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this story is about the character charlie from my other story.

Submitted: February 13, 2017

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Submitted: February 13, 2017




Charlie was coming home from his job at the Mobil gas station. Walking home he saw a gathering of people waving money in the air. That night he decided to ignore it. But when he got to his 2 bedroom apartment his wife said to him “Charlie I have some really bad news,” Charlie sat down, “Sam and Mama G are sick and I think i’m getting sick to.” Sam was their daughter and Mama G was his mother who was living with them because she was very poor.

The next night walking home from work Charlie decided to check out the crowd of people. He went over to the crowd and realized it was fighting. Charlie knew he was pretty good at fighting because of his past. He used to fight when he was middle school and used to beat up high school kids. Charlie decided to sign himself up for the next day. When he got home his daughter was lying on the couch half awake and puking in a pan. His wife was coughing a lot. When his wife finished coughing she told him that his mother had died. He stayed up all night crying and praying but he couldn’t bail on the fight because he still needed money for wife and daughter’s medicine.

The next morning Charlie didn’t go to work instead he went to the gym so he could train for the fight. He trained for 17 hours non-stop.

When he got to the fight they asked him he wanted to be called and he said he didn’t know he was gonna need a name. They told him if he won the next two fights he was gonna need one. The man grabbed Charlie’s hand and threw him into the center of the crowd of people. He was in the pit with a man slightly bigger than him but that wasn’t gonna stop Charlie. Charlie swung first but the big guy dodged it. The bigger man kicked at him and Charlie grabbed his foot and threw him on the ground. Then Charlie wanting kicked his face and knocked three of his teeth out. Charlie had won. Some people were cheering and some were booing. Then Charlie received 341 dollars from the fight.

After the fight he spoke with a fancy looking man who wanted to manage him but before the conversation ended Charlie sprinted off. He busted through the pharmacy door and got the medicine for his wife and daughter and had some money left over to save for his mother’s funeral. He sprinted home. His mother and daughter were both sleeping. His wife was very pale and daughter was even worse. He woke them up and gave them the medicine. Within two days they were feeling better. Charlie fought every night to get more and more money.

The day of the funeral was sad but very beautiful. Charlie was able to fly in the guests who couldn’t afford a plane ticket. He was also able to pay for a big funeral. Charlie also had a bigger house now. 5 bedrooms and 3 floors and was planning on selling it and buying a new one after a couple more fights. Charlie had fought and fought. He almost had enough money. He was getting kind of bored of fighting and wanted to do something else. He spoke to the guy running all of it and he said, “Well if you want to get out of the fighting business a good way to do that is by fighting that guy,” He pointed to a huge man, “If you beat him you will have enough money to stop fighting until you find another job.” Charlie accepted the man’s offer and was getting ready to fight.

Charlie got into the center of the pit with the big guy. The big guy grabbed Charlie and threw him on the ground. Charlie tried to get back up but the big guy grabbed him again and smashed him against the wall. Charlie was almost dead and he tried to say that he was throwing in the towel but he couldn’t speak when he tried blood would fill his mouth. The big guy lifted up his foot to stomp on his face but something happened. There was a gunshot. Everyone fled but not Charlie. Not because he was brave but because he was still weak from the fight and was in shock. The big guy fell down almost directly on Charlie but he rolled away from him. The big guy was on the ground and bleeding everywhere. When the cops showed up they arrested Charlie and brought him to the police station.  

When he got there he used his one phone call on his wife.

“Hello?” His wife said.

“Babe it’s me i’m in jail they’re going to charge me with murder I know you won’t be able to get me out of it but I want to see you one last time. I’m not going to have a lawyer because I want to leave you as much money as possible.”

“I can’t come… I don’t… want to come.” She said.

“Why not?” He asked.

“I know you’re cheating on me!”

“What! No I swear i’m not.”

“Explain where you are every night.”

“It’s not li-”

“Bye!” She interrupted and hung up.

The jury found him guilty and he didn’t know what he was gonna do with himself. He didn’t know how to survive in jail but I guess a lot of the new people didn’t either.

The bus ride to the jail in Kentucky was awful. Charlie was chained to some crazy guy with  a scar over his whole face. When he got there he sat down next to a white man who had a lot of freckles. He didn’t have very long hair. He handed Charlie a cigarette. Charlie was disgusted by cigarettes and crushed it in his hands.

The guy was pissed and punched Charlie in the face and kicked him.

“I don’t smoke!” Charlie exclaimed.

“So just because you don’t doesn’t mean I have to loose my cigarettes I earned off bets.”

Charlie got up, “I’m sorry I crushed your cigarette I didn’t know how valuable they are in here.” He said.

“I’m sorry I overreacted. I’m Josh.” The man said and he stuck out his hand.

“Charlie.” Charlie said and he shook Josh’s hand.

“Why are you in here?” Charlie asked Josh.

“I dealt heroin to people then they made me do some community service and I sold drugs again then I tried to sneak drugs into jail,” Josh said, “Why are you here?”

“Illegal street fighting and murder but I didn’t kill him I can promise you that.”

“Usually people with violent crimes are kept in their cells all day besides the 1 hour they get to walk around.”

“Maybe they forgot about me.” Charlie said.

“Hey you said you fight right?”


“They have fights in the yard everyday you should start.”

“Okay I think I will.”

Charlie fought and fought like he did outside of jail. He was really good at it. He was able to beat everyone in jail. Now in jail people were also calling him Big C

One day a man named Leo challenged him to a fight. Leo had been known to kill people while in a fight. 1 day left before the fight with Leo, Charlie had made some new friends. Carlos, Tyler, Markus. He told them that if Leo killed him in there that he wanted them to kill Leo.

The day had come. The day of the fight. Josh was in the back of the crowd knowing Charlie would win. The other 3 weren’t at the fight they were playing basketball. The fight happened like this. Charlie swung and missed Leo kicked at him but Charlie grabbed his foot and threw him in the air. Leo ran at Charlie. Charlie was winding up his arm to warn him not to come andy closer but Leo kept running. Charlie punched and everything went silent. Charlie and Leo were both on the ground.

Josh ran to the front only to see Charlie with a screwdriver stuck in his stomach. Josh screamed for the paramedics. A day later Charlie had asked to see Josh.

Charlie was lying down a cold metal table. “Josh I know you want to stab Leo,” Charlie said, “But you can’t. At least not alone. Talk to Tyler about it.”

“About what?” Josh asked.

“I need to go now.” Charlie said.

Josh left the room and in came Charlie’s family.  Charlie smiled at them. Sam looked up at her father and started to cry. His wife also started to cry.

“Both of you need to listen. Everything is going to be fine in my will it says all my money goes to you babe. The doctor said there is no way I am going to live but I want you both to know I love you so much and babe I wasn’t cheating on you.” Charlie said.

“I believe you.” She said crying.

Charlie’s family stayed the whole night and to wake up to Charlie’s corpse.

The day after Charlie’s death Leo was killed by Charlie’s friends. Carlos, The one who stomped Leo’s face in with a boot was sent away. Tyler later died in prison fight. Markus was let out and became a lawyer fighting to keep killers on the streets. Josh was let out and started a big a family and lived happily ever after. Charlie’s family was fine they put most of the money into Sam’s college fund and was able to live off Charlie’s money for years. Because in this world a lot of things go wrong and you just have to stick with it until things start to go right.



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