Stars in a Lilac Sky

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“ I want you to know something.” He said, cupping her face lightly in his hand, feeling the soft fair skin against his fingertips. His brown hair spilled out on the pillow in messy ringlets, though hers were practically untouched by the fabric’s fingers. “ I want you to know that i love you, forever, and no matter what happens, that will always ring true.”
“ No one can replace me.” She replied softly, brushing a stray curl back behind his ear. “ You’ll find me again, someday.”
“ and again, and again.” He brought his lips down to hers, practically drinking her in for what felt like the last time. “ Time doesnt bind our souls the way it does others.”

Falling in love had never been the plan for them, but when your souls are destined to follow each other for eternity, through love and all its trials, then falling in love is practically unavoidable. But past souls aren't meant to be discovered, and what happens when they are will only leave you wondering.

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You're My Favorite "What If"

Submitted: February 12, 2017

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