A reflection of my dark thoughts.

From the first time I saw you,I knew you were strange,

In this dark woods how did you even manage?

To find me among this ugly storm' wreckage.

Even through the place's eeriness did you near me,

And that was when you could  properly hear and see,

My cold,hollow eyes,

My despair,loneliness,insecurities,fear, my maniaac laughs and my cries.

As you looked on with an expression of hooror,

The look that anyone who saw my true form would mirror,

You saw red blood dripping from my black heart,

And you stumbled backward deciding then to retrace your path and revert,

Alas! but once again my devil has engulfed me,

That I doubt would let you flee.

Hey, wait for a second before you finally go away

I've got a few words I would love to say,

The rest who came to me were just like you,

They couldn't identify and help me out of my mess too.

Well, nobody should ever know about me but you do,

I'm so sorry to say- Have a safe journey so sweet forever adieu.



Submitted: February 12, 2017

© Copyright 2022 1Dforever. All rights reserved.

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