Team Chef and The Other 5

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True story! Really happened legit fight me!

Submitted: February 13, 2017

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Submitted: February 13, 2017




It was the first day back from our winter break. I walked in the door and 5th graders swarmed the hallways. Instead of going on the main stairs I went downstairs to the cafeteria. I went down the ramp and grabbed a sausage breakfast sandwich. When I was going up to my homeroom I saw my friend Finn and he came up to me and said “Have you seen Gus yet? It’s hilarious!”

“No I haven’t seen him today I was just heading to homeroom.” I told him

“Oh my god you have to talk to him!” Finn said as he walked to class.

I excitedly ran up the stairs and to my homeroom I was so excited to see what Finn was talking about I forgot to put my bag in my locker so I ran back to my locker and threw my bag in. When I went into my homeroom Gus ran up to me and shoved something i my face. I grabbed it and pulled it away from my face. Immediately I started laughing because it was the movie Chef. The movie Chef had been an inside joke for about half a year and that day we had the movie.

Gus put the movie in my hand and told me to take it to my first class. Gus wasn’t in my class so he was trusting me not to lose it. I brought it into my class and sat down. Next to me was Evan Smith one of the funniest 7th graders in our school. Behind us was Aaliyah Shannon and Bela. We showed Bela the movie and he started laughing. Aaliyah looked very confused. Eventually the noise got too loud for our substitute teacher, Morgan. He stood up and snatched the movie out of Bela’s arms.

“You can have this back at the end of the day!” He yelled as he walked away.

“We need it by the end of class.” I said.

“Well thats too bad” Morgan said.

I turned to Evan and said “Operation Rescue Chef!”

He nodded and said, “We're gonna need more people.”

Evan was right I turned around and asked Bela if he wanted to help. He agreed. Then Evan turned to Julian who was to our right and asked if he wanted to join Operation Rescue Chef. Then we asked Marshall Griffin and Alex Boes if they wanted to help and they did. Then we took called over the teacher assistant and said we needed his help. Peter Watt who was the teacher’s assistant was pretty laid back and was willing to help as long as it didn’t cost him his job. We needed one more person to help us with this plan and then we both at the same time without even speaking to one another turned around and asked Aalyiah if she would help us.

“I guess.” She said.

“Great! Now that we have 8 people on our team we need a plan.” I said.

“I might have one,” Evan said, “This may not use all of us but Jack you need to ask for help from Morgan and I will walk up to Peter who will be standing by the desk and pretend i’m talking to him and then i’ll grab the movie and hide it in my sweatshirt and when I give you the signal get rid of Morgan.”

At the time the plan seemed simple enough. I raised my hand, “Morgan I need help.”

“Come over here.” He said ruining our plan.

I looked at the group. “We need another plan.” I said.

“I got one,” Bela said, “I will ask to watch the video one more time and when he gets up to do that you grab the video and go sharpen your pencil.”

“Okay, yeah! That’ll probably work.” I said.

I got up and was talking to Peter about the plan when Bela rose his hands.

“Yeah?” Morgan said.

“Can we watch the video again?” Bela asked.

I started walking to the desk when Morgan said, “Yeah sure just hit play.”

I turned around and sat back down. “Aaliyah you wouldn’t happen to have a plan would you?”

“Well the movie is on the side of the desk right? So why doesn’t someone stand at the front of the desk and distract him and while that person is distracting them we can form a line that curves to the side of the desk and the person at the end will grab it.”

We were all doubting it but we were willing to try anything so we told the others about the plan and they thought it was a good plan. So I went up first and started distracting him. While I did that Bela came up next to me and was trying so hard not to laugh. Aaliyah followed Bela. Then at the back of the line was Evan.

“Morgan what does intelligence mean?” I asked.

“I’m sure you can figure that out Jack.” He snapped.

“Morgan it’s a big word.” I said as Evan slid a piece of paper over the movie.

“Jack sit back down!” He said.

“MORGAN HELP ME!” I yelled.

Evan grabbed the movie and he sat back down.

“Nevermind” I said.

Bela burst out in laughter and we all sat back down. The issue was we had 15 minutes left of class and we had to hide it for that long. During that 15 minutes I said, “Damn we’re like The A Team” I said.

“Ha more like The 8 Team!” Evan said.

“That should be our name.” Jack said.

“But only four of us did the work.” Evan said.

“Let’s be Team Chef!” I said.

“YES!” Bela shouted.

We didn’t want the others to be kicked out so our new name was Team Chef and The Other 4. However Gus kept saying he was the movie owner so he should be in Team Chef so we just gave him a spot with the others. So we were Team Chef and The Other 5.


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