Two Sailors

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Two sailors eat supper. A question comes up and things go down hill from there.

Submitted: February 12, 2017

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Submitted: February 12, 2017



Two hundred years ago, two sailors called Philip and Roger site at there table eating supper. It was dark now. There first day had been tough and both men were tired after a long day’s work at sea.


“Shoot!” said Philip “I just got the best idea ever.”


“Pardon?” said Roger surprised.


“What if we put a ton of fish in a net and had them pull ships like horses pull carriages!” he said with excitement.


“But wouldn’t the fish get out?” asked Roger.  


“No. The net will, sort of, go around the fish completely.” return Philip.  


“I, um, don’t think fish are strong enough to pull a ship” finished Roger.


“Than whales!” answered Philip.


“What?” asked Roger.


“Whales! The giants of the sea!” said Philip looking up like he was talking about god.


“Whales…” said Roger.


“Yeah! Whales!” answered Philip.


“How does one catch a whale, exactly?” Roger asked.


“Well, you find them of course.” Philip said.


“And then?” said Roger.


“Well, you get a big rock…” Philip said.


“Yes…” said Roger.


‘Like a really big rock,” said Philip.


“Ok” Roger answer curious of the finale answer.


“Like a REALLY, REALLY, REALLY big rock,” said Philip.


“Ok, I get it big rocks, then what” said an impatient Roger.


“And then you drop it on the whale head” Philip finished: “Then the whale goes to sleep and the rest is easy.”


After that last comment there was a long silence followed by:


“You are the biggest idiot I have ever seen.” said Roger.  


“Not true!” answered Philip: “You’ve met my brother right. He came up with the idea that if we crush butterflies in a pot, we would never run out of butter.”


Roger got up from the table and went to bed. Philip laughs to himself and said:


“You know it’s a good idea.” before stilling the other sailors food.


It would be a great journey filled with danger, epic fighting, revenge and romance. But night one of this journey was, well... very, very stupid.


The End  


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