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Jammy Johnson is the nerdy kid. He is abused by people at school and home. He thinks he doesn't need anyone, except his best friend Luna. He never knew he wanted someone until 9th grade when he meant Jaxson Wolf the love of his life. (they in 11th grade now)
Jammy stands at a 5’5” tall, he has big, black, bold glasses that almost hide his beautiful blue eyes. His hair is a dark brown and his skin is pale and soft (surprising with a the beating his father gives him)with a few freckles on his face, arms and chest. He is shy and doesn’t like to talk to or look at people, but when this little cinnamon roll gets pissed you better watch out because he will say every word in the book to you, doesn’t matter if it’s rude or what. He mostly uses his words in fights, reason being he isn’t very strong.

Jaxson Wolf was the soon to be alpha of the Black Moon. But he can't become Alpha until he has found his mate. He thinks his mate is going to be a beautiful, blonde, sexy girl. But what happens when his mate is Jammy. What happens when the fact that he is bi gets out to his pack?
He stands at a 6’3” tall, his skin is tan and toned from so much training outside in the sun, his hair is a short dark black and he looked almost like a god, which made him popular with the ladies but he was saving himself for his mate, like every good person does. He isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, he mostly uses his hands to do the fighting. He is incredibly strong, but then again he is an alpha. He will do anything to keep his mate safe.

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