Sweet Tooth

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The best sweets are the ones that make you cone back for more...

Submitted: February 13, 2017

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Submitted: February 13, 2017



Let me tell you about this fetish I have,

It involves sweets, and boy I got it bad!

Chocolate, caramel, Chewy and rough...

I love it all and I can't get enough!

The gooey filling dripping from my mouth..

The stickiness on my hands, and the stains on my blouse.

I got this sweet tooth that I just can't shake.

Those Skittles are ON POINT - Both tropical and sour taste.

When you taste the rainbow, you never know what flavor you'll get

Embraced by that Almond Joy - a time you'll never forget!

Nibbling and devouring on that Mr. Goodbar

Will Pop Rocks and Starburst into orgasmic realm afar.

Intertwined in the Twizzlers vine,

Shaping our bodies in all sorts of array .

My Kit Kat convulsing... It feels like PayDay!

Twix me in sheets, from the night until the dew.

Give me that Good & Plenty, scoring like Baby Ruth.

Ending with your Snickers as you lay upon my Mounds,

Your Jolly Rancher is back at rest...

Let me know when you're ready for the next round!

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