A Psalm Of Briar Berry Land

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There is such a place if one just knows where to look...

Submitted: February 14, 2017

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Submitted: February 14, 2017




Well I

walked downtown to see the art show,

To ride the horse and cart, you know,

And to see if I could turn a bit of dough…


I saw

The Can Can girls

Dancing in beautiful colorful whirls,

A drinkin’ pot liquor,

I say a drinkin’ pot liquor for a single doubloon,

Inside the Three Dollar Saloon!



there’ll be the gypsey caravan,

Inside the town of Briar Berry Land;

And we’ll all be a drinkin’ good pot licker,

That we bought for a single doubloon,

While we danced with the Can Can girls there on the parlor floor

Inside the Three Dollar Saloon.


There’ll be a big band a playin’

Outside by the Three Dollar Saloon,

A playin’ Dixie and The Swanee River

While we wait for the sacred Leprechaun to deliver!



All of the children shall be filled with joy,

Each and every girl and boy,

For the sacred Leprechaun shall deliver

The very best of homemade candy

And shopmade toy.


The adults shall never be left alone,

For inside that treasure trove of gifts

Lies a note bearing a name,

And the name of that person shall get to take

The Can Can girl of his choice home.



The one who donates the largest charity,

Shall spend his nights merrily,

Inside this old town by the sea.

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