Mission One

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Adrienne's first mission in time. Short story entry for Adore Writing's Photo Fun contest

Submitted: February 12, 2017

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Submitted: February 12, 2017



“What is it?” Adrienne breathed, eyes fixated on spectral figure in front of her.


“The past, of course,” Fitz replied. “Amazing, isn’t it?”


Adrienne broke her gaze away to look at Fitz. He raised one blonde eyebrow, insolent grin in place like always.


“What?” he asked. “Why are you staring at me?”


Adrienne rolled her eyes. “Because you’re completely impossible, Fitzroy. That’s why.”


“Did you have to bring up my full name?” Fitz complained. “I should never have told you what it is.”


Adrienne opened her mouth to retort when Max interrupted them.

“As amusing as it is to listen to your banter, it’s getting annoying. Let’s focus, shall we?”


Adrienne shifted her gaze back to the ethereal blue light in front of her. In the darkened room, the figure sent long shadows washing over equipment Adrienne had yet to understand.


“So this is the past?” she asked, tone skeptical. “I don’t think the past had technology like this.”

“Well, no, and quite frankly neither does the current time period for that matter,” Max said in his placid tone. “It is what the past once was billions of years ago.”


“Must not have been a fun time to live in. Get a look at that thing’s teeth.” Adrienne gestured to the figure’s large and crooked teeth.

Fitz snorted. “Humans weren’t alive back then. You might want to polish up your history.”


Adrienne glared at Fitz, but Max once more spoke before Adrienne could retort.


“Enough, Fitz. Adrienne, the figure is that of a tyrannosaurus rex. It existed far before humans ever did. In fact, you two have a mission.” Max eyed them both. “That is if you can behave long enough to not get yourselves killed.


Fitz stood up straighter at the mention of a mission. “We can handle it, Max. Right, Adrienne?”


Adrienne nodded. She did wish that her first mission could have been a bit easier. Bloodthirsty creatures weren't at the top of her bucket list. But, the last thing she would want would be for Fitz to know she was nervous. He would never let her live it down.


“Here,” Max fiddled with the screen in his hands. “This will program the device, and for Time’s sake, don’t get yourself killed by dinosaurs, all right?”


He held the screen out, and Adrienne took it hesitantly, blinking at its glare. Max gave her a slight smile.


“You’ll do fine, Adrienne,” he assured her.


Adrienne forced a smile. Fitz took her distraction to give Adrienne a shove with his elbow as he passed.

“Come on!” he called. “Last one to the time machine is a petrified slug!”


Adrienne darted after him. “Can’t wait to have a reprieve from your blabber!”

Max watched them run out before shaking his head. Kids these days. 



word count: 463

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