My Valentine Family Gift

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A new day here. Just love to do the best of all hearts who loved your family. May be this home is unforgettable in my words. May this be loved ever always so dearest. :)

If Valentines day is always a family meeting for our longest day ever lived,

God who has brought us together,

May never separate this companionship,

In everything I am hopeful here,

Love bring us devotion for a life we embrace,

In every feeling I am loved here,

Friendship bring us care for every celebration ahead,

When we forget everything blindly for the most important person in this life,

May a smile live its longest miles in wellness of a hearts space,

Today my family cherish an awesome beauty of Gods wonders,

I am faithful for all heartening steps my kids may take together here,

My parents never may say they are lonely in life again,

A bond of happiness on this beautiful day I like to spent with my wife,

Feel she forget that now I am at office always,

But always dear her side as I come back home for a bond of love,

Always within me there is a deep simplicity of a gratitude towards God,

May be life fall blindly in this gift,

In this Valentines day,

My enemy is hatred and all its expression,

I like to help a person within without emptiness,

For all gesturs life has given its path from true love,

May a journey where our choice is a space your friendship in all belongings,

For all souls lived here,

In respect of a expression I find God in every desire,

My garden of loved fragrance live around my home,

May those fortunes select its countless step even after my time here,

In the next life for my beneficiary,

I may inherit a new life away from a light,

Those shading its darkness never may wander in memories,

If this freedom for all gestures wrapped in feeling of love,

I may desire this life for a moment never forget this blessing,

For every home around my neighbourhood,

May happiness bless all these pages of time again,

In a life God has united us here,

May a Valentine in love,

Cherish a call of this beauty,

May this voice ring my hearts music always ever. 

Submitted: February 13, 2017

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This is really beautiful piece of your writings...can feel all your emotions wrapped in words. Loved it.

Wed, December 14th, 2022 8:50am

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