why am i here?

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idk...ask a question and i'll do my best to answer in time. (Cover is a meme, unfortunately I don't know who created it and I am unable to give that person the credit for the meme and quote.)

Submitted: February 12, 2017

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Submitted: February 12, 2017



Why is it that you persist to keep me around?
Profound at how you sit there all night and won't make a sound.
Stuck in thought? You won't say, stay to yourself as if bound
To some sorta creed, oath but I'm always around for every breakdown

Always hearing questions, no piece of mind, piece in time I'll just relapse
Barely finding answers, found nicotine and cancer, still couldn't relax
Can't see a reason, I spill my guts through tracks and yet you dont reactRunning laps on a course, clouded by smoked, confused but can't even look back

Took too many shots in stacks, main reason because we came in contact
Wish I never met you, even though we spent so much time together
I still don't know you, killing me that i'm drawn to you like no other I kept my feelings hidden, a secret of you that's a bother, rather

...A compilation of thoughts that would hold me and smother
I'm only a moth, drawn to your flame knowing whats to come after
So reckless in actions heading towards a demise or disaster
Nothing feels like it matter, you took my heart and displayed it on a platter

I'll ask again, why is it you keep me here?
If I was to go, what would you fear? Why appear to care when it's clear
You're just wearing a mask, basking in my misery from the despair
I would lash and attack but i dont want bones to fracture or crack beyond repair

If you was nearer I would deal with the lacerations on flesh like shear scissors
Nothing to consider at the chance of escaping and no longer being a prisoner
Instead of the temparary release that's delivered by liquor
It makes me shiver to think the only thing inbetween us is this mirror

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