Wonderful Blessing, Enclosed Spirits

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When sitting down trying to relax, you wonder why you're going through this process. Why you? Why are you here?

Submitted: February 12, 2017

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Submitted: February 12, 2017



Taking that first glimpse at yourself in the mirror in the morning will always bring a sense of who you think you are from that perspective. People will consider the ideas of others throughout the days and nights incorperating thoughts into your mind. From that point what you see in the mirror is not what is really your true self. I myself have been through that many times and have had thoughts come to mind much more complex than those ones. Thoughts such as "what is this entity?, is this forever? the human body seems basic, is there really a transformation existance waiting us after this life? What makes a person God-like?" Those are questions of which the universe can bring about answers.

Wondering whats so special about the human body, you must first come to the realizatiomn that you are existing. To exist would mean you would have to have a spirit otherwise there would be no control over the body you have grown in. Seeing as though you have sense enough to know that you don't run on all fours or even walk around aimless zombie like is the best sign that you're capable of communicating in order to recieve understanding of the yourself and the world around you as well. I was lost as it seemed my composure for self control was at risk when i came to question life. Though many people still do not believe, bu however they will gain no more knowledge than that of the false truths the government has allowed them to know, mainly because they have yet to talk to God. To understand God is to understand first yourself as you look in the mirror into your eyes you will see the pupil in which is the gateway to your spirit. The liveliness will not be determined by color, but by the good heart in which you use to live a perfect life.

The body may seem like a worthless enitity only those that have no respect for life itself or even their own. I come to you all today brothers  and sisters alike from all over the world as i spread the knowledge of the truth of knowing thyself first and foremost then carrying on to eat healthy in order to mainatin your holy temple which God has blessed you with at birth. Why mark and exploit something that could've been a blessing to someone else who would truely appreciate every limb and organ in your body. Man knows nothing of the universe without the use of his/her spirit in means of travel from this world tgo the next. Dreaming is no form of travel as it iss only signs of which way you are traveling in this lifetime. If not love me for the good brother/lover i aim to be then whats the need for you to be here in a place that should only inhabit peace upon people that seek to be like God. Do not be fooled by those wearing suits, holding bibles, and preaching loudly for they have no sense in the direction they want to travel as it would seem money, witchcraft, and greed is apart of those ships. Idolize no priests nor preachers of this time who demand a cut for they are the wrong ones that will enslave you mentally. In your mind is hell painted clear as day when you have aquired enough bad on your conscious for karma to lay you down to rest. Smile as i do in the face of any man/woman with looks of deceitfulness.

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