The Forbidden Return

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The Return of the Forbidden.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Forbidden Love

Submitted: February 12, 2017

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Submitted: February 12, 2017



Raising her fists, she spoke. "Fight me."


chuckles as he watches her, drawing her to him by the wrists. A gentle but tight grip, "Too cute."


"nyeh.." looking down at the ground, she bit her lower lip... She had missed him. A whole lot of missing really. Instead of fighting to get away, she walked in and wrapped her arms around him tightly, hiding her face.


He nuzzled his face into her hair, seeming to inhale the scent, while sliding his hands down her waist, and to her sides, until she was concealed within his embrace for a moment of silence. He could feel her emotions, even when he had hidden his own on the depths of the sea. He slowly lifted her chin so she was facing the intensity of his gaze. And his hands returned to meet at the small of her back, caressing the soft pale skin of the woman he had given all of his. "What did I do that you decided to leave?"


the female had felt the embrace only gather until her face was risen. Looking up into the eyes that motioned the seas, she closed her own hues. Taking a deep breath, she bit her lower lip.. Raising her hands to the back of her neck, she undid a clasp... Holding tightly onto the chain with one hand, she moved her head and her hair back, holding her hand out to him. The Lute of the Sea within her hand, the Lute he gave her long ago. "I left.. for stupid reasons... I left because I was a stupid girl..." she had muttered. A sadness in her voice. "But I have always.. always held this close.. I could never forget the times we spent together..." she continued to speak. Not nearly enough courage to look him in the eyes again. "I'm sorry for what I did in the past..." she spoke quietly.


He kept his eyes on her, observing the reactions and her struggle. At least he wasn't the only one having a difficult time with conveying anger and love after so long. "The Lute, from that night. When Triton was conceived within your womb.." He only glanced to the silver chain from which the glowing bluish crystal hanged for a few seconds. "Stupid little girl? What caused you to make such choices? I want to hear the truth." His voice was demanding, aggressive but at the same time gentle. He had a right to know. Alexander took her left and pressed it to his chest, right above his pulsing heart, where underneath his bluish and silver robes she could feel his own lute, while lifting her chin with his spare hand once more. "Don't be afraid. I know there is more than a stupid little girl in there."


the female took a breath.. her hand being taken and moved, she felt the lute.. turning her head she looked up at him and her eyes were filled with fear, hated and death.. but not for him, the looks in her eyes, were for herself. She hated it. She hated herself for what she did. And she had only destroyed herself over time. Grabbing a hold of his hand, she placed it on her chest, over her heart. Nothing. No heartbeat. Only a scar. "Because I was lied too.. and I didn't know right from wrong... I took the lies as the truths and ran away..." she muttered. "I took out my own heart when I learned the truth..." she had continued. Closing her eyes, she lowered her head. "I killed myself... to only become a living dead doll that walks this Earth.. hating myself for all eternity for what I did..." she spoke truthfully. Speaking to him in her true mind... She told him the truth. "I killed myself... Because I lost you, I followed the lies and lived a life of Hell..." she had spoken a lot more quietly now.


He listened to her before responding, a frown crossing his face. But there was not a trace of judgement on his eyes, only anger. "You are prone to get lost in the abyss of your own darkness, it is who you are. While darkness can be embraced, true love can only survive in the light. And there was light in you, I saw it. Before you stopped being straightforward with me." A tear escaped his eye. "I told you once, that I was here for you. Unconditionally." He took a deep breath and leaned back against the wall, and it was when she watched her closely, after feeling her chest. "What have you done?! You could have come to me Victoria." He pressed his head against the wall brusquely, closing his eyes. "This better be irreversible." They could try using her lute and visiting the temple, seek Selene's help or Zeus' help. But he was not going to think about that right now. He opened his eyes and held his right hand out to her. "Take my hand."


Victoria looked at him, trying to put on a strong smile. "I tried.. but you were already gone.." she spoke gently, looking down at the ground once again, she took another deep breath, gripping tightly onto the Lute she held. She noticed his hand held out.. It was a replay in her mind. When he wanted her to take his hand and she ran... It scared her... In that instant, she wanted to scream from the memories. But instead.. she only reached out and took his hand with hers. "o-okay.." was all she was able to muster.


"I thought you wouldn't take it." He admitted and brought her hand to his lips for a small but warm kiss, taking a deep breath along with it. He looked back to her. "I am only going to say this once. Hear me now."


looking up at him, he always had height on her, she closed her eyes nodding. "w-what is it..?" she couldn't help but stutter. Hearing the words he said, he expected her not to take his hand, once again.. Making her stomach only sink. "I'm listening.." she spoke gently, waiting for his words.


Reaching out, he caught one if her curls, twining it around his finger as he spoke rather frankly, before shoving his hands back through his silver hair. That he had allowed to grow longer than usual. "How do I begin." Alex looked so deeply into her eyes, that she could possibly feel his longing for her and the current of emotions that had found their way back to his heart. "What do you see when you look into my eyes? Do you see something real? Do you see something you want? To fight for? To live for?" He asked, " In order for a relationship to work there must be commitment and trust. The basis. Which comes with maturity. I love you with all my hard and I accept every bit, every inch of yourself for what it is, the way it is. I couldn't be more serious. I want you however you are, the areas you love about yourself, the areas you hate about yourself." He leaned in to kiss her forehead. "Without reserves. Many times will this happen, many times will you feel drawn to the darkness which you are, I am here if you want to walk with me there. Water is part of you too...and it heals." He cleared his throat. "I just want to make you happy, to love every inch passionately, madly." His mouth curled with a wicked smile at the thought of it. "It is a journey, and everything takes time, maturing takes tm" He lifted his hand to her cheek, "If you come with me now, I am not going to let you go again. There is no way back. Are you ready? Or would rather return to the void and to live a life without us? The love we deny ourselves..."


Victoria looked at him. His eyes, they were such a blue she always remembered.. she always loved. Hearing his words, the questions. She could hear it in his tone.. He loved her still. And she loved him... But with every part of her she was scared. She was scared that if she did continue her path with him, the Darkness would only grow.. "It's a risk I'll take.." she whispered to herself so lightly and calmly. Only just loud enough for her to hear, until she closed her eyes. Her crimson hues taking a close, before she looked back up at him. A hint of the blue had regained their way to the surface. The sea that was hidden away. "When I look into your eyes, I see a King that was Robbed of his Queen. I see a King that I want to stand by and protect with my life. I see someone I truly want to live for.. I see someone that could hold me and keep me safe with the Darkness I am.." she spoke to him. Her voice had lost its joking tone. She was serious. The deadly melodic tone had returned to her. Holding out a hand, she summoned his sword. The sword that was always held on the walls, it was one of his many treasures. "Poseidon.. King of the Seas.. I have held this safe for you for when you return.." she whispered.. But in that moment.. she closed her eyes and realized. "I love you and have never stopped loving you.." she spoke loud and clear.


He watched her for a moment, listening to the way she was expressing herself, he had never heard her speak that way. It was uplifting. He look into her eyes, for his eyes said more reassuring words than he could say. The deepest words are those that need not be said but felt with the soul. The hint of blue in crimson eyes did not pass unnoticed. He smiled warmly, "I only want you to see a man who loves you. That sums it all up." He traced his thumb over her cheek, taking hold of one of her hips as if to bring her closer when she summoned the word, causing him to blink and pause on his movements. He shifted his gaze from her and the sacred weapon, the look of his face that of disbelief. "Fira? You kept her all this time? I thought I had burnt her. When I left Atlantis..." He retrieved his hand from the curve of her hip to take hold of the hilt, which was adorned with seven sapphires and seven rubies. "Thank you, Victoria. I don't know this was possible." He still looked at the blade in awe, smiling, its sheath materializing on the ornate belt fastened to his waist. He would wave it a bit, feel it against the palm of his hand, it had been quiet a long time since he had seen Fira. And that was when the knowledge, "If you had Fira with you, it is a good sign. It only reveals herself to those pure of heart and those who act for the greatest and highest good of others. I do not know what you think of yourself, my love. But Fira never lies." Those eyes of it had brightened, when he sheathed the weapon and finally took hold of Victoria's waist, strongly. "Are you with me?"


raising a hand, she placed it onto his cheek, a small tear falling down the side of her cheek. Even with no heart, she couldn't help but love him... The Lute he gifted her so long ago kept her alive, that is why she was here, even heartless, she still loved him. "I want to always be by your side.. forever and always.." she spoke gently, her voice nearly on the break of crying, she was happy. The one man she loved, was here again.

He placed a hand over hers on his cheek while reaching in to wipe the tear from her cheek as they slowly faded away into translucent sparkles of light. In the blink of an eye they both materialized in a chamber, Alexander was still holding onto Victoria's hand. They stood over a floor of the whitest marble, so transparent that you could see all marine creatures living beneath normally and peacefully. Layers and layers of sapphire silken curtains fell from the marble walls of the octagonal chamber. Two smalls cascade of crystal clear water descended from the solid white stone ceiling above, forcing the streams of cold water to meet in a pool of water beneath. A layer of blue and white roses danced on the water at the rhythm of the current. Their intoxicating aroma lingered in the air, along with the scent coming from the rows of perfectly aligned candles that burned a bright gold, surrounding the bottom edges of the pool. Alex let go of her hand and walked over to a silver corner table for refreshments. He took hold of a bottle of red wine and easily removed the cork while dragging two goblet from a cabinet. "Welcome back to Atlantis." He says, his deep voice slightly echoing against the walls. He fixed his eyes on her while filling the goblets to the rim.

He adds, "well my private baths to be precise."


giggling just slightly, she looked around. Atlantis.. the place where she once fled from.. now greeted back, a gentle and comforting smile escaped her lips. Watching him take steps over to a table, she walked over to him. Grabbing a hold of the wine bottle, placing it down on the table. Wrapping an arm around his waist just as she continued to move, using little movement to have him take a step back so she could be in front of him. Reaching to her tips of her toes, she kissed him in an instant. She wanted too.. She wanted to taste to lips of the God she loved. She wanted to take in his scent so closely, she didn't want to leave his presence. "I am glad to be back.." she whispered as she parted their lips, leaning back.. her pale cheeks growing red with a bright blush.


"I can see that. I'll like to show you something...." He had pulled her closer to him and returned the kiss, longing for more of her, for all of her. For more of them. At first he brushed his lips against her own, then more intentionally, wrestling shortly, hands taking control of her hips and her hair until she parted them, interrupting the kiss. "As you can see there has been some changes to the build." He commented while offering her a goblet of the dark vintage. "Come." He turned his head to her, locking her in that blue gaze..


Victoria heard all of his words, his control over her hips, she couldn't help but smile. It was his embrace, the one she never wanted gone again. Seeing the goblet being offered to her, she hadn't had a drink of fine vintage wine in so long, it made her smile, her ruby eyes locking into his sapphire hues, she smiled. How could she not be happy? She loved him, and always will. Reaching out a hand, she took a hold of the goblet, in a way this moment had reminded her of their wedding that happened long, long ago. "what is it..?" she asked gently, hearing his voice speak the word 'come' she wondered, come where?


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