Tephra: The Atroposian Circuit

Tephra: The Atroposian Circuit

Status: In Progress

Genre: Action and Adventure



Status: In Progress

Genre: Action and Adventure


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Chapter1 (v.1) - Opening Ceremonies

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 14, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 14, 2017



It´s late afternoon and sunset is starting to fall, as a train aproaches the town of Rykon, a mountain town. On that train is team Jollypot of the Atroposian Circuit. 

¨Oh, Mr. Gunsby, thank you so much for signing all my books of yours. They´re fantastic, I can´t wait to read them again and be the inspiration for your next great adventure story.¨ Tahlia says to Barabas, excited. Tahlia is a Farishtaa female with blonde hair and blue eyes, and she is relatively shorter than most Farishtaa. 

¨I am more than happy to sign anything you might have.¨ Banrabas replies then turns to Zeke. ¨Do you have anything you wish for me to sign?¨ Barnabas is an older Human male, he has grey hair and sideburns that go down to his mustache.

¨No...I...¨ Zeke tries to find a way to politely decline. Zeke is a Gnomish male with dark skin. He was short to a human but actually normal size for a Gnome. He has a shaved head and blue eyes. 

¨Here you can have this one, I have two copies.¨ Tahlia gives him a book.

¨Oh okay.¨ Zeke takes the book hesitantly. 

¨It´s already signed.¨ Barnabas says with a smile.

¨How wonderful...which one is this...?¨ 

¨I believe that is my expodition to Izeda, found some anchient ruins there full of traps and danger. And snakes, why did it have to be snakes?¨

Tahlia interupts, ¨The Barnabas Gunsby character goes in and is stuck in a room full of snakes and...¨

¨I´m...I´m right here, you know.¨

¨Yes I know but the character is stuck in the room of snakes and he has to get out but he hates them so much, it´s a very exciting chapter.¨

 ¨It sounds thrilling...¨ Zeke says sarcastically.

¨I´m an actual person not a character.¨ 

¨I know, youre the person who wrote the character. We´ve gone over this before, you don´t have to explain it again.¨

¨Obviously we do but that´s okay, we have more pressing matters at the moment.¨

The train lets out a horn as it pulls into Rykon Station. Tahlia turns to Barnabas, ¨Oh Mr. Gunsby can you get my things for me, thank you so much.¨ She leaves before he can argue. Barnabas sighs.

¨It´s been like this for two weeks.¨ Zeke says.

¨She´s going to have to carry her own stuff while we are on the adventure, we all have our own equipment.¨ He sighs again, ¨I guess I shall be a gentleman today.¨ He goes back towards the cargo train and Zeke leaves the book on the train after Barnabas leaves.

Barnabas goes to the storage cart and there is a quartermaster who is looking at peoples tickets and giving them their stuff. ¨Uh, yes yes, name?¨ He asks.

¨Barnabas Gunsby. I am also picking up Ms. Nazari´s luggage.¨ 

¨Okay, um here´s your pack.¨ He gives Barnabas his bag. ¨Let me just go turn on Ms. Nazari´s luggage.¨

¨Excuse me, what...what did you say?¨

The quartermaster goes behind some crates and Barnabas hears clanking and then an automaton being activated. ¨You are to follow that man.¨

An automaton, just under 7 ft tall comes around the corner. He is built very broadly with huge arms and legs and he is wearing a top hat, has rose colored eyes, a big metal mustache in the center of his face and he is carrying a backpack on his back, wearing a nice vest with coattails and he has a pin with a chain on his chest that has the Nazari Family Crest on it. He looks at Barnabas and stands right in front of him and goes ¨Boo Boop.¨

¨My, you´re a big fellow.¨ He hops on the automaton´s back and yells, ¨Onward!¨

Tahlia and Zeke see Barnabas riding the Automaton out of the train. ¨I told you he´d try to ride him.¨ Zeke says. 

¨You´re right, here.¨ Tahlia gives Zeke a duke. ¨Well done, come on Gerald. You know Mr. Gunsby, his arms are designed for that, he can carry you.¨

Barnabas jumps off, ¨Impressive, did you make him?¨

They make their way to the Rusty Ratchet Inn, it´s pretty much centrally located. Rykon is not a bad town by any means but it is pretty industrialized so there is a decent amount of pollution. It has a very strong mining community. The Rusty Ratchet Inn is pretty medium level, and they know how wealthy the Corps D´elite is and it seems like they could have spent more on the teams but it´s homey, it´s not too terrible, it´s rather large it must have a lot of rooms in it.

It´s getting dark as they walk into the center of town and they open up the doors to the Inn and the ground floor is a bar/restaurant and feels like a tavern and there´s stairs leading up to the other floors of rooms. Behind the bar is a Satyr and she is pouring drinks for a couple people and they recognize the person she is specifically pouring for as Hannah Solsin who is a member of team Adams for the race. She´s getting a few pints of logger and walking back towards a booth, they actually notice a lot of people that the dossiers mention. They notice that everyone in here besides the bartender is someone who is participating in the race. Also in the corner there is a table of people playing cards populated by the members of team Nightingale and team Fiddleworth.

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