Noahs ark DNA bank ?

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noah's tail is one of those stories with a deeper meaning around its mystery, what is it? will it be found? and whats with the DNA theroy?



Noahs Ark is the vessel in the Genesis flood by which god spares Noah, his family and all of the worlds animals. Noah was giving instructions to build the ark in seven days, God also told Noah to enter with his family and the animals {2 of each} story goes on saying the ark being afloat of 150 days and coiming to rest on the Mountains of Ararat.

The story is repeated with any variations over many cultures but to this day no real scientific evidence of the ark has been found.

  1. The challenges of 1 men building such a large boat to house all living animals of all types, would make this practical impossibility but not unlikely { with help of aliens} but remember there are many things in this world that has still not being answered yet.
  2. The arks dimensions are : 300 cubits in length, 50 cubits in with and 30 cubits in height {450 x75x 45ft also had three internal divisions
  3. According to Sanhedrin 108B, Noah spend day and night feeding and caring for the animls and did not sleep for and entire year aboard the ark.


While building the ark noah attempted to warn his neighbors but was ignored or even mocked, in order to protect noah and his family, God placed lions and other ferocious animals to guard them form the wicked. According to one Midrash, it was God who gathered the animals and there food to the ark.

That’s a lot of work of one men to be doing by himself.

Searchs for Noah’s ARK

Over the years various locations for the ark has been suggested but never found……some places searched are:

-Durupinar site

-Mount Tendurek in eastern Turkey

-Mount Ararat

Mount Ararat being one that comes up a lot, expeditions to scaled the mountain in 2007 - 2008 in search of the ark Turkish explorers claimed to have found several wooden compartments in the mountain and said to be the remnants of the ark, carbon dating of the set it around 4,800 years old when Noah supposedly set sail however none of these claims has been confirmed by an indendent third party.


Other theory goes say the Ark was a DNA bank and had extraterrestrials connection, Robert Ballarad and his team of under water scientist uncover what appers to be a farmhouse 330 feet below the suface, the submerged dwelling is approximately 7,500 years old, villages was also found to be 9000 years old, so one can see that the Great Flood did happen as in the Mediterranean there are over 200 sunken cities and many more still been found they too somehow where flood around the same time the black sea was flooded.

What if extraterrestrials where behind the Ark what if they know that a disaster was coming and whated to save earths creatures and collect and store the DNA until its needed.

In 2008 Arctic island of Svalbard build a vault to store seeds of hundreds of thousands of plants in the event of a cataclysm event was coming.

The Frozen Ark Project is a program that was initiated by the London Natural History Museum.What they’ve done is they started to store DNA of endangered species for future generations, for preservation.And, as of today, over a thousand species have been preserved in small little vials.So, the question arises, could it be possible that Noah’s Ark wasn’t necessarily a boat made out of wood, but what if Noah’s Ark was some type of a DNA storage facility that was used in order to preserve all the species on planet Earth?

Did the CIA find noah’s Ark? And why keep it a secret? For one thing it will change humanity as we no it and it will prove that aliens are real.

Found this links very interesting……


Submitted: February 14, 2017

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