The Minecraft Adventure (Chapter 6)

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Submitted: February 12, 2017



25 Minecraft Days Left

They both travel through an unknown part of the woods. They take down some mobs sheltering under the trees, and are careful not to make any creepers explode near them. Then David sees what appears to be a thin, black figure a bit taller than them. “I see something in the distance!” he says to Zombie. Together they go near the figure until it can be clearly seen. It was a wither skeleton holding its stone sword, wandering about. “Wither skeletons. But i thought they were only in the Nether!” said David. Zombie points to a purple glowing portal at the left of the skeleton. Zombie pigmen and wither skeletons seemed to come out of it. “Okay, i had been watching players for years, but i’ve never seen a portal before!” Zombie said. “Nether portals, you mean. But we have to close the portal. Dangerous mobs are coming out of it!”

They go to the nether portal and attack the mobs. Zombie was about to hit a zombie pigman when David shouted “No! Don’t hit them!”. He stopped and stepped back from the zombie pigman. “They are neutral. They don’t attack unless you attack first. And they call their comrades when in danger, which makes them very hard to fight.” Zombie followed his advice and struck down the wither skeletons instead, as they are completely hostile towards players.

David mines out a block of obsidian, and the portal closes. “A griefer must’ve put this portal here. To scare away people.” said David as he collects all the other obsidian. They both continue on their way.

They come across a cliff wall as the sun was setting down. Zombie suggests that they should build a house here for the night, and David agrees. They build a normal-sized house, and store their items inside the chests. They both settle down on wooden seats and eat. But as they eat, they hear horses galloping outside. David assures for Zombie to stay inside, as he knows more than him.

He comes out of the house and see 3 people riding horses come to him. Quickly he hides his diamond gear. Even though there was less griefers in the server he is in, his and Zombie’s items are impossible to get in the game, because of their enchantments or speciality from Notch, and makes even the Dark Swords go crazy about it that they may kill each other just to get them.

The 3 people climb out of their horses and ask David for directions to the Diamond Cave. The Diamond Cave got its name because its diamonds are more common that it would only take 5 Minecraft days for a player with an iron pickaxe to come out with a full set of diamond armor, tools and weapons. However it’s diamonds are getting lesser, due to the majority of players mining for it. Nevertheless, it still has some left and hasn’t lost its remaining bits of popularity in the server.

David knew the way to Diamond Cave, as he stole a map leading there, so he tells the players, and they got on their horses and ride their way to the path he told them. They were wondering why he would give them the way to Diamond Cave, as most other players said “I don’t know the way.” or just ignored them.

David was about to go back in the house when he saw something lighting up in the distance. It was a village burning down! He, however, ignored it.

But Zombie didn’t. When David told him there was a village on fire, he quickly came out of the house and rushed to the village. David called at him to come back, as it was still dangerous at nighttime with all the unfriendly players and such, but he didn’t stop for a second.

At last, he reached the village. He saw that there were many houses burning, and villagers running about, not knowing what was going on. Some of them were trapped in the burning houses, others rushing into the church, because it was fireproof. Zombie quickly tried to stop the fire and save the villagers, but 6 or more had burned to death. Still, he managed to get 14 villagers to safety and asked them to huddle into the church while he tries to find more survivors.

The last of the fire goes out. Zombie quickly builds a temporary house next to the cobblestone church and gathered all the villagers to get inside. He then places torches around the village to keep mobs from spawning inside, as well as placing fences around it. He goes inside the house, full of villagers. Some were sad, because their friends had died in the fires. Others were trading stuff with each other. But they were all glad that a player had saved them. Zombie places a bed in the house and rests there, with many villagers staring at him. They thought he looked familiar.

Morning has arrived and Zombie comes out of the house. The first thing he sees is another house and David. “I thought you would be in trouble, so i moved the house to here. Turns out you can handle things easily.” David replied.

They both start to rebuild the burnt down houses. They weren’t exactly the same as they were before, but is still a house that is considered okay by the villagers. Soon each of them moved into the new houses, and soon everything was what it was again. Zombie and David traded some of their items with the villagers for more useful stuff.

“These villagers are nice and peaceful to live with, but i don’t get why they love emeralds so much.” Zombie said as he traded his emeralds for an enchanted book. “It’s maybe because the emeralds are for their sacred emerald god.” David joked. They both giggled a bit.

Then they decided to leave. They start to gather up the wood and items in the house and waved goodbye to the villagers. They couldn’t wave back or say anything, as their arms are stuck together and they can only make “Hrrmm” sounds, but Zombie already knew they were trying to say “Goodbye, players! May your long trip be safe and peaceful!”

They reached a foggy area of the deep forests. They cannot see anything far away, and thus made them more vulnerable. 4 times they were attacked by mobs, and they would’ve already died if not for their very strong armor and weapons. They became more careful each time they were attacked.

Then Zombie saw a figure in the distance. It was a skeleton with full iron armor and an enchanted iron sword. It was rare to find one of them, but dangerous if encountered. He and David tried to sneak through it, as a long ravine surrounded them, and the skeleton was in the way of a thin bridge. But it had seen them, and the two pull out their swords, ready for battle. It chases after David and hits him with the sword. The sword was enchanted with Knockback 2, and knocked him down the ravine. Zombie managed to dodge the attacks and land 2 hits on it, and it falls down and disappears, leaving some armor behind.

He runs to the edge of the ravine and calls for David. A reply came in the chatbox, since David was too deep inside the ravine.

David248: I’m still alive! I fell into water! But there are so many mobs down here!

Zombie754: Don’t worry, I’m coming down!

Zombie slowly digs down the edge of the ravine, taking a few peeps. When he got closer to the ground of the ravine, he sees mobs chasing David, who is injured and is at half his health. He goes down and kills the mobs. David comes up to him. “Thanks, Zombie.” he said, and eats some food. But there was still more mobs going after them, so they both dig a staircase in the wall, covering the entrance behind them.

Soon there were 27 mobs, trying to get at them. They finally reach the surface, however it is almost nighttime. They keep on going for a while, and finally stop to build a temporary shelter. They lie down on their beds and go to sleep, while hearing the growls of the zombies and the rattles of the skeletons outside. In bed, Zombie was thinking to himself. Would i ever save Minecraft and my fellow friends? Would i fail, and get mauled to death by the hundreds of mobs, who had no chance but to follow the code? If he failed his mission, it would mean that Minecraft will be gone, as well as all the digital lives that live there, and thousands of people will wonder what happened. He slowly goes to sleep, as he gets the feelings of his mob friends calling out for him to be brave and strong.

As morning comes, David and Zombie check through the door. Most of the mobs have gone, either taking shelter or burned to death, so they both went outside and check for any dangers still near their house. As they eat, Zombie checked his device, which now showed “24 Minecraft Days Left” in the timer. It still hasn’t detected the portal yet, so they still have to keep on searching around the game world until it pops up.

Demolishing the temporary house, they set off deeper into the woods. As they continued forward, the fog grew thicker, until they can only see the area near them, and the mobs started to get bigger in numbers. “This fog is so thick! I can’t see anything far away! We’ll have to be careful if we want to survive...” David said. They stuck close together, making sure they won’t get separated or else they’ll be easier to defeat. After a while, they reached a mountain with a big waterfall. They were just going to continue on their way when something caught David’s eye. “Look, there’s a door behind the water!” Sure enough, there was. It was a wooden door, so it wasn’t blending into the stone surroundings easily. They cautiously approached it, with their swords ready incase a player decided to attack them.

The door opened and out came a player who seemed to be an old man. The duo hid behind trees and looked at the mysterious person. He walked out, onto the side of the river created by the waterfalls, and started to mutter strange words. He threw 2 diamonds and a gold sword into the river when he was finished, and the water flow started to drag the items to a nearby hole. Then, a big statue of the iconic character, Steve, came out of the hole which surprised Zombie and David. The old man walked up to the figure and bowed down to it. “Oh, lord of this server. I have summoned you, for there is a major threat coming to the servers...” the old player said. “Can you please summon our 2 saviours, who will not only destroy the threat, but bring peace to all of Minecraft so we will not worry about another danger...” Then a mysterious force dragged Zombie and David out of hiding to the old player and the big statue.

The old man inspected the two, looking from foot to head. “Ah, a player who has almost mastered the ways of Minecraft, and a zombie that has regained the power of freedom.” He seems to know about mobs having intellect and feelings like humans do. “So you two have come on your journey to fight the evil that is coming to destroy the game world. But the portal, i’m afraid, is secured by a mysterious force that drags people away, for most of them plan to take over the real world. Only those with the mystic emerald block which glows with magic forces, can pass through.” The old man pulled out a map and gave it to Zombie. “It is located in the green dot on the map. However, there are many dangers that surround the block, so i advise you both to proceed with caution.” After saying that, he went to the statue and bowed down to it, saying mysterious words before he went back to the two. “The lord has agreed to lower down the dangers around the block, to help you obtain it easier. But i cannot come. I must take care of everything here, as this is where i live, and make sacrifices and offerings so the lord will not go angry. You must go now, for the whole world of Minecraft is depending on you both to save it.” He went back to the statue and started to throw things inside a hole of lava, as well as sacrificing animals.

They continued on our way through the trees, slashing and killing any mobs that stood in their way. David asked a question to Zombie as they walked on. “Hey, Zombie, how is it that you could observe the players without despawning and losing all you just learned?” “I actually done that many times, but “despawning” was me being teleported into a player’s range, which kept my memory while resetting my health and equipment. I had full iron armor once, and i lost it when the players were too far away and made me teleport to them.” This fact wasn’t known by many players, as evidenced by David’s reaction when he heard about this. “But i’ve always thought the wiki was true. Guess not all, then.”

Zombie checked the map. There were two dots on the very far left, which is where they are, with many others around the other edges. “Other players. Atleast they don’t know the location of the block.” They started to head toward the location on the map and came to a river, but not an ordinary river. It was very wide, almost like an ocean. Squids swam about, splashing drops of water at nearby rocks and dirt. “Let’s make boats so we can get across this river quickly.” David suggested. They placed down crafting tables and started to make the wooden boats and soon put them onto the water. The two then jumped into the boats and started rowing the oars. But it wasn’t long before Zombie’s boat crashed into something and broke. As Zombie felt the water, a face popped up near the water surface. It was a squid, the one that got in his way and destroyed his boat. But David already made extra boats, and they continued. It wasn’t easy rowing your boat against many squids on a wide river, but they managed to get to the other side, losing 4 boats to the mischievous water dwellers.

Walking through the forest, they found that the fog was clearing a bit. “At least that could help us watch out for mobs more easier.” Zombie nodded in agreement, because his sense of pathfinding was gone when his coding changed, and now relied on his new vision to navigate. 4 mobs got in the way of the two players before the sun settled down. “Nighttime again.” David said. “Best we make shelter here, or end up good as dead to the mobs.” This time they built a much sturdier brick house, because creepers have suddenly become more common and that craters littered the woods.

Zombie found himself sleeping in his bed again as he watched David fall to sleep. But a loud, ear-piercing noise occurred and almost deafened them. “WHAT IS THAT NOISE?!” he yelled at the top of his voice. “I DON’T KNOW, ZOMBIE!!” David was covering his ears. The noise went away. They were scared by what caused it, but they found themselves relieved that it had gone. “Hey, the door’s opened!” He quickly closed it and went back to bed, shuddering at the thought of what happened and what thing they were gonna face, if it existed at all.

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