without reason. I transcend all. Everything that was, is, and will be is part of who I am. That includes you,” Time finished as it opened the gates of Oblivion. 

Divinos gazed upon the vastness that was Time and nodded. “Forgive me, I thought you were everything I despised about the Universe, but I realize now, since I have created life—as you do, that it is balance that you maintain. That is the meaning of your existence.”

“Perhaps, Time replied simply as Divinos was gently pushed into Oblivion. Go now, my child, into a life of eternal, timeless bliss, you have earned it.”

Divinos frowned. “What have I done to earn such a reward?”

A sound resembling a chuckle came from Time. “Why don’t you ask your creations that no longer belong to the world of the living? They all await you through those gates.”

Confused, Divinos nodded and walked through the gates of Oblivion.  She walked toward a blinding light and could hear a celebration in the distance. Tears flowed down her cheek as she heard the singing of her name.

Divinos smiled and turned around to see Oblivion’s gates closing. As the doors slowly closed, she stood and looked upon what she believed to be the most beautiful thing in existence—her world.

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