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Retribution is a continuation of Revenge, in this book John van Fliet with the help of the Mafia organizes retribution on Nazi War Criminals, who have been hiding since WWII
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Retribution is a continuation of Revenge, in this book John van Fliet with the help of the Mafia organizes retribution on Nazi War Criminals, who have been hiding since WWII

Chapter1 (v.1) - Black and Haven.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 13, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 13, 2017




This book is fiction:

 Characters, names, events and incidents  are a product of myimagination:Most offices, hotels, restaurants and  streets are real, but actions taking place in them are fictitious.

 However statements with regard to the Concentration and Extermination Camps and other organisations such as the SS , Gestapo etc. of the so-called Third Reich are non-fiction and can be verified, names in general have beenchanged or modified.



Chapter 1

Black and Haven.

Adelaide Australia, Friday September 21st 1984

Peter Haven walked to the door, of Senior inspector Graham Black's office,and knocked receiving the normal curt: "Come", to his knock.

He opened the door and walked in, he was carrying a folded newspaper, 'the Australian', the Nation wide distributed newspaper under his arm. Black looked up from his work, and saw his young protégé standing in front of his desk, with what he thought, "looked like a large question mark on his face", making him smile, which softened his craggy face.

Waving him down to take a chair he said:

"Wild night last night", he grinned, "and what can I do for, you young Peter"?

The young detective, laid the opened paper on Blacks desk, and pointed to an article on page two, before folding his arms, in front of his chest:

"Have you seen that this morning", adding, "Sir"?

Black looked down, he scratched his scalp with the back of his ball-point pen, and silently coughed, whilst putting a fist in front of his mouth."What do we have here Peter"?

Black picked up the paper, and abstractly started to read the article, to which his young assistant had pointed, guided by his finger, Peter kept talking.

"Sir, I've been reading all those Mafia files you gave me, by the way, I found them very interesting", he stopped waiting for Black to look up, which he didn't, so he continued:

"when I saw this article, I thought it may interest you, being something of an expert on their Organisation".

Graham Black briefly looked up, with a grin cracking his face, before he returned his attention to the paper, and continued to read the article.



A high Mafia Commissioner, Phillipo Rosetta, has been killed, in what appears to be an ambush, near the city of Palermo.

It emerges, that Mr Rosetta, a High placed member of the Palermo so called, "Commission", was found yesterday with three gunshot wounds, and in a bizarre twist, he had three Swastika's painted in Red on his body.

Sources in Italy have noted, that several other Mafia leaders appear, to have disappeared, with no reason given for their absence.

The Italian Police are investigating, and are believed to be close, to solving this mystery, and should shortly be making several arrests.


"And some more rubbish", Black thought to himself followed the initial report, He looked up at his young assistant:

"So young Peter", he picked up his letter-opener ,and started slapping the palm of his hand, "I think, that you believe that there is a connection",he stopped,"with, Vince Melgosie , Hauser and this, what's his name", he looked down at the paper, pointing with his ball-point pen to the name:

"Phillipo Rosetta, am I right"?

Peter Haven looked guardedly at him, at the same time nervously shifting his weight, from his left to his right leg:"It could be, Inspector, I think this thought has merit"! he nodded his head, "the same sort of killing, as van der Veen with the swastika's, and as we both believe, connected to the Melgosie Mafia murder"!

"Young man", he smiled at Peter,"I believe your observations could be correct, I've obtained some information", he put the letter opener down, and drummed his fingers on the desk:

"I didn't tell you about it, but last week, I received this note, from one of my informers", he rummaged through the top drawer of his desk, and produced a small piece of white paper, "have a look, Peter".

Peter Haven took the note, and with a puzzled face looked back at his Inspector, "Inspector, who is Luigi Carlotti, and what was he doing in Adelaide", he touched his bottom lip with his finger, deep in thought:

A shaft of sunlight came through the window, making Graham Black look in the direction of the light source, which had come in over his left shoulder, before returning his attention to his young colleague, he smiled and said:

"That Peter, is two questions, not one", He straightened himself, and leaned back in his chair feet on his desk, both hands behind his neck:

"Luigi Carlotti is a Palermo Mafia Commissioner, he is either number one, or two on the ladder,question number two, that is not as easy to answer", he shifted his hands, "he arrived 5 days before the Hauser killing, here in Adelaide, by private jet from Palermo, and left a couple of day's after, he stayed with Gino Ravoli, number one in Adelaide, no wrong", he shook his head", now number one in Australia", he stretched his legs, and moved his shoulders a couple of times ,"I believe that Carlotti Senior, was killed by the SS in a German Concentration Camp, called Buchenwald, this is as much as the file's tell us, it could be incorrect, many things happened in Germany, we don't know about.

He stood up, and went to a cupboard, and withdrew a file, he turned back, and sat down again with a thick file in front of him, he opened it, and looked down on some of the pages, in the file.

"As you have found out by now" he looked up at Peter, "all the Mafia Families in Australia, and New Zealand are controlled from Adelaide", He leaned back in his chair, putting his hands behind his neck, and his feet again on his desk, luxuriously stretching at the same time.

"Get yourself a pencil, and some paper Peter, and lets put two and two together", He stopped and waited for his assistant, to get the necessary materials before he began.

"Number one, we have a case with money missing", he waited, "a courier, that is, 'one' of Ravoli's couriers, gets the chop", he put his hand down horizontally. "Number two ,the young man that we believe took the case, went to Holland", he stopped to let Peter catch up, "I have some information, that this young man's Grandfather, had a pretty hard time during the war", he raised his eyebrows, "'now this is very important'": I believe he, his Grandfather, was in Buchenwald Concentration Camp, at the same time as Carlotti senior", he lifted a finger, "the information is", he waited, as if to build up some tension, gazing at the Young Man, "that this Hauser, may have been involved, where the Grandfather, Grandmother and the Carlotti family are concerned".

He stood up again, and started walking around, hands behind his back:

"This young man ,who took the case, couldn't possibly have murdered Hauser, or whatever that scum called himself", he waited again, "he has a very good alibi, which I believe could have been, let's say, fabricated or organised by Mr.Ravoli, I do think, that this was created, without the young mans knowledge, or so my informant will have it, anyway, he this young man, doesn't even know the information, we have on file about him, and I personally don't belief he did it anyhow"!

He brought his finger up to his cheek, as if thinking deeply, "Lets continue, three", Hauser gets killed whilst Carlotti is here, in Adelaide, now the Carlotti's family ,was wiped out by the Nazi's, as where some other Mafia families, I believe some of the Ravoli's, where also killed"! He stopped and sat down, "got all that down so-far Peter?"

Peter Haven nodded his head, and continued writing every thing down in short hand.

Black turned in his swivel chair, facing the window , putting his feet on the ledge, but not consciously seeing anything outside through the window: "We haven't enough information that Hauser was involved",he put his hand to his chin, rubbing it slightly, "however, he at the time early in 1944, and as far as I know in late 1943, was stationed in Italy, before transferring to Holland , and I believe at times Germany”.

Shaking his head he continued with, "Four, this Rosetta, appears to have been daubed with Swastika's, conclusion”, a nasty smile flitted over his mouth, “'without any proof mind you', he waived a finger in the air at the same time, " he this Rosetta or his family, must somehow have been involved on the German side, hence the swastika’s"!

He turned around stretching,  facing Peter again, and smiled, "'don't quote me, I'm merely throwing some idea's around', as they say, I’m just bouncing them off you”, he nodded his head agreeing with himself, “and yes, I did know about the killing, I have been in contact with the Italian Police, and they contrary to the newspaper report, informed me that they haven't got a clue, as to the identities of the person, or persons involved, but they believe ,'like you' and me", he vigorously shook his finger at Peter, laughing at the same time, " that the order for this must have come from Adelaide, via Palermo, I have also been informed, that the German Police, due to the Swastika's, is now also involved and on alert"!

Black sat up, and straightened himself in his chair, he gazed intently at his offsider: Peter, I was going to tell you all this later today, I washoping to receive some more information, before involving you", he moved his shoulders up, and opened his hands, "but it appears, that you came to the same conclusion, as myself before I could let you know, well done Peter"!

The young man appeared to have a confused, and slight question mark on his face, he looked intent and asked:

"Inspector, we will be following this up, won't we"?

Black smiled at the young detective, "Peter my boy, I want you to get all the information, we have previously gathered, including all newspaper reports, you can get your hands on", he ticked his fingers, "on Vince Melgosie, Hauser and this latest killing", he took a deep breath:

"I want you to collate, anything and everything we have", he opened his hands, fingers spread out, trying to emphasise the importance, "I will hand you every thing I have, including information I have received from my informants, ofcouse except there names", he waved a hand around, "get Ray Hillier to give you one of his bright young blokes, and the two of you, start collating everything, in the correct order, pick out the chaff from the facts, and than write me an indept report, you can get as much help from Ray, as he can provide", he pursed his lips and nodded his head, "he'll look after you, you can show him a draft copy, and see what he can contribute", he waived his hand around again, "see me tomorrow afternoon with your report, by the way, get someone to pick up the information I have , I'll will dig it up, and have it ready by about eleven", he took a deep breath, I'll also give you this file", he pointed at the file, he had taken from the cupboard, "I'll still have to make some notes in it":

He looked pointedly at his watch, and again he waived his hand, and looked back at the papers on his desk:

"Thanks Peter."

Peter Haven so visibly dismissed, walked back to his small Office, where he left all the notes on his desk, from there he visited Ray Hillier, he informed Ray of the latest discussions between himself, and Black, and requested some assistance for the next few days, at 'least' if at all possible.

After Haven had left, Black put his hands behind his neck Again, and stretched himself luxuriously, feet on his desk, Next he gave a deep yawn, "I think we are going to get busy no two ways about that"!



© Copyright 2017 Will Vermeer. All rights reserved.

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