The Princess and the woodcutter

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Submitted: February 13, 2017



Once upon a time, a girl named Stephane lived happily with her husband and family. But the eyes of evil are everywhere. A tragedy befell on her and her family when Stephane’s husband was cursed by an evil wizard. Stephane pleaded the wizard to lift the curse from her beloved husband but he refused. At last, the wizard thought that he might get some of his tasks done by the girl and if she is successful, he would in return lift the curse. The wizard remembered that he needed a strange thing for making one of his most favourite. He demanded Stephane to go to a different world and bring a “token of true love with touch of royalty”. Stephane broke down thinking that it would be impossible for her to collect something like that. But, she had to do that if she wanted the curse to be lifted from her husband. So she agreed. Gathering all her courage, she went into the “travel-machine” of the wizard which would take her to a different world. He also gave her a potion in a little glass bottle that would bring her back to this world when her work is done. So Stephane got into the “travel-machine” and it went....


When Stephane opened her eyes, she found herself lying on the grass amidst the woods. She got up completely unaware of what to do and where to go. She started walking aimlessly. After walking for one or two hours at a stretch still she could not see anything except the wild trees around, the green grass below and the blue skies above. Tired and hungry she sat down under the shade of a tree. Within minutes she dozed off. She woke up startled by someone calling her loudly. She saw a young man standing in front of her. He was sweating and had a tensed look on his face. But he seemed to be a good man. There was a heap of cut woods kept on the ground beside him and an axe. Stephane understood that he was a woodcutter. The woodcutter asked her who she was and what she was doing alone in the woods as it was not safe for her there. Stephane thought for a while what to answer and said that she could not remember anything except her name. She just remembers aimlessly roaming in the woods for quite some time and then tired, she sat beneath the tree to take rest. She started crying while she said that she had nowhere to go. The woodcutter being a kind man felt sorry for Stephane. He introduced himself to her saying that his name was Eril and he was a poor woodcutter. He lives alone in a hut in the woods and has no family. He would happily give shelter to her as if she were his sister. So Stephane went withEril to his little home beside the pond and stayed there.

The kingdom in which Stephane had landed up was ruled by a good King and his Queen. Their only daughter Sarah was the Crown-Princess and heir to the throne. The King’s only younger brother had two daughters, Zilina and Pebbles. Zilina was jealous of Sarah and craved to succeed the throne. Pebbles, on the other hand, was like a free bird. She was least interested in the throne and its affairs. Sarah loved both her sisters very much. In a nearby Kingdom, there lived an evil Prince named Andrew. He had his eyes upon this Kingdom. He knew that if he could marry Sarah then he could take over the Kingdom. So with his evil intentions hidden from the rest of the world except his Father who supported him, he and his Father went with a marriage proposal for Sarah. The King being kind and good readily accepted the proposal. He offered Andrew to stay in his castle till engagement so that he and Sarah could know each other. When Sarah got the news of the proposal, she agreed to what her Father had said. So the evil Prince started staying in the castle waiting for his desires to be fulfilled.

Meanwhile, Eril felt that it was not safe for Stephane to stay in his home in the woods for long. He went out in the woods in the morning and came back in the evening. Stephane used to stay alone in his home throughout the day. The woods was full of strange and evil creatures which could harm her when he was away. So one day he told Stephane about this and also suggested a solution. He said that he could talk to his friend Vincent whose wife worked in the castle as a maid. She can give Stephane a similar kind of job there. Moreover, she would also be safe in the castle. Stephane first hesitated but later on agreed to the proposal. She though that atleast Eril talked to his friend and within few days she got the job in the castle. She left Eril’s home with a heavy heart and arrived at the castle with Eril. Vincent’s wife took her in from the castle gates and Stephane bade Eril, her little brother now, good bye.

Stephane served as a maid for Sarah. She brought her gowns, food and tied her hair. Soon they became good friends. Sarah used to tell her about her hang-outs with Andrew. She said that it made her very glad to be in his company. Andrew brought gifts for her every day ranging from gold and diamond jewellery, gem studded shoes, silken gowns to pieces of architecture from other Kingdoms as well. Stephane realized that Sarah’s heart was brimming over with joy and love. Yes...., now she could collect her token of true love with a touch of royalty. She decided to steal some small gift given by Andrew to Sarah. Sarah’s friendship and trust towards Stephane would never make Sarah realize that she has stolen something. Moreover, Sarah also seemed to be forgetful about the gifts and it really did not matter even if she realized something was missing. Stephane was to take the gift and leave this world. She had to save her husband. That night Stephane planned to steal a diamond ring gifted by Andrew which she had seen in the drawer in Princess’s dressing room. She felt happy that the curse would be lifted but at the same time her heart grew heavy thinking that she would miss Sarah and especially Eril.

Next day morning, Stephane went to the Princess’s dressing room to choose a dress for her. The Princess had asked her to go first and choose and that she would be coming later. Stephane opened the drawer and found the ring. Her face glowed with happiness. She took it immediately and drank the potion which she always used to keep with her.

Again with a zzzzzzzzzzz... she came back to her own world. She found herself lying inside the “travel-machine”. The door creaked as the wizard opened it. She handed over the diamond ring to him gladly. The wizard said that he would use his magic to verify whether the ring satisfies all the properties or not. If it does, then he would lift the curse. Otherwise, she has to go back again and do her job. Stephane waited eagerly in that room while the wizard took the ring to another room to do his experiments on it. After a while, the wizard came back grumbling and with an angry and vicious look on his face. He threw the ring on the floor towards Stephane and shouted, “You fool!!! How dare you try to fool me???” Stephane was amazed and too afraid to speak. Then with a very low and soaked voice, she tried to justify everything. The wizard was too impatient to listen. He, at once, ordered Stephane to get back to where she was and this time truly hunt for what he has demanded. Confused, nervous and choked with fear Stephane went back inside the “travel-machine” with the potion again given to her by the wizard. With a zzzzzzzzzz..... she was gone.

This time however, Stephane landed up in the same dressing room where she was. The Princess had not came yet. She had also brought the ring with her. At once, she kept the ring back in the drawer and approached the wardrobe to select a gown for the Princess. But she was totally distracted. How could such a thing happen? Or was the wizard lying to her? If yes, why would he? Series of questions tormented her. Stephane did not know what to do. The engagement day of the Princess was approaching. The castle was being decorated with lights and flowers. Common people danced to all sorts of weird music outside the castle gates. Royal families from within and side-by Kingdoms were invited to attend the engagement and bless the couple. However, Stephane kept herself away from all this merry-making in dismay.

On the eve of the engagement day, Stephane was bestowed with a lot of work. As she was passing by one of the rooms in the castle, a very awkward and evil conversation going on in the room stopped her. She was over-hearing the conversation between Andrew and his Father. They were celebrating the victory of their evil plan over wine. Stephane was stupefied to know the truth about Andrew. He did not even love Sarah!! Rather, he was making future plans about how to get rid of her and usurp the throne. His Father was advising him too. Now, it struck her mind that why the diamond ring was returned by the wizard. It was not a token of true love. She came back to her room and thought about it. Soon, she realized that she had to save her friend from the hands of the evil Prince.

Without delaying much, she went to meet the Princess. She was in her room surrounded by many attendants. She told Sarah that she wanted to tell her something that could save her from danger. Sarah immediately asked all the attendants to leave. Stephane fumbled a lot while telling Sarah about the conversation. She was feeling very frightened. Sarah could not believe what she heard. She knew that Stephane would not be lying to her but at the same time Andrew was so good to her. The next day was their engagement! In frustration and anger, she shouted at Stephane saying that she did not believe her! She said that Stephane wanted to break up the engagement and that’s why she fabricated this story. Though, whatever Sarah said did not come from her heart. When Stephane tried to persuade her, she asked her to leave the Palace with a cry. Stephane left the room with tears in her eyes. She could hear Sarah weeping as she moved away from her room. She thought that she had done the most terrible thing in her life. She prayed for the Princess and decided to leave the castle that day itself.

Stephane left the castle before sunset. She went to Eril’s home. Eril was surprised to see her. She did not give him any reason why she had left the castle. Eril found her depressed and so did not force her to say anything. Meanwhile, Sarah kept the doors of her room locked and cried in bed. After quite a long time, her tears too started drying up. She thought about Stephane and Andrew. Doubts and confusions stormed her brain. She could not believe that Stephane was lying nor could she distrust Andrew. However, one fact tormented her very much which no one knew about. No doubt, she was happy with Andrew but she was happy earlier too. Andrew’s arrival in her life did not give her any surplus pleasure and joy. She had heard stories of true love from her grandma. In her case, she could not feel anything of that sort. Andrew was more like a “gift machine” than a partner. Often, he used to get bored when she chattered for long. She had agreed with the marriage because her Father wanted to. But what if Stephane is right? Sarah could not sleep throughout the night. She thought that she could not get engaged to Andrew with this burden on her heart. She decided to talk to Andrew about it. Next day, early in the morning she went to Andrew’s room. Andrew greeted her with a smile. Sarah at first could not express anything. She did not say anything about what she felt. But she could not suppress herself for long. She told him about what Stephane had said the day before. Andrew was a man of short temper. He was infuriated and started shouting. He did not give Sarah a chance to speak further. He condemned Sarah for believing a maid and behaved rudely with her. He wanted to sentence Stephane to death! Sarah tried to stop him but he pushed her aside. Andrew ordered some of his men to get hold of Stephane but they could not find her in the castle. That day Sarah saw Andrew’s inner self. She immediately went to her Father and requested him to call off the engagement. But how was that possible!!?? It was too late to call off such a Royal party. Sarah tried her best to explain her Father about what she thought about Andrew, his behavior and Stephane’s warning. Her Father did not believe her. He got angry with his daughter’s fickle mindedness. He said that she should behave more responsibly as she was the Crown-Princess. Fed up with her Father’s stubbornness, Sarah ran out of her Father’s room. She asked one of her attendants to bring a cloak for her. She covered herself up and slipped out through the castle gates. Everyone was too busy that day to notice her. She walked through the markets hiding herself approaching towards the woods.

Sarah went into the woods. Her face was pale and eyes filled with tears. She had never gone out alone anywhere. But she was not in a mental state to feel afraid. She went deep into the woods and sat beneath a tree. Meanwhile, the castle was in chaos. The Princess was missing! The King ordered all his men to find his daughter and shut himself behind the doors. He felt guilty. Andrew was furious. He could not bear the insult. He wanted to set everything on fire. Zilina went to Andrew’s room and tried to console him. She had developed an affection towards Andrew and was overwhelmed with joy to know that the Princess was missing. She always wanted that. Now, her wish had come true.

Eril was returning from his day’s work to his sweet home. It had already started to darken. He was very tired and walked slowly burdened with the pile of wood on his shoulders. Suddenly he stopped. He saw the two wicked magicians who lived in the woods. But who was that girl with them? Eril knew that the magicians were evil and harmed people they met. He hid behind a tree to observe them. He saw them walking towards their hut. They talked to the girl cheerfully. The girl was in a cloak. He could not see her face properly. He knew that the girl would be in trouble. So he followed the trio silently. The two magicians had met Sarah in the woods. They told her that they are magicians and could help her. Sarah believed them to be good people and told them the truth. She told them that she did not want to go back to her castle. The magicians took advantage of her situation and consoled her. They convinced her that if she goes with them then they would help her. She could trust them. So it was Sarah who was with the magicians.

Eril hid behind a bush near the magicians’ home. He saw the magicians enter their home with the girl. Eril decided to wait there. For some time he could hear all of them talking. It was pitch dark all around. He could only see to some extent due to the light that came out of the window. He had nearly fallen asleep there when suddenly he heard a girl’s cry. The girl was weeping and pleading. Eril went near the window to see what was happening. The magicians had tied her up with a rope. They wanted to test some evil magic on her. But as it was late at night, they were tired. The magicians were evil but fools. They decided to sleep and perform their tricks in the morning. For the time being, they wanted to keep her tied up. So they kept her tied in a separate room and went off to sleep. Eril waited for the magicians to fall asleep. Then he carefully sneaked into the house. He had his axe with him. He went to the room where Sarah was tied up. She was half asleep. He went near her and called her softly. Sarah got startled. Eril gestured her to remain quiet and cut the ropes with his axe. He brought her out of the room but it is not that easy to escape from a magician’s home. The magicians had come to know that someone had sneaked into their house. They were awakened and had come out of their rooms. Eril did not know what to do. He tried his best to frighten them with his axe. He was holding the axe high in his hand. One of the magicians, started chanting a spell and the axe got stuck where it was in the air! Eril could not move it. It floated in air. Eril knew he had to run immediately. He held Sarah’s hand and tried to run away. While one magician chanted the spell to keep the axe in place, the other tried to stop them. Eril being nervous, saw a jar of some blue potion kept on the table in front of him. He over-turned the jar and spilled the potion on the floor. It produced so much smoke that nothing was clearly visible. Eril somehow managed to reach the door with Sarah. The magician groped in the smoke to find them. He was almost about to catch them. But the smoke made the other magician choked. He suddenly stopped chanting the spell. So the axe which was floating in the air fell down and fortunately it fell on the other magician’s head! He cried in pain and anger while Eril and Sarah escaped.

They ran for quite some time away from the house in fear. Eril did not keep track about which way they were running. It was very dark. Suddenly, Sarah asked him to stop as she could not run anymore. She sat down to rest breathing heavily. Eril Eril. She thanked him for saving her. Eril asked her who she was and how she could trust the magicians. Sarah remained silent for some time. Then she apologized for putting him into trouble. She said that being her savior he had the right to know the truth about her and told Eril the truth.

That night Stephane was worried about Eril as he did not return home. She could not sleep but it was dark she could not go out to search for Eril about Stephane as well. He said that Stephane was his sister and stayed with him in his home. He told Sarah that next day morning he would take her to Stephane. For now, they would have to wait here. Eril also advised Sarah to return to the castle because that was her rightful place. She should not let Andrew take advantage of her absence. But Sarah refused. They talked until dawn. They felt too insecure to sleep. With the sun’s rays hitting the woods, they got up and started off. But now they could not find the way to Eril about this part of the woods. He had never visited here. He assured Sarah that they would find a way and as long as she was with him she was safe. After a long search, they sat down weary under a tree. There was no sight of any water anywhere. However, Eril gathered some fruits to feed himself and Sarah. He was also worried about Stephane.

Stephane searched for Eril in the nearby areas but in vain. She cried but did not give up. She was a determined girl. She would not let anything happen to her brother. A day passed but she found no trace of him. Meanwhile, the King and the Queen were completely broken down. Andrew chalked out a new plan now. He thought that the Princess might have gone somewhere far, perhaps into the woods. She cannot survive all alone there. If she does not return anymore then Zilina becomes the Crown-Princess. As Zilina has already fallen for him, he could marry her and fulfill his dream. Sarah’s return would be a threat now. So he ordered two of his loyal men to search for Sarah and kill her if they found her and bring her head to him.


Eril and Sarah spent in the woods trying to find a way back to Eril’s home. Sarah missed her parents very much but she liked the woods. She had never experienced nature so close. There were trees adorned with fruits, birds chirping and singing, little squirrels gnawing at the nuts and running about, fragrant flowers and all the goodies of nature. Eril did not make her realize the hardships that were present to live a life in the woods. He took a great care of her. Throughout the day, he kept by Sarah’s side attending to all her needs and of course listening to whatever she had to say (as Sarah was a bit talkative). With sunset, when Eril realized that he had wasted another day and could not make to his home, he collected some branches to make a fire. The woods was not at all a safe place for Sarah. Moreover, he wanted Sarah to get back to where she belonged in the castle. He had started hating Andrew for what he had done and did not want him to win. At night, Eril made a fire and asked Sarah to sleep. Sarah was busy expressing what all she enjoyed throughout the day. Then she fell asleep. Eril remained half-awake to protect her. He did not know how he would live without Sarah when she would be gone.

Next day morning, again they started. Eril was a quiet person. He never talked much. But today he was speaking as much as Sarah. He opened up his heart. He told her about his childhood days. As they walked down the woods, suddenly they saw two men approaching them. Eril knew them. They were the wicked brothers, Humpty and Dumpty. They are crazy and they love puzzling and confusing people. They always make some opposing statements to confuse people. If Humpty says that it is “right” the other one would say that it is “left”. However, one would always make the correct statement. You need to guess which one is speaking the truth. The two brothers obstructed their way and laughed like crazy fellows. Sarah was frightened by their laughter. They asked Eril about the girl with him. He did not reply. Eril thought that he might ask the two about the way back to his home. They would give two different answers but atleast one of them would be correct. It is better than to search aimlessly in all directions. So he asked them. Finding an opportunity to confuse them, Humpty and Dumpty at once made them their victims. Humpty said, “Umm.., if you go straight and then right you will reach a river. Walk along the river in the direction of its flow until ...”- he got interrupted by Dumpty who said, “No no no... ! You go straight and right... Walk along the river against the direction of its flow until you reach a huge rock and then..”. Again, Humpty started, “Oh no! They should go along the flow until they reach a peach tree and turn left...”. Dumpty interrupted in between to say something else. They giggled as they spoke. Eril felt irritated and left the place without saying anything. Such horrible creatures!! Reaching the river was a common statement made by both. So, they went to the river. After that he followed his own instincts to find the

Around noon, Eril found the place around him to be familiar. Luckily, they were on the right path and almost home!! As they approached, Eril could see Stephane at a distance. He was relieved to see her well. Stephane was out in the woods to search for they met. Stephane jumped in happiness. She was overwhelmed with joy to have her brother back. At the same time she was shocked to see Sarah with him. They all went inside Eril’s home. Sarah apologized to Stephane and told her everything. Stephane felt like killing Andrew. She too asked Sarah to go back to the castle as soon as possible and get rid of that evil Andrew. Sarah pleaded to stay with them. She said that she loved the simplicity of the place and the people around. Stephane explained her that the Kingdom would be in ruins if it went into the hands of Andrew. Being the Crown-Princess she should not let this happen. It was her responsibility to save the Kingdom and most importantly stop an evil creature from winning. Sarah understood and agreed to go back. She promised that she would never let Andrew win. They planned to visit the castle next day morning. Eril would accompany them to the gates. Then, Stephane and Sarah would go in dressed as maids. Sarah has to reach her Father and tell him the truth and bring an end to Andrew’s dreams.

That night, fell asleep soon. He was very tired. The two girls remained awake talking to each other. Sarah described what she did in the woods and how Eril Eril. Stephane enjoyed the conversation waiting for what her brother had to say about Sarah!! Next day morning, they all left the house early. They walked down the woods towards the castle. Soon, they were near the castle. They hid behind some trees to see what was happening at the castle gates. Two of Andrew’s loyal men were at the castle gates. Sarah knew them very well. They were checking every woman’s face who entered the castle! Sarah understood that Andrew must have ordered them to find her and stop her from entering the castle. She was furious. She told Eril and Stephane about what she thought. Eril said that he had a plan. He would distract the two men away from the gates. Stephane and Sarah had to sneak in at that time. Sarah and Stephane at first did not want Eril to take that risk. But there was no other way. Eril approached the two men at the gates. He went near one of them and whispered in his ears, “ Hey hey, do you know that the Princess is missing from the castle for the lasttwo three days??”. The henchman got irritated and replied that everyone in the town knew that the Princess was missing. So he should shup up his mouth and leave them alone. They have work. Eril I am leaving then. I thought I will tell you about the Princess but you don’t seem to be interested in that.” Saying this he was about to walk away. Just then, the henchman held Eril Otherwise smoothly replied, “ I am a poor man. I want money. The Princess had come to the woods. I met her. She does not want to come back to this palace. So she did not come with me. She is at my home now.” The henchmen looked at each other. They could not trust Eril said, “I know it is difficult to believe what I am saying. Hence, I have an evidence with me.” He pulled out a gold ring from his pocket. The ring had the letter ‘S’ carved on it. Then he said, “This is the Princess’s ring. Where will a poor man get a gold ring from? I gave shelter to the Princess. So, in return she gave me this ring. See it for yourself.” He had taken the ring from Sarah when he made this plan. He handed over the ring to the henchmen. Clearly, it has to be the Princess’s ring. One henchman told the other to guard the gates while he goes with Eril. No man should be trusted completely. However, the other henchman thought that if Eril was speaking the truth then the one going with him would get the Princess. Then he would take all the credits for killing the Princess and will be awarded by Andrew. So he refused. He demanded that both should go. Without wasting much time they ordered Eril led the way to the woods. It was time for Sarah and Stephane to sneak in.

As soon as the men left, Stephane and Sarah went in. They hurried into the castle. They managed to sneak in. Sarah took Stephane with her to her Father’s room. Both her parents were extremely happy to see her. Sarah too was happy. She told them everything about Andrew. Stephane joined her too. The King was furious. He called for his men and ordered them to get hold of Andrew and put him in the prison. The King’s men left at once. Stephane then told Sarah that she should leave and find Eril. She was worried about him. Sarah said that she was worried too. She asked two of the guards to go with Stephane and help Eril. Just as Stephane was about to leave, she found Sarah weeping. She asked her the reason. Sarah said that she would really miss to him. She requested Stephane to thank him a lot on her behalf and ask him to meet her atleast once if he wanted to. Stephane comforted Sarah and assured her not to worry. She left with the two guards.

Eril brought the two men into the woods. He knew that he would be killed if he could not hand them over the Princess. Eril had another plan. He remembered that there lived an angry witch in one part of the woods. Long back he had gone there by mistake and somehow managed to save his life and flee from there. He led the henchmen towards the witch’s house. When the house was visible from a distance, Eril pointed towards it and told the henchmen that the Princess was there. They rushed towards the house. In excitement, they did not even notice the fact that a witch’s house is generally different from a simple man’s house. Moreover, they had never visited any witch’s house or any poor man’s house in the woods!! So, it was impossible for them to identify the differences. They flung opened the doors and entered the house. Eril was behind them. He did not enter. He turned back and started running away. The witch found the two henchmen entering her house. Eril could faintly hear the witch screaming in anger. He ran as fast as he could without even turning back to see what was happening. He knew that the witch does not let anyone who enters her house come out easily!

Meanwhile Andrew was imprisoned. His handful of men who had accompanied him here also faced the same fate. Eril had run away successfully. Those two henchmen had also returned to the castle after being blinded in one eye by the witch. They were also imprisoned. Stephane along with the two guards searched for Eril. She expected him to be in the woods and she was right. She found Eril sitting on a rock quiet and depressed. She approached him and talked to him. Eril said that he had fled successfully and he was fine. He asked about Sarah. Stephane said that Sarah had talked to her Father and everything must have been settled by now. Then she asked the guards to leave and inform Sarah that Eril was fine. The guards left. Stephane sat down beside Eril. She told him what Sarah had asked her to tell. Eril was filled with joy to hear that Sarah wanted to meet him. He said that he would love to meet her. He was missing her too. Stephane told Eril that they should visit Sarah the next day itself. She wanted to see both of them happy.

That day Eril went into the woods to find a perfect wood to carve something. He wanted to gift something to Sarah the next day. But he was afraid that Sarah might not like it. She was a Princess. Why would she like some worthless piece of wood! Still he worked hard to carve out a little bird. The next day they went to the castle. They received a grand welcome. Sarah greeted them with a warm heart. She was delighted to see Eril. They talked a lot with each other but Eril was too afraid to give her the gift. After some time, Stephane whispered in Eril’s ears to give the gift when Sarah was busy talking to the maids. Eril told Sarah that he wanted to give her something and took out the little bird from his pocket. Sarah was over-joyed to receive it. She said that it was the best gift she had got in her life. Their eyes said that they were in love with each other!!

Soon, Sarah and Eril’s engagement was fixed. The King had personally asked him and Stephane to stay in the castle as Royal guests. Eril did not want to leave his job as a woodcutter. He enjoyed working in the woods. However, he had to leave. After all, he was to marry Sarah and become the next King!! The King and Sarah had already started training him for that. However, he was free to go to the woods whenever he wanted to. Sarah used to go with him too. Royal guards accompanied them. Each time Eril went to the woods, he used to carve little things out of wood for Sarah. She loved them. Eril’s life had changed completely and he was no more lonely. But his heart remained the same. Sarah too enjoyed the blende of sophisticated Royalty and crudeness in nature with her love.

After a few days, Sarah found Stephane crying in the balcony of her room. Stephane could not suppress her tragedy anymore. She told Sarah the truth about her. Sarah was shocked to hear about it. She felt pity for her friend. Then suddenly she smiled. She took Stephane to her room. She took the little bird from the table which Eril had given her and gave it to Stephane. She told her, “I hope this will help to lift the curse from your husband.” Stephane thanked her from the bottom of her heart for giving her the first gift she had received from Eril only to help her. Before leaving, Stephane met Eril. Eril and Sarah truly craved Stephane to be present on their engagement and marriage day. But she had to leave. She bade them good bye and good wishes for their future. This time she was sure that the little bird was the perfect “thing”.

Stephane came back to her world. She handed over the little bird to the wizard. He again took the thing with him to another room for testing. Yes! This time it worked. It worked so well that it had pleased the wizard. He lifted the curse from Stephane’s husband. Besides that he said that Stephane could come to him for help any time she wanted. So Stephane asked the wizard whether she could visit the world again she had gone to. The wizard said that she could visit that world as many times she wanted!! But she had to bring such token each time she visited. So, Stephane planned to give a surprise to Sarah and Eril on their engagement day.

On the morning of Engagement day, Stephane was inside Sarah’s castle. She went to her. Sarah was amazed and delighted to see her once again. She told Sarah about the wizard’s deal. Sarah happily said that would not be a trouble. She could give Stephane thousands of such tokens. Sarah and Eril got engaged that day in presence of Stephane. Later on, Stephane visited them on their wedding day too. Even the flowers given by Eril to Sarah worked as perfect tokens. Meanwhile, a terrible thing happened. Andrew’s Father pleaded the King to give him a last chance and let him return to his Kingdom. He promised that his son would never go back to his Kingdom. The King agreed. On the eve of the day of Andrew’s leave, Zilina came to visit Andrew. She asked Andrew to marry her and take her to his Kingdom. She knew that Andrew loved her and that’s why he had promised to marry her. When Andrew refused to do so, Zilina stabbed him with a knife at night. Andrew was killed.

Eril and Sarah lived happily together while Stephane got a new world in her life!!....







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