Cindy's evening surprise

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From "How to catch a squirrel" I wrote the Cindy's side of the story. An unexpected surprise on a Thursday evening.

Submitted: February 13, 2017

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Submitted: February 13, 2017




By Morris Castle


Today is the first day of the rest of my life… Nope… Today is Thursday! I’m catching some dramatic stuff from mom since I paused my dating agenda. She gave me a book to read… “A tale of two cities” Dickens… I feel at school… I wasn’t reading anything anyway… I guess I could stop today and read on the beach while I walk Holly around.

Should I wear something better to go out? Why? Holly doesn’t care… I don’t care… People outside mind their own business… But what if I walk into prince charming today? Ha! Charming is asking for too much, prince or not… Guys are royal jerks these days… Well… not all of them… the other day that guy picked my badge up and didn’t asked for a “reward”, I didn’t even know his name, but he is around the beach almost all the time I walk by.

He is not a Hollywood face, but… why should I worry about him? Or anyone else for that matter… I am walking my dog, I’m not crashing a wedding or the red carpet… I feel like crashing the couch, but Holly loves her daily walk and it is a beautiful day…

  • Holly! Let’s go!
  • Mom! I’ll be right back!

Holly is as eager as every day to go out, mom appears to be napping, I’ll see her later… I might have some wine with her when we are back home. I hope one or two chapters of the book are enough to keep us both away from men related topics.

I love hard backs, but they are heavy! 10 minutes walking Holly on my right and I already want to change hands. I should be looking for a nice rock to sit and read, in the meanwhile… changing hands… oooohhhhh that’s the stuff…. – note to myself: hard back equals home reading –

The sand beneath my feet, the fresh air, Holly and me… and Dickens…

  • Male voice: “Hi”
  • Me: “Hello” (Who? What? Uh?)
  • He: “What are you reading?”
  • Me: “uhm… A tale of two cities… why?” (the badge guy… what’s his deal?)
  • He: “Dickens? Oh! Look what I have here…  Great expectations!  (he looks nervous)
  • Me: “uhm, OK” (9-1-standing by…)
  • He: “I’m sorry, we were not properly introduced… my name is Morris, and you are…”
  • Me: “Cindy, nice to properly meet you Morris” (OK, let’s see what does he want)
  • He: “So… Dickens’ fan?” (is that a line?)
  • Me: “Yeah, you?” (liar!)
  • He: “Believe it or not… my first try… a friend recommended it… light reading… so far, so good” “Hey, tell me… are you busy? I’d love to have someone to share this wine and have a good conversation” (wine uh? That looks suspicious)
  • Me: “Actually… I’m not, but… aren’t you expecting someone? I see a scrabble board there… that’s something you don’t play alone…”  (answer that smarty pants!)
  • He: “Well, hahaha, funny story… silly me… I got addicted to scrabble a couple of months ago and I carry it around all the time, I use it now to avoid the wind will lift my blanket, see? Four corners, four items… the basket, the wine, the board and myself…” (smart indeed)
  • Me: “I see… well… if you don’t mind the dog… just one glass” (two against one, public place, familiar face…)
  • He: “Not at all! Please, have a seat. What’s her name?” (he pets Holly, she doesn’t bark)
  • Me: “It’s Holly, my loyal friend and guardian… one command and she would bite your head off” (that should keep him on his toes for a minute or two)
  • He: “I would say ‘lick my head off’ could be a more accurate term hahahaha” (Holly licking his face… bluff off)
  • Me: “Oops! Hahahaha, so… Morris… a penny for your thoughts… about Great expectations” (let’s see if he is really reading it)
  • He: “I’m loving it so far, I can’t wait to read Pip’s next move! Well… actually… I could wait… if you agree… or should I say ‘dare’… hehehe… to play scrabble with me” (Dare? Presumptuous much?)
  • Me: “Let me think… the WORDS I’m looking for… Game on! Does that mean something to you? hahahaha” (I’ll take that smug out of his face)
  • He: “Me and my big mouth… I have the feeling this is not the first time you played it… right?” (darn right is not… hesitant much?)
  • Me: “I could be bluffing, you know?” (I’m not)
  • He: “There is one way to find out… let me open this bottle, I hope you like Spanish wines”
  • Me: “Si señor!” (it was either that or ‘OLE’, that’s all my Spanish, oops!)
  • Both: (Laughing)

We had the fruit first and the cheese and bread later, the wine bottle lasted one hour, the same amount of time it took me to defeat him in a tight game while having a delightful conversation about books and places.

Everything felt just right, the sun was about to set…

  • He: “It’s getting cold… here… let me put this blanket on your lap” “Oh, look! The sun is setting now”

He placed behind me and laid a blanket on my lap, disguising a soft hug… It felt nice.

He kept his hands on my shoulders, I stared at the sunset and let a sigh escape… then he placed his head next to mine and gave me a soft kiss on my right cheek… I stood up, he grabbed my cheek and I blushed –so unexpected- Then he stood up too, grabbed the blanket again, put it on my back, this time facing me, the sun half way down yet…

My cheeks turned tomato red, he put both of his hands on both of my cheeks –so tender- and approached his face up to 2 inches from mine… the sun almost gone… I approached one inch… then his lips went the remaining one, my arms closed on his back and then we kissed… softly, tenderly while the sunlight disappeared. Holly gave us her blessing with her excited tail and her kind look.

We stared at each other for a little while… it was magical… until he started talking again…

  • He: “So… when do I get a rematch?”
  • Me: “Uh?” (What a way to kill the mood!)
  • He: “I mean… you just beat me at scrabble, you just can’t beat me and leave me… can you?”
  • Me: “Hahahahahahaha, well… I don’t see the point of that…” (Laughing at the silly expression of his face) “you will lose again anyway…”
  • He: “How can you tell I didn’t let you win?”
  • Me: “Did you?” (Did he?)
  • He: “There is one way for you to find out…” (Cocky face)
  • Me: “Say… same hour tomorrow? Here?”
  • He: “It’s a date” (wink)
  • Me: “We’ll see about that” (wink)

I kissed him goodbye, Holly did her own licking his face again, and we both started walking our way home…

That was the unexpected end of one unexpected evening surprise…

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