Dreamland adventures (testing)

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Testing and this is the craziest storie ever!

Submitted: February 13, 2017

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Submitted: February 13, 2017



( Please know that after each volume it has a different story. We are taking turns telling the stories about Lily and Kallie.)

 Chapter 1,  A Fishy Boat
Lily here.
Soooooo….I was in a dream. I felt falling and before I could open my eyes, I landed in a squishy, slimy, slippery, and smelly pile of fish. Fresh from the ocean. I got up and saw that I was on a rocking boat. Not a ship, a tiny boat the size of a twin bed. 
I don't know why a boat, maybe I'm dreaming of a boat? And…..fish? I’m not really fond of seafood though. ( But sushi is totally another thing!)

To my left there was a little spot where there were pillows and a blanket. Hmm. I thought, I guess this is my bedroom? I was by myself but then I heard a crash! The sound was under me. Then, some trap door opened and I realized that there were underground floors! Then a tomato walked out! It was wearing a beanie! It was pink! Baby pink! It was eating salty frènch fries from MCDonalds. 
“ Oh!” Said the tomato surprisingly, then he yelled and ran back into the underground floors. 
“Uhhhhhhhhhh, ok?” I said.  My mind was spacing out now. Everything is crazy.  Wait! I'm dreaming so that's fine…….right? Ok……...I guess. 

Chapter 2- the gingerbread army

“Kallie you need to go to bed it's 11:30pm!” Mom said.
“Okaaaaay!” I said.  I fell asleep right away. I woke up to a  BOOM!  I was in a castle and that boom sound was the castle doors opening. I thought, did I become a princess some how!? Is this like Snow White!? But no, it was a dream! I'm a little disappointed but thankful at the same time and, why do I see in the distance that there was a carrot that is wearing a sweatshirt and trousers while eating potato chips and riding a pink pig while holding a cheeseburger?

He was asking me for some cupcakes for his bakery. 
I said “ I don't have any cupcakes carrot boy!” 
 He got sooooooo mad he started chasing me! I stopped for a little bit and he stopped he yelled “Gingerbread army come!” So then all of a sudden a HUGE GIANT gingerbread army came to chase me!  I ran for my life and I got out of the castle. I was running  away and I realized that I think he got mad at me because I called him carrot boy. I came across a really cute animal in the water, and it was a baby turtle and I named it squirtle because I love turtles. I saved it from a shark trying to eat it. So I carried it out and I left. Then I saw the gingerbread army in the distance! I hid behind this building because they are practically blind because, I mean like they are cookie people like do you think they can see? Like no they can't! But when I stepped behind that building I fell into a hole in the ground.


Chapter 3,   Underground Adventure #1
Soooo from chapter 1 there was a tomato? And so, we are on a boat and the boat has underground levels.
I slowly walked down the wooden steps from the trap door.  “CREAKK,”
“Wow!” , I said in excitement, “This is like a fortress!” There were tunnels leading to who-knows-where and in the middle was a huge crystal glowing in every direction. I suddenly felt warm and at home. I don't know what this crystal is, but it has powers. For a second I thought I smelled my mom’s sugar cookies.( But she doesn't know how to make cookies!)  Then I saw the tomato! 

“Eeeeeeeeeek!” Screamed the tomato as I chased it through a tunnel. As I ran, the settings changed, I was under the ocean with sharks! 
“OOOOMMMMMGGGG!” I yelled, there was a great white shark! “Cool!” 
It was awesome! I kept chasing the tomato , I never felt so alive! At home it's super boring. Like mom always fights with dad….and mom leaves home sometimes…….to be honest I almost cried. Well, it's nothing to weep about. It's the past. So I learned how to accept my life and think of others who might have a worse life than me. 

Well, as I kept chasing the tomato, the settings changed again and then we were in a world of gummy! Everything was gummy! Gummy bears, gummy kids, gummy houses, gummy slides, and even gummy birds! Who knew there was such an adventure under a boat of smelly, stinky, slimy, and sloppy fish! 

Chapter 4- the new  neighbor 

It felt like I was falling down a continuous hole.  I landed in a gummy… I think it was a gummy house. I fell through the house and I fell onto a gummy couch thankfully. That is where I met a girl named lily.She stared for a little she looked  I got very confused I was about to say something then  she mumbled
“ Hi my name is lily! Where did you co-” beep beep beep! And that is when my alarm went off. I woke up and got ready for school when I opened to door to walk to the bus I realized it was snowing. 
My mom said “ Well you're up early!” 
“I know my alarm went off then I forgot we had no school.” I said
My whole family came down to have breakfast besides my dad because he is at work. My mom said “ Your dad will come home from work early because there is gonna be a blizzard!” 
My older sister Brooklyn  was mad because she was gonna miss her test.
“But everyone is gonna miss the test!” I told her. But my little sister Morgan was freaking out because we had no school even though she doesn't even go to school only me and Brooklyn do. I was excited because I feel like we haven't had a blizzard in so long! But I think we had one 2 years ago. A couple hours later at like 11:00 the new neighbors arrived. I heard that they were from Portland, Oregon. So I went outside after I got on my snow stuff. I opened the door and walked outside. I said hello to the neighbors and something unexpected ran out from behind  my house. It was a...

Chapter 5, Underground Adventure #2
I’m in this crazy dream where I live on a boat and I’m chasing a pink tomato. 
“Yeah….that sounds about right.” We were going in tunnels that magically led us to different places or dimensions and I'm chasing a tomato. Ok, this is getting too weird, I thought. After running through the tunnel we ended up at this big room with 30 meter tall walls and the ceiling was like a bubble blocking the water out. 

But the awesome thing was that the rocket ship was in the middle! 
“Woaaaahhhhh” , I said, that's amazing! “Crash!!!” “What was that!”, I think it came from the gummy land! I ran back there and saw a strange girl on a gummy couch. My head was spinning right now. Who was this girl? Where did she come from? But I calmed down and asked,,
“Hi! My name is Lily! Where did you co-”

“BLORP BLORP BLORP!!!!”, “Who changed my alarm to BLORP?! Kippy!!!!
  “Wasn’t me!” yelled, Kippy downstairs. Kippy was my little brother. 
  “Breakfast is ready!” yelled Kippy,  wow, that was weird. In the corner of my room was my packed backpack because tomorrow my Mom, Kippy, and me, are moving to another place called, Toronto. And I'm changing schools. It’s called, Firtho’s Middle School. I didn't have any friends here so it was ok. So I went downstairs and ate my breakfast. Today it was waffles. Not just any waffles but microwaved waffles.
I asked,” Where is mom? Is she already at work?”
“ Mom said she went to a meeting and she will be home at three.” Kippy replied, and then I slumped down and ate Kippy’s raw waffles. 

Chapter 6, A New Life
Two more days will be my first day at the new school. I guess I was scared but I promised myself to make some friends this time so…..I will smile! You would always be friends with someone smiling right? Just not smiling like crazy. 
Mom was home this time. Well duh! We are moving to Toronto, Canada! I never went to Canada before! We got into the car and packed our bags onto the car. After a while we started moving! My dad bought me a camera for a birthday present before he left on a business trip so I got to take videos and pictures! 
After we rode for about what felt like four hours, we passed the sign! There was so much snow!
“ WOW!” I exclaimed. We crossed the border safely and drove to our new home! Our new home was blue and right next to a gray one! But the bad part was there was a blizzard!
“ Woooosh! Wooooooooooooaaah!” blowed the blizzard. 
“ Get inside! Get inside!”, yelled Kippy, we got inside safely and started “adventuring” our new home because we don't want to go outside for our stuff yet. It is crazy out there.
We went to to lie on the couches because we were waiting for the blizzard to go down so we could get our stuff but it was so long so we kinda blacked out. 

Chapter 7, Back To Dreams
Ok. I'm in a boat again now but…. I'm surrounded with carrots! And they are wearing….trousers? Ok this is really going crazy now. But you know what else is crazy? My mom was there! But she was a fish! Remember the pile of squishy, slimy, slippery, and smelly pile of fish? It was still there, but of a her! She looked like a fish with hair and makeup. I ignored the pile and went down the trapdoor to find the tomato again. 

I was planning to ask him questions but I remember that I was dreaming so nothing was real…...right? But I had another question now, how am I thinking and controlling myself in my dreams? So I have this type of skill? Ok, that's kind of cool. Chicken tenders.
That was kind of random. But it's funny. Heh. 

So when I went down I saw the tomato. But he had my face. I was totally freaked out. And I kept hearing, 
“ Lily! Lily! Wa-” I burst awake and see my brother’s face. I yelled in a panic voice,
“ What happened?! Where's mom!? Is she a fish!?”
“ Woah woah woah there sis, where is this coming from? Mom went to work.” He said, “She said tomorrow you should ride your bike to school because the school is about a block away.” I also noticed that all our stuff are in the house too. So then I got ready and told my brother to make some sandwiches since we haven't greeted our neighbors yet. And maybe invite them for sandwiches.


Chapter 8 MOCHI!
IT WAS MOCHI! I tried to catch him but he was  too fast! And if you didn't know, mochi is my dog! But then mochi  jumped on our new neighbors! She was holding sandwiches but they landed in the bush. I ran up and I said “Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!” I felt so bad. She said 
“Hi I'm Lily! I'm your new neighbor.” I said 
“Hello! I'm Kallie!” I helped her pick up her sandwiches and she gave them to me.
The invited me in for tea so I smiled said sure and went inside. The house obviously was not decorated but they had the appliances they needed and a few chairs, a couch, and a coffee table. After we talked


Chapter 9, Neighbor
So we went to give the sandwiches to our neighbors but as we stepped out of our house a dog jumped on me! The sandwiches flew from my hands but it landed in a bush so it was okay. Then I said,
“ WHO’S DOG IS THIS!?” Then a browned haired girl with blue tips came up to me and said in a worried voice,
“ Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!” She was our neighbor! Then I said, 
“ Hi! I’m Lily! I'm your new neighbor!” And then she said,
“ Hello! I'm Kallie!”

After, she helped me with the sandwiches and then I give them to her and then asked, “ Will you like to come in for some tea?” In my brain I'm thinking, omagash, she might think I'm like those grandmas who always has tea! So I weirdly smiled and chuckled it off. And then she said,
“ Sure!” And she went inside. We chatted a little and then she left. She also complimented my sandwiches! It was a memory to celebrate!

But after she left I suddenly realized, she was the girl from the dream!
I suddenly fainted on the couch and dreamland comes again! Or nah.


Chapter 11 , School

So after the fiasco with the dog, we went to sleep. I didn't dream anything. I took a slice of bread and told Kippy to hurry up. Kippy was 8. His elementary was next to my school so I ride with him to school. We both had bikes. His school is right around the corner from my school.

I dropped Kippy off and went to my school. The entrance was busy. There were friends reuniting and couples hugging. There were teachers asking questions like, how was your summer? And did you learn anything? I avoiding the teachers because even if they don't know me, they will still ask the same questions. 

I walked through the door and meet a red haired girl with ponytails and bangs in her face. She said cheerfully,
“ Hi! Are you Lily??? I'm your tourist! And your official best friend! I'm Sammy btw!”
I could tell that she is very energetic and she used btw. I mean on text it's btw but when you say it it's by the way. But she said btw so she must be the one that says btw. Now stop with the btw business and let's continue the story. 


Chapter 14, Continued
So now I'm having Sammy show me around. The school was pretty big. I memorized everything through. Like where the bathrooms were. There were 7 bathrooms in all. And after all that, the bell rang. I went to my homeroom and class started. The boy next to me was evil looking but gloomy. Like he was the one who is alone because of his glare. But during lunch, he was talking with a group of guys so he was ok. 

Nobody talked to me except Sammy today. She was very cheerful. I like her. She was always smiling too. She told me she has a boyfriend. It was Denise. He was a blond haired guy. I'm guessing he was pretty popular. There was a rowdy guy too. He always laughs and doesn't worry about a thing. To express myself I am like :/. I'm quiet. But I think my school life is normal. 

I had normal classes like English and math. I wasn't standing out that much. There were some girls who chatted with me. They were like the gossip group. I hope there's no bullies. Wait… what am I? I'm guessing everyone's personalities and such. It's like those games. A lot of people thought I was Asian. And they're true. My mom's from Taiwan and my dad is French. They met at America. Aaaaah, love.


Chapter 16, Mamalulu 
Ok,  So when I came home I found out who my Mamalulu was. If you didn't know what Mamalulus are, they are just your aunt that lives with you and takes care of you when your mom’s out. It's like a babysitter but just your aunt. She was aunt Jokepi. She just moved in. She is pretty nice. She has crisp brown hair and she's on my dad's side

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