For She Is Me

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Submitted: February 13, 2017

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Submitted: February 13, 2017






Before I beg & plead to be considered half as important as you, let me explain a thing or two,

Through trials and tribulations,

Nothing temporary was meant to last,

Backs broken from carrying trees,

Virginities taken,

Roles assigned,

Good, not good enough,

Households taken care of,

Babies born to live by this world's rules,

Let it be said: I serve him,

The oppressor was her master now, It was time to bow down,

Through the mirror,

The glass echoes the voice behind her eyes,

The Hunger,

The Pain,

The Power she craves,

Dark days guide her to the light,

At night she regains what was taken from her and the people,

This voice  does not go unnoticed, you stepped into this land, let me tell you who this is,

She was birthed by slaves and immigrants,

You see stereotype, but not her battle, the words behind these lips, hit with a fist of the oppressed, judged by the color of this skin, between these legs, of this body, of this face, Of her name, Know her name,

It is us,

It is us, It is we, it is us who see's our real beauty, labelled, Disabled, but don't forget, we built this country, that bears your name,

For she is me,

The one with the Braids,

The one with the Hijab around her head,

The one with the long Blonde hair,

The one with the Yellow, Dark, White, Brown Skin,

The Fat one,

The Skinny one,

The Pretty one,

The Plain one,

The Ugly one,

The Immigrant,

The Slave,

The Feminist,

She is me,

My throne is what I aim to conquer,

For She Is Me,

The rich and divine woman of the land,

For you, I am too divine to hold,

A mere Butterfly wrapped in silk and gold,

I am not meant to be caged, Nor does the crown that is placed upon my head is meant to go unshined or unnoticed,

These words do not go unnoticed,

This Glitter will not diminish,

For She Is Me,

Look into my eyes, look at this face, I am more than what you make of me,

For She Is Me,

For I reign,

For I rise,

For I grind,

For I fight what is mine,

I made this Kingdom and it will continue to grow

For I rise,

For she is me,

For I am that power,

The one and only Queen.


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