Share My Feelings

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my amazing wife who i love so much on this most romantic day of the year

Submitted: February 13, 2017

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Submitted: February 13, 2017



Share My Feelings



I want to share my feelings. But I don't know how to start but every single word would say
Will be coming from deep in my heart.

The first time that I met l you said was “Hi do you want a light”

You then left and went away but I thought about you ever since that day

But then by chance we met again one night as I was trying to dance

You came over and I went really shy I did not know what to say

But you took my breath away. You were very fun to talk with. And extremely sweet and kind

I was in love with everything you said.

You looked amazing your body was just perfect. Your eyes sparkled lit up the room.

The way you moved on the dance floor I stood in shock. How you danced like that was beyond me I

Was just like a rock.

No matter how much she tried I just could not dance think I was just in shock. We sat later and we

Had a chat everything you said I just agreed I was just looking at you as everything you said just

Passed through.

We then left that night hand in hand but I still did not know what to expect we stood out side

The club we held each other close I looked into her eyes then I felt the earth move we kissed for

The first time the sweet softness of her lips she held me so tight that I could not breath

In my mind, I was thinking this can’t be right what did she see in me.  I was a man with very low

In confidence through my past relationship. And the age difference was a bit of a concern was it just

Going to be a one night thing. But how wrong was I she took me back to hers I might be a man of the

World but I was scared and she knew.  I am not ashamed to say she was a lot younger than me.

But the way she made me relax and not in a sexual way we sat and talked all night about our pass

Both mine and hers and believe it when I say we did not even have sex so that put my one night

Stand Thoughts away. I knew there was something special was about to happen the way she made

Me Feel.

My heart begun to burn for love and passion to return. Gone was the darkness and the cold

Of the passed my heart was now open and ready for the new love to start and get that sparkle back

In me that was once lost.

We are like magnets stook together in every way the love between us is a special bond that can’t be

broken as many people tried through the years but the love was too strong to be broken.

Marie is everything to me she changed my life for the best. She was my best friend and my lover,

Wife, and the best mother to my children I wake up every morning still Thinking solely of you

A feeling no words can describe your beauty still radiates from both inside and out.

You're like an angel right from the start you took me under your wings gave me support from start to

The present day you are I do believe the most amazing lady I have ever none for what you have to

Cope with in the health problems that surround me I can’t think of one person who would have

Done And stood by me the way you have done.

You completely complete me if that even possible

I love you babe always until the end time

Love you.



By Simon Jones

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