Stars in a Lilac Sky

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - You're My Favorite "What If"

Submitted: February 12, 2017

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Submitted: February 12, 2017



Journal 4 9:15 
“You’re my favorite what if”
I’m…...I’m dating someone. Someone i never thought would actually want to commit to me any further than he already had. Best friends……...Those words were what had defined us for so long i hadn't expected my feelings would have any impact. But there was no denying the impact that minty haired and starry eyed boy had on me. 

“ Whatcha writing?” I jumped a bit as hands wrapped around me from behind, my reflexes closing the journal shut automatically. I hadn't been keeping the journal long, but when your head swirls on a 24/7 basis, it was good to have something to blot it all down on. Somewhere where the words could spiral with the stars in your head. 
“ Nothing.” I replied innocently. I felt him chuckle behind me as he nuzzled my head, a small thing that meant everything. It was gentle pressure, a secure feeling as his head nudged mine and i nudged back. 
“ Writing erotic fantasies, i knew it.” 
“ Excuse you.” I laughed, setting the journal down and away before turning to look at him “ We both know i dont have any of those.” 
“ Oh thats right, i forgot you're a better bitch than a whore.” he smirked, eyes shining playfully
“ Damn right i am.” i giggled, tapping his nose lightly. He moved away, untangling his arms from my neck to sit across from me in the little space of the walkway. It was after hours at the school, one of my favorite times because it was quiet in the halls and there was no one to truly tell you what to do. Though, being in here wasn't exactly accepted. We were hiding in the bathrooms by the pool, the ones that were almost always locked and forgotten about. Old fashioned brown tiles and tan stall doors mixed with hidden away sinks and a broken mirror. Old graffiti was scratched into the paint on the stalls, showing the dark metal beneath them. 
“ what are you thinking about?” He asked, eyes watching me curiously, his head tilted to the side a bit. 
“ Nothing.” i replied simply.  
“ lies, i can see your mind spinning.” 
“ It's always spinning.” 
“ meds?” He asked curiously, concern in his eyes. 
“ maybe.” I said, shrugging. I smiled softly and put my hand on his head, petting his hair softly, seeing the mint strands run through my fingers. “ stop worrying you weirdo. It’s really nothing for you to worry about.” 
“ right……” he rolled his eyes before closing them and leaning into my hand. My stomach fluttered a little and i smiled. 
“ i’m serious. If you needed to worry you’d see me crying. You’d see so many different things, you’d know to worry.” i cupped his head in my hands, pressing my forehead to his “ is something bothering you?” 
“ not anymore.” he chuckled, eyes closing contently. We sat like this for a while, mint hair meeting my baby pink.
“ we should probably go.” he said softly, opening his eyes and meeting my gaze, his green eyes a teal, rimmed in a sapphire. His eyes never ceased to capture my attention, they were constantly changing colors like a mood ring, and the little kaleidoscope that they were made up of was one i found myself staring at consistently. 
“ maybe.” i replied “ but i don’t want to leave.” 
“ i know.” he said, drawing back and stretching a bit “ but your parents will probably kill me if i don’t bring you home on time.” 
“ are you kidding? They love you, they’ll just assume that we were hanging out.” 
“ i don’t think they’d be too keen on the knowledge that their daughter’s boyfriend kept her out late and didnt bring her home until later.” 
“ they don’t know.” i admitted, looking away as i stood and stretched. 
“ you havent told them yet?” 
“ why would i? It’s only been a couple days…..” 
“ i don’t know. Most girls get excited when they get a boyfriend and they tell anyone they can.” 
“ i’m not most girls.” i retorted, bending down and wrapping my arms around his neck “ besides, i needed to make sure first.” 
“ what do you mean?” he asked, looking back at me, eyes flashing with worry and confusion.
“ you know how confused i get.” i said, smiling softly “ besides, asking me out after having a break down, i wanted to be sure it wasn’t a joke to make me feel better.” 
“ why would you…..” 
“ remember the boy that dated me for 4 years then broke up telling me he just did it because he felt bad for me?” 
“ yeah…..i remember you telling me about him.” 
“ that’s why.” i smiled, rocking his body a bit “ something like that makes you careful.”  i nuzzled his cheek before kissing it softly “ but i’m happy that it’s real. At least, for now.” 
“ for now?” 
“ it’s only been a couple days. 3, actually. Never know….you might get tired of me.” 
“ we were friends before this. More than friends, actually. And i never got tired of you then.” 
“ true.” i smiled “ now you just gotta keep proving it.” i unwrapped my arms from around him and went towards my items, stopping short as he grabbed my hips and pulled me back, fingers looped into my belt loops until i was planted in his lap, albeit a little clumsily. He wrapped his arms around me, tight, comforting as he rested his chin on my shoulder. 
“ why?” 
“ i’m cold.” he said softly. 
“ then get your jacket, you weirdo!” 
“ your fault.” he chuckled “ you’ve got us holed up in this bathroom sitting on these cold tiles. Now you’re my blanket.” 
“ ok.” i said, leaning back into him, letting him hold me as the warmth and safety filled me, easing my spinning mind as we sat in silence like this for a while, until my meds took hold and i started to drift. 
“ i’ll drive you home.” he said softly, waking me up as i started to doze off. I rubbed my eyes and removed myself from his lap reluctantly. I grabbed my things, sluggish  with my movements, before following him out the doors and to his car. 
“ you know, one day we should just sleep at the school.” i said, waiting for him to unlock the doors before tossing my things into the back and crawling into the passenger side. 
“ why would you want to do that?” he asked, closing his door and facing me. “ school is like, the last place anyone wants to be. Let alone have a sleepover in it. So why would you want to?” 
“ because there’s just….something about it. I know it’s awful in the day, but that’s more the people than anything. But have you explored the school when it wasn’t full of people? I mean, besides stuff like this. Possibilities are practically endless. We’d have access to the theatre, the pool, the library…...there’s everything.” 
“ we’d need keys for that.” he pointed out, turning the car on and moving the dial for the heat. 
“ not really.” i said. “ being in marching band has it’s perks. Not to mention, we wouldn’t have to do all those things in one night. We’d pick something for one night, hide out like we did tonight, and just go from there.” 
You seem really sure of this.” he chuckled, shaking his head as he moved the car out of the empty parking lot, street lights passing and throwing him into shadow's, the only things shining were his eyes, like little stars in the night. Stars with people names…..that’s all we were honestly. 
“ yeah, i am.” i said, leaning back in the seat and closing my eyes “ when the school is quiet is the only time i feel at home. Besides, there’s a mystery about it, a feeling, that i can’t ignore. But i don’t want to be alone.” i looked over at him, head lolling a bit “ but you dont have to do this with me if you don’t want to. I don’t want it to feel like i’m dragging you into something you dont want to do.” there was silence for a moment, the only sounds his music on the radio as he stared ahead at the road, before he smiled. 
“ let’s do it.” he said, lightly brushing my knuckles with his fingertips. I breathed in and smiled, eyes closing happily 
“ let’s do it.” i said softly before relaxing, meds taking all my will to be awake away. 

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